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About Belts

They have been part of men’s clothing since the Bronze Age. Since then both genders have used them off and on. Besides being a fashion accessory, they are a staple clothing item that offers support to your pants by holding them at the waist.

A belt is a flexible strap or band that is normally made of heavy cloth or leather. You can tie it around the waist that has a lesser circumference than the hips underneath. Plus they are used to secure your clothing at the waist by working in a way similar to the garters or suspenders. Today most styles of trousers come with belt loops to help the belt stay at his place while holding the pants. Meanwhile, they have become a style definition in the fashion world. Hence, they are available in a variety of colour styles and material. Precisely, both men and women are using them to complete their style with support. This is why in this discussion we will help you know every important information about a fashion belt.

A beginner’s guide to choose and wear belt like a pro

For fashion-forward men and women, a humble belt is much more than just a tool that holds up the pants or skirts. A belt is surely a stylish accessory on this date; it takes part in completing the outfit and make you look smarter. This is the reason why selecting the right belt takes much more than pulling out the first option in your wardrobe. From choosing a texture to coordinating the colour, selecting a donning belt demands some serious brainstorming. Luckily, we are here today to make the process a whole lot easier for you. Below is a generic guide to choose waistbands and how to wear them nicely.

Size and waist of belt

First thing first, you need to know the right size of your belt. It is important to go for a belt that is not overly long, neither too short. However, in the belt, a perfect fit means you still have a few inches extra to push through your remaining loop. It helps to keep things align and properly cinched. This is where online shopping for luxury articles offers a perk. You can consult the sizing charts online to know what size of the belt will suit your waist perfectly. However, here, you must keep in mind that the brands tend to use inches as a standard of measurement. So, important is that your pant size corresponds well with the size of your belt.

The material and texture of your designer belts

When it comes to the waist wear, once again, leather is go-to. It keeps things sleek, simple, sophisticated and refined. Thus, the best idea for any formal occasion. However, if you can pull it in different styles, colours and materials, you can add a dimension to looks. It can be more impressive if you are dressing for casual attire. You can keep an open mind with suede, or woven styles. Meanwhile embossed or textured styles are amazing to brighten your looks in the simplest ways. Hence think of adding a variety of texture and materials to your wardrobe. Colours like browns, tans, blacks, whites and nudes are timeless that you can use in several ways.

Styling your luxury belts like a pro

A belt helps to divide your body, giving a flattering shape. The quote applies to both men’s outfits and women skirts. If you are looking for an enhanced proportion, go for a contrasting shade according to your clothing. It helps you enjoy a balanced look. Meanwhile, if you wish to appear taller and elongated, opt for a belt with the same colour as in basic outfit. It will give you the illusion of a heightened proportion, and make you look trim. Here another important aspect that you can consider is matching the shoes with a belt. You can visit the accessories section at to find such matching items easily.

Deciding shades of your belt

They come in various textures and colours. Some colours like brown or black are perfect for formal occasions, business settings and on jobs. These shades offer versatility with a perfect casual feel and can blend well with different outfits. Embossed brown and tan styles are the perfect options for any season when black offers a minimalistic, sleek and simple look. A simple black leather belt with round buckle is best for an elegant look on a formal occasion. If you wish to be playful with it, you can pick one in brighter shades and iridescent colours. It could add spark to your casual look. Brighter tones of classic colours work tremendously. You can pick modern tones to add an unexpected touch.

Tips on how to buy from top best Belt brands in the UAE

In an ideal world, we all could have trousers, skirts or jeans that sit accurately on our waist. Thus, we won’t need any cotton of leather strips to hold them on our waist. But sadly, the realities are much different than it. Here, terrible things happen. Meanwhile, not being able to fit in a standard size, or temptations towards the style result in the wrong buying decision. In such times, nothing is like a good belt that can cater to all such ever-fluctuating needs of the pants. A good belt is surely a necessity for every men and woman on this date. Experts suggest that every person must own at least two quality waistbands that cater to the needs of different outfits. Here is how you can pick one.

  • The size – Make sure the length of the belt fits your waistline and leaves a few inches behind. You can measure the length of the belt starting from buckle to mid hole. An easy way is to visit the sizing chart of the brand and choose your waist size and get the most suitable size delivered at your doorstep.
  • The style – Key to successful belt shopping is picking a belt that makes you look smarter. Leather is the best and most versatile material you can consider. It is plain, with subtle tones and narrow. Hence you can look smarter. However, for jeans, tee and sneakers you might need some funky style.
  • The finish and colour – If you are wearing smarter shoes like derbies and oxfords, the good idea is to match your belt with shoe colour and material. A patent belt will look odd with a Derbies. Likewise, a belt with deep grains has no match with the polished oxfords.
  • Check the metal of belt – It is a small yet very important detail of your belt. A belt with buckle always come handy. An ideal belt would be the one where the metal of your belt matches the rest of the metallic ingredients of your outfit. This is key to rock your outfit on a formal occasion.
  • Read product details – When shopping online, important is to know the product in detail before you place an order. Thus, to know everything about the material, cut, style and size specifications of your product. Explore the product description section.

At you can find more than 500 brands selling quality accessories for both men and women. Here you can explore products from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace, and Moschino. However important is to read the product return or exchange policies before booking/ these policies come handsy if you are not satisfied with the quality or look of the belt. However, before placing an order do explore products from other brands like Tommy Hilfiger, YSL, Armani, Coach, Tom Ford, Dolce and Gabbana, and Lacoste. Remember with a better search at first place; you can end up buying a belt that will not need any return or exchange; hence, a hassle-free online shopping.

Question & Answer

What men’s belts are in fashion this year?

Although the core of the accessory remains the same, each year brands introduce slight modification in style, colours and texture of your waistband. According to our research and market analysis, some branded belts for men and women remained in high demand. These include; Garnery leather belt from Hugo Boss, Levi’s reversible casual jean leather belt and casual leather belt from Columbia trinity. Meanwhile, Dante leather Ratchet dress style with automatic buckles also remained famous among masses. Luckily at you can buy men's brown leather belt online in the UAE with just a few taps on your mobile screen.

Will a men’s Gucci belt fit a woman?

Technically it will not. There is a difference in men and women clothing for a reason. Men’s belt might not be of the same waist size to any women. Moreover, wearing it for style purpose is never a good idea. The width buckle and strap of the men's belt are different than that of women. This is the reason why it is better to pick a belt size and style that is best for you. You can visit the women clothing and accessory section of to find what suits you the most.

Which is the best brand for belts to buy?

The answer could be highly controversial. There is a tough competition between top brands for offering high quality and pure leather products. Another competition is at the price of these quality products. This is why we at offer you access to quality waist wear from manufacturers like Gucci, Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace and Moschino. Other known manufacturers are Tommy Hilfiger, YSL, Armani, coach, tom ford, dolce and Gabbana, and Lacoste.

Where to buy leather belts?

You can surely visit the brand’s websites one by one to look for what each of them offers. Revisit them to check the price and compare them manually by using a notebook and pen. Sounds outdated? Explore products at Enter your price limit and see dozens of products from all the aforementioned brands. Compare the products in just a few clicks and book your order in the blink of an eye.

Another perk is that here you can explore products from top stores like Newchic, Namshi, Lifestyle, Gap,, Mamas & Papas. Hence, enjoy thousands of results in one click. Spend time on knowing your product rather than exploring dozens of URLs to find one.