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From an essential ensemble of every man’s attire to a fashion accessory for everyone, bow ties have seen a lot of transformation. These are not much recognised nowadays, but if adorned, are capable of making you stand out from the crowd. If you are looking one for the same purpose, all you got to do is know a little about these fashion bows so you can wear them perfect.

By the name of bow ties, you should not put them into the category of novelty ties because they are not. Instead, these bows are more like cravat tied into the shape of a bow. Overall, it is one of the neckwear fashion accessories you want to wear to look different. That’s right – if you choose your bow right, it will blend with your attire so smoothly by not becoming the focus element neither vanishing in the thin air. And purchasing the one should not take you much time if your attire is ready. If not, then we suggest doing so, or you have to make changes later.

Pairing the right attire with a bow tie

First things first, you should choose a wing collar shirt, which is the best collar for a bow tie. And depending on the event, you can decide the look of your bow. As these ties are becoming versatile than before, you can wear them at places other than formal occasions. Sometimes, your attire demands separator like while heading to races or polo. In that case, making space for a bow sounds difficult, but stripes can solve this equation smoothly. Until you know the designs and patterns available can suit every need, you won’t have any problem carrying your look with any fashion accessory.

Dickie bow

Dickie bow is another term or slang for a pre-tied variant. We suggest you not taking the presumption that only kids or party-goers wear pre-tied versions. There could be a professor who works near chemicals and don’t want his necktie to get exposed or self-tie untie accidentally and pose a threat. In that case, he may choose pre-tied ones and hold his collar. So, everything comes down to your need – if you think pre-tied would be best, go have them. You can find some of the best pre-tied bow ties at our shopping platform,

Velvet bow tie

You can buy velvet fabric during winters to warm up your neck area. However, you should limit the velvet fabric in your whole attire. If your bow has velvet, you can have other fashion accessories with a tint of velvet in it. Otherwise, if your dress or suit has velvet, you should avoid having the same material in your embellishments. This tip will help you not to overdo and make your attire balanced. If not velvet, then you can buy a silk bow tie, wooden, or even metal bow tie that feels equally luxurious.

Mexican bow tie

Mexican bow ties are nothing like you see in the market. They sure have a bow shape but rather inclined downwards. Other than that, you wear them with a charro shirt, which is one of the traditional attire of Mexicans. Some of the bows even have fabric lingering down the middle of your shirt with fringe in the end. Likewise, you can move to a different region, and you will slight variations or meaning of bow ties. To explore all, you can shop for bow ties online in UAE at our shopping platform,

Tips on how to buy Bow ties online

When it comes to choosing a fashion accessory that is meant to elevate your whole attire, you need to make your purchase step by step. At this time, you should keep your favourite colour or pattern aside and focus on the dress or suit you will be wearing on a special day. This purchase can be harder than choosing your clothes. So, you better prepare a list of your preferences. To ease this step, we have compiled a few points, which we think can help.

  • Type – You can buy self-tied, pre-tied, or clip-in type of bow ties, depending on the kind of event you are going. Self-tied is commonly preferred at formal events, and the other two can be adorned elsewhere.
  • Shape – Other than the usual shapes like small, medium, or big, there are other shapes available too. These include some creative designs like butterfly-shaped or even diamond-shaped accessories. You may have seen kids wearing such cute designs, and if you are heading towards a party with creative dress themes, you can try them too.
  • Material – You can either match the material of the bow with your shirt or go premium. However, you shouldn’t wear a cotton bow with a satin shirt. Other than fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, you can also find leather, wooden, or metal ones in the market. The latter ones sound funny, but they sure are worth looking at once.
  • Pattern – Other than the fact that you are not going to a themed party, it would be better if you choose patterns on a plain top and vice versa. When exploring patterns, you should also focus on colour, which can be contrasting to your whole attire or similar.
  • Shine – You can choose matte, lustre, or super shiny accessory, again depending on the event you are going. You can even find embellishments on top of the bow to make it more lustrous. As it is a fashion accessory, it got to go over the top, sometimes.

Other than these tips, we would also like to mention some brand names for you. These include Brooks Brothers, Louis Vuitton, Polo, Boss, Armani, Bourbon & Bowties, Clemson, Tom Ford, and Spud inc. If you are now ready to explore the products online with all the information you have gained here, you should definitely catch up with our shopping search engine .

Question & Answer

When should you not wear a bow tie?

A general rule of thumb about wearing bow ties is if the event or place is necktie appropriate, then it automatically becomes bow tie appropriate. However, there are times you can restrict yourself from wearing bows, especially when you are going to a funeral. Also, if the dress code has mentioned necktie specifically, you shouldn’t go with your bow then. Apart from these little things, which you may be knowing if you love wearing bows, there is no other reason when you restrict yourself from wearing bows.

What should you match with your bow tie?

In this fashion era, you can team up your bow ties with literally everything or even nothing. So, there are no hard and fast rules unless you are not so good at styling your clothes. But here, the equation is really simple – for example, for formal events, your whole outfit should have three colours. The colour of your bow tie can match the colour of your shoes which means matching top and bottom. You give your attire asymmetry by doing this. For informal events, you can be creative with your bow ties and have them in chic patterns, vibrant hues, or bold fabrics. You can match these either with an equally focussed top or the plain version. The latter one would be good if you want to give your bow all the attention. Now, the choice is all yours – create unique styles and appreciate it.

When is national bow tie day?

August, 28 is the national bow tie day, and on this day, men, women, and even house pets adore themselves with this under-appreciated accessory. Before being a fashion accessory, these ties used as a fabric that can hold the collar and soon became a part of a respected man’s ensemble. However, with more fashion accessories being introduced to the market every now and then, these bow ties kind of vanished. So, on this national day, everyone wears this tie and do their regular job, as usual.

Is it OK to wear a pre-tied bow tie?

Any embellishment that is pre-tied be it a bow tie or necktie, both give a carefree look. So, if you are going for a specific look, let’s say for parties where you are going to dance all night, pre-tied accessories can be a thing for you. Also, these are good for kids as they may not know the process to tie a bow if they accidentally get untied. In contrast, we do not suggest pre-tied fabrics like a bow tie when you are looking to make a difference with your looks. Pre-tied ones lack the character in that arena.

While buying a bow tie, do not forget to confirm the dress code of the event you are about to appear in. Because these kind of ties are not so usual nowadays, you might end up looking the odd one rather than stylish. But of course, if you know how to pull off the look, nothing is difficult for you. You can find all of these styles in our shopping platform,

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