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About Handlebar Bags

Handlebar bags are one of the essentials during a bike ride or a long bike tour. These bags provide clever storage for quick to access items like smartphones, keys, wallet, and bike tools. And the good part is there are bags available that mounts with Velcro so you can detach and carry them wherever you go. You no longer have to think about the safety of your bag mounted on your bike when you leave it in the parking.

The best handlebar bag is the one that does not jiggle during the ride and provide complete security to the items inside the bag. Both these advantages conclude that the product needs to be mounted firmly and should be sturdy enough. Mounting can be done through brackets or Velcro. And a sturdy product is a result of quality material and the trust of a reputed brand. If you are about to buy a handlebar bag online, you should spend a little time on the research because there are more details other than material and mounting.

A bike handlebar bag is more than a fashion accessory

Bandana, hat, glove or belt that you want to carry during your bicycle tour can be a fashion accessory . Out of all, a handlebar bag does make your bike look unique, but it is more an essential product. This bag can have a map case on the top flap, which is a functional add-on. Also, a small zipper pocket in front for keys or change sounds convenient too. It can have more sleeves or compartments inside as per your liking. However, you need to make sure that it does not affect the handling of your bike. A heavy bag or one with unequal weight distribution on either side can land you in trouble sometimes, especially on rough terrains. And if that’s what you are searching for, we suggest checking out the best handlebar bag for a mountain bike.

All about Ortlieb handlebar bag

Ortlieb brand produces handlebar bags for all occasions and for bike tours as well. Also, if you are riding through a bike for shopping, this brand has a perfect handlebar bag for that as well. You can find models like Velo-pocket and barista for urban biking. About bike tours, Ultimate6 classic and Ultimate6 plus are sturdy models with 7litre payloads. You can find accessories like a hub dynamo with which you can recharge your smartphone and your navigation device. As one of the most essential features for your bike tour, you should check out waterproof motorcycle handlebar bag online. There are many other features you will find once you hop on to the shop and start reading specifications.

Roland sands handlebars baggers

Roland sands provide you with a timeless design as a result of handlebar bags. These are produced from waxed cotton and premium leather, thereby concluding quality. If you are into leather products, you should explore and see if you would like to buy leather handlebar bags for motorcycles. Coming to the Roland and sands products, these not only look classy but functions quite well. The compartments design make everything organised. The product has also got a waterproof polyester inner bag, side pouch, top pocket, and a small tool pocket as well. Lastly, wrap-around buckles and Velcro loops make the product complete. So, if you think this is kind of your choice, check out this one or more bags at our shopping search engine .

Topeak handlebar bag

The Topeaks handlebar bags come with 2litre to 8.1litre capacity, so you can choose as per your purpose. Let’s talk about one 8litre bag, which has a front-load with a cylindrical shape. And this shape helps to distribute the weight evenly without affecting the steadiness of wheels. Easy installation with just two straps makes the product even more wanting. Likewise, you can read specifications of more weighted bags at and see if something interests you. Well, buying a bike handlebars bag online in the UAE is not a daunting task if you understand the features and go by your budget. Before you start exploring, we recommend going through the tips section as we have compiled some practical points to make your purchase a smart one.

Tips on how to buy Handlebar bags online

Checking the quality of the material, size, and looks should be on priority always. About the material, oxford, canvas, and leather are a few materials you would like to consider while buying front handlebar bags. And, the capacity of 3 litres or more depending on the purpose could do just fine. However, if you explore more, you will find some tiny details other than material or size that can make or break the deal. Once you understand these details, you can save a lot of time on your purchase, plus you will never end up with a dissatisfying product. We have compiled some points for you and hope they could be helpful.

  • Interior compartments or not – You can have a single space bag or something with little compartments. Both have their advantages. A bag with compartments stays organised and put together. However, if you have fewer items to stow, you can choose a single space bag, and it is more affordable too. Even with single space, you can get one zip or sleeve outside the bag to keep segregate some of your items if you wish to.
  • Hook and loop attachment – This feature allows you to detach the bag and carry it as a handbag, shoulder bag, or belt bag. You can mount the bag with Velcro, and whenever you want to detach, you just have to unbuckle it. It is simple and convenient. Also, the bag already has a belt and buckle, so you can secure it around your waist.
  • The bag should not weigh much – Heavy bags affect bike handling and can be dangerous because it puts pressure on the front of your bike. 3kg is the maximum limit many of the manufacturers have set, but most of you usually not go beyond half of it. However, if you like to have a heavier bag, make sure that all the weight is not on the handlebar but on the front rack as well.
  • Additional features to consider – Reflective elements on the belt add to the visibility during the night ride. A bungee cord can also be used to store a few items. Other than that, weatherproof, waterproof, and dustproof material extends the life of the product. Out of all the additional features, some of them can be fruitful to you while some are not. You can save a few bucks if you invest only in the required ones.
  • If you have a lot to store – Consider the shape of the bag according to the items you want to store inside it. For example, if you have more bike tools to store, consider a cylindrical shape with compartments so the weight can be distributed equally. If you do not like cylindrical shape, you have an option to have double-decker bags. They are equivalent to the former ones and looks more classy.

We hope these tips will prove fruitful in your purchase. You should divide your budget according to the priorities. One way is to invest in good material and appropriate size, and then go for additional features depending on how much budget is left. The other way is to divide your budget equally among essential features and secondary add-ons. We think it’s time to start scrolling products at and see if you find something fascinating.

Question & Answer

What is a handlebar bag?

Handlebar bags are more likely a utility pouch that you can install on your bike while riding. They are useful for your daily usage and for bike tours. A practical approach towards using the bike handlebar bag is stowing quick to access items inside it. This way, you do not have to put down your shoulder bag, or wheel-mounted bag and find things there. You can store your chargers, keys, cards, bike tools, and other essentials as per your ride and the route.

Where to buy a handlebar bag?

You can explore a wide assortment of brands in our shopping platform, Material, size, shape, and looks are all some priority specifications you want to investigate. Whether you want to see Topeak’s different capacity bags or Roland Sands classy looks, you can explore everything at our product search engine . Well, you can comprehend a lot of things by just reading the specifications, so hop on to and start your search.

Are handlebar bags waterproof?

Biking is an open ride, so the products mounted on them got to have protection from the weather. Being waterproof is one of the features that should be present in a product. With brands like Rockbros and Lixada, the waterproof feature comes complimentary. In any case, if the bag does not come with a waterproof feature, you can just buy a detachable cover. There is no difference in functionality as such.

How to install Ortlieb handlebar bag?

Ortlieb’s mounting is a little complicated than others, so you better go through the manual guide as well. However, the basic setup operation is the same as every other product. You need to loosen up the screws, separate the mounting device, attach it from either side of the bike handle, tighten up the screws and mount your bag. Simple and easy it is if you have the right equipment and put some logic while handling the product. Still, do not forget to read the manual or watch a video online.

Bike handlebars bag also differ according to the age group. Kids want their bags to look funky, and they do not have many items to stow. On the other hand, products for adults need to be more functional. At, you will get both and even more at our authentic online shops. You do not have to spend hours looking for the right item. Here, you can just use our advanced filters, comparison tools, read reviews, and save your time.

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