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About Cummerbund

Black tie, when you wear them properly, is a delight and one of the most flattering dress codes you can wear. For a more polished and tidy look you can often wear them with either with a waistcoat or a cummerbund – the focus of this article. Read on if you’re curious to know more about the cummerbunds before you buy cummerbund online in UAE. 

Cummerbund began as a trend in India around 1850. It wasn’t a formal wear, but was a dining wear for the British stationed there. The folks from India often wore these sashes around their waist called ‘kamarbands’. The ancient origins aside, the modern purpose of the cummerbund is to cover the waist. Well, this is an important practice for a number of reasons. One of the guiding principles is that working arts of one’s ensemble should be covered or dressed. For instance, buttons have satin facings. And so it’s also important to cover the waistband where you tend to have awkward shirt bunching. The cummerbunds help you neatly tuck in your shirt bunching. And the best part, you’ll find them in many types. Let’s check out a few of them below. 

The different types of cummerbunds to purchase online 

You’ll find several types of these waist bands online. However, you should know how to wear them regardless of which model you buy. Of course, this might seem like a no-brainer, but there’s actually a right way and a wrong way to wear these waist bands. Remember, you should always wear the cummerbunds with the pleats facing upward.  Wearing the bands pleats facing downward facing are actually incorrect. That said, it’s imperative to know their various types to make sure you buy the right one online. Below we’ve laid out a few that you can consider investing in. 

The black cummerbund

Back to their origin, they were and remain cooler waist covering options than vests. They are usually black and cut from silk. These are pleated, with the pleats wore facing upwards. They adjust to size, thanks to a simple and discreet adjustable fastening at the back. It is said that the pleats were worn upwards in order to provide a handy slot in which to store tickets or small bills. Cummerbunds are ordinarily worn with a bow tie. When the bow is omitted, so should the cummerbund. Generally, when worn correctly, they tend to make men look taller with a thinner waist. 

The gold cummerbund

It’s a popular trend for modern-day weddings and proms for men to wear the colours of their female counterparts, to look like a matching set.  The problem then becomes having a decidedly feminine colour as the focal point of the man’s ensemble.  Therefore, you could always opt for a neutral best colour cummerbund like the gold shade models. These match almost all colours out there. Besides, it gives you an elegant look. With a vest, the colour swatch is large and takes up most of the torso.  With a cummerbund, the colour swatch stays smaller and therefore more understated. 

The tuxedo cummerbund

It is one of the most formal tuxedo accessories, so it is not the right choice for every occasion. You will likely only wear a tuxedo cummerbund to black-tie events where formal dress is expected or required. The most common examples of black-tie events include very formal weddings, prestigious balls or galas, milestone birthday parties, or award ceremonies. The benefits of cheap tuxedo cummerbunds are plentiful, from keeping you cool to catching crumbs, to offering a slimming silhouette.

The cummerbund and bow tie

Two things have never been more synonymous with each other than a tuxedo is with a bow tie. More so, they go hand in hand with formal tradition when it comes to men’s fashion. Although old school sometimes holds negative connotations in the 21st-century era, cummerbunds and bow ties prove some accessories are simply timeless. So can it be acceptable to wear a cummerbund with anything but a bow tie? Sure, it seems tempting to ponder but the cummerbund is a truly tried and tested staple. Wearing a cummerbund with a necktie or skinny tie can create an awkward overlap.

Tips on how to buy Cummerbunds online

Be it buying a classic black cummerbund for formal events or stylish vibrant colours for weddings, they all have an undeniable charm about them. The best part is that you can easily shop for them online. Make sure you keep a look at the product details before buying. Buying from reputed brands and shops guarantees a good fit and look. For adults and girls, you can choose the fancier ones that are also readily available.

  • Choose the right size – The bands can run tight or loose, depending on the brand. Therefore, you should pick the right model for yourself. If gifting, you must know the exact waist size of your beloved. This makes it easy for you to purchase them online.
  • The style of the bow is essential – Whether you pick a large, medium-sized or small bow, it should work with your cummerbund and the occasion. As adults, it is best to stick to simple. This way you’ll have a waistband that suits every bow or tie that you wear.
  • It should not feel too tight or loose – The cummerbund is those fashion accessories that should not fall off while wearing it, nor feel like a strain after wearing it for a while. This is especially crucial while considering children.
  • Don’t spend a fortune on them – Accessories are cheap and very common. So, don’t get sold on expensive ones. With kids, since they will end up continually losing these things, it’s best to pick the reasonable ones.
  • Mix and match with outer accessories – You can team a simple bow tie on a plain tuxedo or match a bow with the cummerbunds to create a unique accessory if you love playing with them.
  • Keep it simple – When in doubt, always choose the simplest style unless it is for little girls or young boys, it’s easy to look overdressed with too much.
  • Check out the price – You’ll find cummerbunds in all sorts of prices. The price range usually depends on the place from where they buy, the brand of the product, and the quality. Therefore, make sure that you set aside a budget before you start your online search for the perfect waistbands.

It is effortless to find cheap black cummerbund everywhere in UAE. Most stores have some fantastic options. However, if you have specific preferences then you ought to consider the above factors and tips when you head out to buy a cummerbund set online. The best thing is that it’s easy to find out the perfect one, thanks to the magnitude of choices we have.

Question & Answer

How to pronounce cummerbund?

Cummerbunds are actually waistbands that one can find in many varieties. The correct spelling is actually “Cummerbund” not “Cumberbund.  While Merriam-Webster Dictionary does list “Cumberbund” as an alternate spelling, this is pure because of how often it is misspelt and pronounced.  Such is the way that language develops.  But for now, and originally, “Cummerbund” is the correct spelling. It is not a tough pronunciation. The word sounds like kuh·muh·buhnd.

When did cummerbund become popular?

The cummerbund would have been a welcome addition to a gentleman’s wardrobe in the tropical climes of India, as it provided an altogether cooler alternative to wearing a waistcoat, as indeed it does today.  Choose which of the two accessories to wear with your black tie, but never wear both. As per the history of the band, they became popular in the year 1850. However, today, you’ll find several types of these waistbands. Also, you should know how to wear them regardless of which model you buy.

Where should a cummerbund sit?

Because cummerbunds are waist coverings, they should be worn at the natural waist.  This means that the trousers should be worn around the level of the navel, and half the cummerbund should cover the shirt, and the other half the trousers.  Wearing a cummerbund too high or too low can ruin the aesthetic effect.  Lastly, and possibly this goes without saying, a cummerbund should always be paired with a bow tie, preferably one in a matching fabric.

Where to buy to cummerbund?

UAE is home to some of the best fashion accessories brands. Some popular brands include Burberry, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Moss Bros, and TM Lewin. There is probably no design or style you will miss here. With stores across malls and for shopping online, it is straightforward to get your hands on whatever you want to buy. You can check out, a great online search engine with more than 500+ stores that you can check at once. You can browse their collections, get the best pricing and shop without a doubt.

A cummerbund isn’t necessary for a black-tie ensemble, but it’s certainly a dapper way to cover the waist when wearing your tux. So start your search and pick the best type of cummerbunds online right here on!