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Summer, winter, or fall, a cap is an all-time fashion accessory. These headcovers not only serve as a style element but protect your head and hair from harsh external elements. Fortunately, they’ve evolved spectacularly since ancient times. From a simple starter cap to a more functional baseball cap and beanies, today, you’ll find all sorts of hats. In this guide, we shall look at some peculiar types of caps and their uses. Plus, we also give you some smart tips to buy cars online in Dubai effortlessly. So sit back, relax and scroll on! 

Caps are indeed an important depiction of human expression. They indicate the occupation of the wearer, their status in society, and their cultural heritage. It also depicts their religious, political and military affiliations. For example, we recognise an Egyptian Pharaoh from his headdress – the most notable being King Tut. Likewise, Abraham Lincoln was recognised by his tall top hat. Similarly, in many different cultures, women are expected to keep their heads covered. Over a while, the variety of caps became endless, and many denoted more than just the status and culture. They depicted your fashionable style. Next, up we’re going to look at a few such trendy hats that you can add to your fashion arsenal. 

Types of caps to choose from 

Hats are like a square Tetris piece. They seem to be seemingly simple and convenient, yet surprisingly tricky to fit various occasions. Step out into the cold air – that’s one level. Find yourself overheated in a warm hallway – that’s another level. All this points to only one thing, choosing a cap is a tricky business and styling them is even more. Every cap has a purpose. Besides, each one comes with different properties and designs. Of course, they come in various sizes and materials too. Therefore, thorough research is imperative to buy the best cap and style it properly. Below we’ve compiled a few such peculiar and trendy hats that’ll play up your style game. 

The newsboy cap

The modern market has given a standard newsboy cap many names like Gatsby cap, apple hat, and 8-quarter hat. Regardless of what you call them, it’s a trendy and hip fashion piece for any man’s wardrobe. You might have already seen them on many fashion-forward celebrities like Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, and the ever-stylish David Beckham. A typical newsboy cap emerged in the 1800s and early 1900s. Many kids during those times wore these caps harbouring its name ‘the newsboy cap’. The product features a design similar to that of a flat cap. However, it’s rounded on the top with a button in the centre. They’re the best cap for men who want to look stylish and not flashy.  

The propeller hats or the beanies

If your winter coat lacks a hood or you want an extra layer on your head, the propeller hats are your best bet. Commonly known as the beanies, these professionally designed hats are fully customisable. They also come with a propeller on top. This feature gives them the name – the propeller hat. Most of these beanies come with different design propellers. Moreover, each of them in different colours makes them vibrant and visible from a distance. There are several occasions where you can show up with beanies. These occasions include birthday parties, school proms, school plays, sea parties, etc. In short, it is the best cap for winter that offers both style and warmth. 

The baseball cap

It’s quite hard to imagine a world without the baseball caps. That’s probably because this accessory has become ingrained in many of our daily lives. Originating on the baseball field, this cap has now shifted from a functional sports accessory to an everyday essential. All thanks to its accessibility. A baseball cap is now an easy way to rep your brand, up to your style game, and protect your hair from harsh sun rays. Interestingly, they also come in a variety of designs and types to suit your various needs. This is why we can confidently say that modern baseball hats are now a lot more versatile. And if you already do not own a good one, then now is the time to add one hat’s arsenal. 

The pakol

A flat, woollen, rolled-up hat called the ‘Pakol’ is one of Afghanistan’s undisputed symbols. But how such a humble piece of head covering from the remotest corners of Hindu Kush Mountains made its way as an international fashion element remains a mystery. Today, people from different cultures across the borders love to style their look with this unique cap. A typical Pakol comes in rugged warm material with a lined interior. The cap is hundred per cent wool, and you can individually alter it by rolling a thinner or thicker border while wearing it. Better yet, it comes in various dense colours like brown, light brown, chocolate brown, cream, ivory, and green.

Tips on how to buy Cap online

“I’ve not got the head for a hat” – you often hear people saying this. No, we’ve all got heads that carry the hats well. It’s just that you’ve been choosing the wrong one in terms of shape, size, design, and style. Yes, those are the things you need to put into consideration while buying a hat. But, there’s more that you need to look into. Here we’ve compiled a few useful tips to help you navigate through the range of cap options out there on the market.

  • Know the purpose – Do you want to make a style statement with the cap you buy? Or do you wish to use them to shield your head from cold weather? Remember, a cap has different purposes and understanding this is very important. Sorting out the purpose of the hat you’re buying in advance makes your buying process a breeze.
  • Consider the occasion – Where do you plan to wear your caps? Are you going to wear them as a sports accessory? Or are you planning to wear them to a school prom or tea party? Each occasion calls for a different look. Therefore, make sure you know for which occasion you’re purchasing your caps, as that’ll help you pick the right style of hats.
  • Explore the types – By now you must’ve figured out that there are endless types of caps out there on the market. Each comes in different materials, designs, and stitches. Therefore, it’s best to analyse a few options before beginning your online search. The more you know about the product, the better it is for both buying and styling them.
  • Keep in mind your silhouette – You should always consider your body shape, height, and silhouette while buying a hat. For example, if you’re a full-size person, smaller hats, bucket caps, and small brims will make you look bigger. Remember, wide brims are a better choice for people with such stature.
  • Check out the weather – Often people tend to wear wool caps during sunny weather. We’ve got sun and cold weather caps, each made with different fabrics. Wool works best for cooler climatic conditions and keeps your head warm. Whereas, cotton or straw caps keep you airy and protect you from the harmful UV rays during summers. Therefore, pick a cap that’s suitable for your weather.
  • Choose suitable colours – The colour of the cap is important, as it’s closer to your face and eyes. Make sure that you choose a hat that goes well with your skin tone. Pick your colours wisely; otherwise; the cap will make you look down instead of highlighting your facial features. You want something that makes you look cheerful, elegant and smart.
  • Consider the face shape – Put your face shape into consideration while buying a hat. Caps with large, straight lines look great on almost all the face shapes, except oblong or heart face shapes. People with such faces should choose medium brim or flared brim caps. Likewise, long face people should refrain from high crown models as it makes your face look longer and leaner.
  • Look at the hat size – Just like other clothing, the hats too come in different sizes. To get the right size, you should measure your head. To do this, stand in front of a mirror and place a tape above your ear. Now, measure your mid-forehead and the largest point of your back head. Use this number to determine your right capsize.
  • Consider the price – Generally, all caps tend to be affordable. However, you might occasionally find some branded models with a higher price tag. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a budget before you begin your online search. This way, you can pick a model that fits within your price range. Moreover, you’ll not spend unnecessarily if you have a budget in hand.

It’s always best to browse through as many different options as you can before you settle in for that perfect pick. And while you browse, make sure to evaluate each one of them against the tips mentioned above. That’ll help you narrow down your choices and help you get to your perfect cap much faster than you thought. Nevertheless, in the end, everything boils down to your personal preference. Choose a hat that ups your look, but also makes you feel comfortable.

Question & Answer

Which cap is best for a round face?

It would be best if you always considered your face’s shape before you buy a cap online. That’s because it sits close to your shape. Besides, different hats have distinct face shapes. Now one of the key features of a round face is the shorter length. Also, people with round faces have the widest part of the face on the cheekbones. People with round faces generally run towards a hat that fits a fat face. But that’s wrong! All you need to do is to pick a hat that suits smooth features. Some excellent options for round-faced people include Fedoras, angled caps, and beanies.

Which cap is better: polyester or cotton?

Caps come in different materials, and each of them has its pros and cons. Ideally, the cap material that you choose should depend on your surrounding climatic conditions. For example, polyester blends well with other materials like wool, cashmere and even bamboo charcoal to create perfect woollen caps. On the other hand, it also blends with cotton to create breathable hats. You can wear the woollen models in winter and the cotton counterparts in summer. A full cotton cap protects you from the heatwave and keeps any harmful UV rays at bay from your head during summers.

How much is a Gucci cap?

Apart from stylish apparel the world-renowned brand Gucci brings you a comprehensive collection of versatile caps. From baseball caps to beanies and newsboy hats you’ll find several options here. With different features come different price tags. You’ll find highly expensive models of Gucci caps that cost you a whooping 1500Dhs. At the same time, you’ll also find a budget-friendly model that costs you around 500 Dhs. Stay tuned for seasonal offers and deals if you want to get the most expensive models at the rates you can afford.

Where to buy men’s fashion caps online in UAE?

Men and women in the UAE are both lucky beings when it comes to fashion. Several online stores offer you an endless collection of chic fashion elements. And caps aren’t an exception. While you’re at it, check out the hat option on Our product search engine gives you the best caps from the best cap brands like Nike, New Era, Adidas, Dsquared2, Polo, North Face, Puma, Dolce & Gabbana, and many more. Better you can compare prices and buy them from your favourite online stores.

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