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Blame the unbearable, muggy heat that sure messes with your sartorial game. Of course, we’re all up and ready for a barely-there slip dress and flirty off-the-shoulder tops. But, even they can get a little boring after a while. Well, the easiest way to amp them up is to throw in some accessories. And one of the best ways to do that is to add bandanas to your summer look.

Typically, the word ‘bandana’ came from the Hindi word ‘bandhnu’, meaning to ‘tie’. But how did these become such fashion staples? If you think of them as passing fashion, then think again. That’s because they have been around for well over 200 years in many forms. In other words, their history can be traced back to the 17th century in South Asia and the Middle east. Cut to the present, today you’ll find this square piece of coloured cloth tied to various subcultures. In the fashion world, you can see them co-opted for nearly anything. From hip hop singers to other fashion fanatics they’re one fashion item that everyone would love to own. Such is their beauty and versatility. In this article, we will delve deeper into these smart pieces of clothing. This will help you pick the right one when you are out shopping.

A detailed look into the bandanas

You should know that this unique headband is a lot more than just a square piece of cloth to wipe your nose or your forehead. They now come in a variety of patterns, colours and sizes. For this reason, their uses have also increased to a great extent. They are used for everything from personal expression to promotional tools or for political campaigns. However, to pick a perfect one, you must know a little more about them. You need to dig deeper and explore the various ways you could wear them. This will help you to buy a perfect one too. So, without much ado, let us take a bandana tour.

Styling the bandana scarf

Of course, bandanas are a unique and stylish piece of fashion accessories . But, to soak in their full potential, you need to style them properly. Wearing them around the neck is the easiest way to style them. The look can suit just about anybody. This styling works for both casual and smart-casual looks. For a bolder and more rock and roll look, you can try wearing this piece of clothing as a headband. Most musicians go for this look. Another simple yet stylish way of wearing them is to tie them around the wrist. Doing this will add a subtle dose of attitude to your overall look.

The cowboys and bandanas

The history of bandanas will go in vain if we do not mention the connection with the cowboys. This is especially true because today, they are greatly influenced by American culture. And a cowboy is the iconic figure who embodies the American spirit of adventure. Mostly, for cowboys, the bandana was a functional piece of clothing, sometimes necessary for survival too and as well as a fashion statement. They usually tied them around the neck. As a result, it served to keep the sun off the neck and dust out of the eye. Check out brands like Hermes and Balenciaga to buy cowboy bandana for sale.

Interesting outdoor uses for your cool bandanas

You should never underestimate the usage of this piece of clothing. In other words, never think of them as merely a piece of clothing for just a fashion accessory. There is, in fact, a whole lot more you can do with them. For example, you could use them as a signal or a marker when you happen to get lost. Moreover, you could also use them as tote bags to carry loose items. Just tie the two opposite ends, and you are good to go. Furthermore, you could also use them as a washcloth or towel when you do not have either of these. Apart from this, you could also use them as a bandage, sling, water filter, and more.

Peppy custom bandanas

Indeed, personalised bandanas are fantastic. They are great for party wear, athletes, camping and company team gatherings. They are versatile and easy to add some colour to your dull outfits. Moreover, they are convenient too. Furthermore, their uses are just limited by imagination. You can style the way you want them when it comes to custom designing. You could design them with your favourite graphic pattern, or with the colour you like. Also, you could go for a black bandana and a checkered pattern. Besides this, you could also opt for a red bandana with wavy prints. By the way, you can also purchase cheap white bandanas in bulk and dye them the way you want. Either way, you can use them to spice up any event or occasion. And the best part is that you could do all this at a professional printer.

Tips on how to buy Bandanas online

Most people love bandanas, and we hope so do you, particularly after knowing them in detail. Indeed, you can wear them in many ways, and you’ll find several varieties of them too. For this reason, you can purchase them from local markets. However, buying them online will be quite fun and exciting and will also save you a lot of money. However, while buying them from the internet, there are a few rules you need to keep in mind. Check them out to buy online bandana headbands in UAE effortlessly.

  • Check out their material – Bandanas come in various types of materials. Some of the common ones include nylon, silk, wool and cotton. This versatility of the material has made them popular in many parts of the world. For example, people living in cold parts of the world could style their look with silk or wool bandanas. They’ll keep you both warm and stylish. Alternatively, cotton bandanas are ideal for summers.
  • Look out for their colour and design – As it is with the material, they come in various patterns, colours and designs. With multiple designs, this fashion accessory matches almost any outfit. Moreover, you could go for custom designs too if you want to stand out from the crowd. Either way, it is always better to look for its colour and design as it has many uses.
  • Examine the size – These pieces of clothing generally are more significant than our normal kerchiefs. Therefore, it is always best to check for their size, especially if you plan to wear them on your head. Sometimes, the large size might not precisely fit your head. In such cases, you might have to go for smaller sizes. So, it is always best to check their size specifications online while buying them through online shops.
  • Check out if they are machine washable – It is quite evident that you need to wash these bandanas frequently. Hence, it is always best to buy a machine-washable bandana. This way, you can save a lot of energy and time on washing this head accessory. Look for bandanas with such materials. This way, you can toss them into a machine without any worries.

So, you now know that tying, wearing and buying a bandana is no rocket science. However, if done wrong, it might bump up your look almost instantly. Summer or not, a bandana is your wardrobe staple that amps up your overall look. Moreover, you can style them in many ways. Therefore, you need to keep these tips and tricks in mind, so that you wouldn’t go wrong when you head out to purchase them both in-store and online.

Question & Answer

Where to buy bandanas in Dubai?

Bandanas are versatile pieces of clothing. For this reason, picking them out of a wide range is a daunting task. However, with as your shopping companion, buying a bandana is a piece of cake. That’s because our product search engine features high-quality bandanas from brands like YSL, Moschino, Zara, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Nike. Moreover, you could shop for them from over 500+ online stores. All of this can make your shopping drive a seamless one. So, check out our platform now!

What were bandanas originally used for?

Bandanas as you today are very different from the ones that dated centuries back. They originated in India as bright coloured handkerchiefs of silk and cotton with spots and other designs. During those times, people used to tie them around the neck to avoid sunburns. Moreover, they also used to tie them around the mouth to protect the nose and mouth to protect from dust inhalation or hide one’s identity. It is only recently that they have been introduced into fashion with a whole new possibility.

Where to buy a biker skull bandana?

Indeed, these pieces of clothing have many uses. As a result, they are available in many types. From soft and subtle coloured ones to wild and peppy ones, there are several types. And one such popular model is the biker skull bandana. You can buy them at without any hassle. Here you’ll find them from many popular brands and online shops. You could also buy a silk bandana neck scarf in UAE at very cheap rates only on our retail search engine .

What size bandana should I buy?

The typical bandana sizes include– 27×27 (oversized), 22×22 (standard),18×18 (child size), and 14×14 (hankie size). However, you should buy the one that fits you perfectly. For that, you first need to know its application. In other words, the way you are going to tie the bandana is an important deciding factor to purchase them. If you want to do a little DIY, you can cut short the bandana according to the need and style you want to have. Cutting and stitching the sides is not a difficult task. You can easily watch online videos and learn.

Where can I get bandanas for cheap?

Of course, you love your bandanas. But, it is essential to set a budget when you head out to buy one. Check out if you want to buy black and yellow bandana for sale. Moreover, our product search engine features brands and online stores that offer deals and discounts all year round. So, it is best if you stay tuned to our site if you want to get some high-quality bandanas at economically cheaper rates.

So, there we have it! You are now a bandana buying pro. Also, remember to avoid looking like your bandana as a prop! It should complement your outfit as an added extra and not be a standout. On that note, if you are ever in doubt, just refer back to this guide.

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