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About Tote Bags

A good tote bag is sometimes the only thing you need to make your day easy. With several choices and unique fashion accessories, it has become a necessity for the working woman. Its refined design and comfortability are two of the components that make it stand out.  

When it comes to going to work every day, you want something comfortable to carry, hold all your stuff, and look good. Space is something that many bags don’t provide, and this often means having to cut down on some things you require. If not, then you must opt for a smaller, separate bag. Both of these choices are inconvenient. However, when you put a tote bag into that equation, the problem is sorted. Some of the best totes in the loveliest styles are available online, and they make fitting your stuff so easy and convenient. Whether buying tote bags on sale or picking one from the latest collection; you can take your pick.

Different types of tote bags to add to your wardrobe 

The classic tote bag is a style that will never fade. It has been around for so long and continues to work its charm even today. A practical handbag that is more of a necessity for so many women, it is a must-have. If you have been wanting to get one, but have never gotten around to doing it, then keep a watch on those exclusive online sales. You can get some amazing styles at reasonable prices. To start with, it is better to go for a simple, solid colour. This way, you can use it on different outfits and carry it wherever you’re travelling. The best tote purse will make everyday activities easier for you. 

The leather tote bag  

For those who adore leather, the leather tote bag is one that you shouldn’t miss out on. A classic style that has managed to retain its elegance over the years, it is beautiful and practical. It is also one of the only investments that will indeed pay off, thanks to the leather. Pure leather can easily last you a couple of years, given you take care of it. You can use the bag every day, and for office as well as casual use. Make sure you buy from a reliable brand or an official online store, so you don’t get fooled by the quality of the leather since many alternative options are being sold now. 

The large tote bag 

Oversized totes are another example of the classic style. If you are someone always short on space, then the large tote bag is just the right one. These are larger, broader than the regular bags and look great! Go for a simple style in a solid colour for office use. For casual use, you could go for a sequined, lace or embroidered one, all of which look chic. Most of them also allow you to carry your laptops in them, which is another plus. However, make sure the ones for the computer are sturdy, spacious, and the straps are comfortable. They make for great gifts too. 

The designer tote bag 

Who doesn’t love designer bags? Although it may not be an excellent choice to use them for regular office, parties, wedding and special occasions, they will make you stand out from the crowd. Today, there are some exclusive bags by designers that look amazing and are truly unique. They are undoubtedly an investment, but a style-quotient like no other. If you love handbags, you should go in for one. These designer tote bags are generally smaller in size than the regular ones. Go for colour and style that will quickly work with any outfit. Along with that, carrying the purse should be comfortable too. 

The canvas tote bag 

This is an excellent style for those who love keeping it casual. Made from cotton canvas material, the style again is a classic. Most canvas tote bags are an average style; however, the tote bags can be slightly larger. You can use them for office; however, they are better suited for casual use. Take them on your holiday, for a beach party or just when you’re taking a walk or head to the café. They provide a very relaxed and simple look for the wearer. A lot of them also have quotes, initials etc, printed on the front, and they make excellent personalised gifts for parties and events too.

Tips on buying Tote Bags online in Dubai

The best thing about tote handbags is that it is super easy to find them. A style that has gained so much popularity over the years is also easy to use and looks great. There are high chances that every woman today owns at least one style of tote bag. However, for those who have never taken the step, it’s time to make a choice. They make everyday tasks easy and you’ll never tire of using them. Here are some tips to make your shopping easier.

  • Check the different styles – Tote bags come in so many kinds that there is one for everybody. Check the options before you decide.
  • Keep a budget accordingly – If you want a designer or leather tote, you need a higher budget. However, the canvas or vegan leather ones are not as pricey. But keeping a budget is always right.
  • Browse online stores – Online shopping is highly recommended for bags. You can see it well, check the description for size and go for a return or refund if it doesn’t make you happy.
  • Match your outfits – Buy a bag that will work well with the sort of clothes you wear every day. The colour is essential too, and so is the style.
  • Be practical – Don’t go in for a costly one, if you want to use it every day, because it requires a great deal of care and no rough usage. If its for parties and weddings, these changes of course. So, make a wise choice.
  • Wait until there is a sale – If you can hold on, waiting until the sales come into action is the best way to save some cash. Sometimes, the sale prices are unbelievable, and it’s also the best time to stock up.

It is also a good idea to take someone along or have someone be with you while browsing. If you love your sister or colleagues’ style, then they can surely help you out. It helps in avoiding an impulse buy and considering all your needs before going in. Bags are some of the most common accessories; however, women often end up picking the wrong ones and realise it after a few weeks of using them. Buying the right one isn’t difficult but does require some focus.

Question & Answer

Which are the best tote bags for office use?

Office accessories call for something that is comfortable, practical and can fit all your stuff with ease. They should also look good with your work outfits. A lot of cool tote bags are now available and are designed exclusively for office use. Michael Kors Jet Set Large Crossgrain Leather Tote, Street Level’s faux leather tote, Shopbop Simple Tote, Harriet Tote by Feed and Classic Structured Leather Tote by Cuyana are some of the best ones to consider for office use.

Which are the classic Louis Vuitton tote bags online?

Louis Vuitton is genuinely a brand like no other. A name that is synonymous with style and quality; they have some of the best accessories for the modern woman. Their price justifies the products and having at least one in your wardrobe is a necessity. Some of the best Louis Vuitton tote bags online are the Louis Vuitton Alma Bag, Louis Vuitton City Steamer Bag, Louis Vuitton Lockit Bag, Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag and the V TOTE MM.

Can you use a tote bag on holiday?

Holiday tote bags are a sure possibility – however, the type of bag is essential here. The laid-back canvas, any cotton-make or straw tote purse are a beauty and true holiday essentials. Unlike other handbags, they give you the choice of avowing a lot of space – something you need when you’re outside. Pack a small lunch, sunglasses, sunscreen, an extra pair of clothes or your swimsuit, water and wallet, and you’ll never run out of space. They are also convenient to fit in the flight overhead cabins.

Where can you buy tote bags online in the UAE?

Buying tote bags online in the UAE is no problem at all because they are readily available everywhere.  With some fantastic brands and so many choices, it’s easy to have options and possibilities no matter which style you consider. Make online shopping more comfortable by using this delightful shopping search engine. changes the game and makes everything super easy and convenient. It also you to easily access the products under the 500+ store listed under it.

GUCCI, COACH, Goyard, Louis Vuitton, DIOR, Chanel, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, PRADA, Kate Spade and GUESS are undoubtedly some fantastic brands. We hope that the above guide will help you in making the right selection. You might be thinking about where to find the best options? Well, you are at your destination already. At, a wide array of options awaits your presence. You can find some of the popular brands and seller right here. So, look no further and go for the best while stock lasts.