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The invention of digital cameras has completely changed the perception of photography . Earlier, the photographers were limited to taking only so many photos that fitted in a film. However, they now have the freedom of taking as many pictures as they want. But the digital cameras do not offer the convenience of obtaining prints automatically. Now, this is where the digital photo frames step in. It allows the users to display photos in a frame without printing every photo.

The digital photo frames are a recent electronics innovation. Therefore, their history is, by definition, brief. However, digital picture frames are rudimentary computers. They are designed specifically for the sole purpose of displaying digital photographs. These picture frames had not changed much over the centuries until the computers revolutionized how you present your pictures. You are no longer restricted to just one photograph per frame. You can now even take your digital frame with you wherever you go. Several other latest digital photo frames also support remote control and internet connectivity. Finally, let us bring the story up to date. The large digital picture frame , the Smartparts SP3200, was introduced at CES 2008, at a show in Las Vegas. It features a widescreen aspect ratio (16:9), a 32” inch screen, an LCD panel and comes with a price tag of around £400.

The electronic picture frame buying guide

The digital photo frames not just allow you to show off your favourite photos in stunning high resolution. The best digital photo frames give you much more flexibility than a traditional frame. It lets you run slideshows, play videos, and even lets you use their built-in calendar and clock functionality. However, there are several varieties of them. This makes it a daunting task to choose a suitable digital photo frame. This guide provides you with an insight into their features, uses and benefits. So, let’s not keep waiting. Read on!

Understanding the Wi-Fi digital photo frames

Designed very similarly to a standard picture frame, a digital frame is a small LCD. It works in the same way as changing the digital photo album. You can change their orientation from portrait to landscape. You can set these digital photo frames on a table, or you can hang them on a wall. Furthermore, like the digital camera, they also offer some built-in memory. Moreover, there is also a memory card slot that provides the facility to increase the storage capacity. The images stored in this are played out as a slide show by them. There are many kinds of digital photo frames available nowadays. The one with the Wi-Fi facility is an advanced version. It allows you to upload pictures to the frame without a USB connection. It is impressive how these frames come features that serve as an excellent gift for friends and family.

Features of digital photo frames with internal battery

A digital photo frame portrays high-end features. Usually, the size of the digital frame ranges from 3X5 to 10X12 inches. Some of the best are the ones that come with a screen size of 7 to 8 inches. There are some which are larger than this. Also, there is display resolution. It determines the number of pixels that the frame can display. Furthermore, the framework that surrounds the digital display comes in different materials, colours and styles. Some common materials are glass, wood, plastic and even metal. However, image quality is one of the essential features of a digital frame. The surface of the frame affects the way the picture is displayed. Built-in storage and memory card slots some other features. Also, the digital photo frames offer various connectivity options such as USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In fact, the Bluetooth facility is provided by most digital photo frames.

The utilities of digital photo frames

Digital photo frames prove to be very useful when you want to display JPEG images. However, some digital picture frames can also display BMP and TIFF images. Some digital photo frames come with built-in speakers too. They are either mono or stereo. As such, they allow you to play MP3 and WAV audio files when a photo slide show is going on. Some digital photo frames allow the users to use them as secondary PC monitors. Many of them also come with a remote control too. This offers the users the facility to operate the digital photo frames from a distance. Moreover, there are also universal frames that you can use in your living room, kitchen, and everything in between. In fact, some Wi-Fi frames also support sending photos straight through emails.

Tips on how to buy Digital Photo Frames online

Digital frames, with their versatility, have now become a universal decoration in many homes and businesses. They can do all sorts of things. The frame design, the picture quality and another set of features have significantly improved over the years. However, when you are shopping for digital photo frames online , there are a few things to learn. As with any technological gadget, a bit of knowledge about the product will help you choose the right one. Keep reading to purchase one more wisely.

  • The size matters – Size is one of the first things to consider when it comes to buying a digital picture frame. Wall-mounted or not, most of these frames come with a high resolution. Also, remember that, the larger the screen, the more resolution you need. But, note that the screen size is not the same as the frame size. The screen size is the actual part of the frame that displays the art.
  • Viewing angle – This is an essential factor to look for in a digital picture frame, especially when you are getting them for a wall-mounted display. In such cases, make sure that you can see the digital art frame from any position in the room. The viewing angle must be very wide. Avoid hanging the digital picture frames in places where there is direct sunlight.
  • Storage capacity – Most digital photo frames have their storage capacity. But some are Wi-Fi only, which means nothing can be displayed without inter-connectivity. The average storage capacity of a digital picture frame is 8 to 80 GB. Some also have expandable memory. An excellent high-quality image takes about half an MB space. This is why an 8GB memory will fall short if you have more high-quality images to store.
  • Consider the user – Several digital photo frames come with high-end features. Some of them include Wi-Fi connectivity, web browsers, and text news feeds. The web-connected features and complicated menus can confuse novice users. If you intend only to view photos and little else, then it is probably best to find a frame that is less complicated and with minimal features.
  • Check the level of security – The digital frame must have a good level of security. This is to protect your photos as well as to protect your pictures from being plagiarized. Also, ensure that the Wi-Fi network that runs on your digital frames is password protected. Ensuring this will keep your collection of digital photos safe and secure.
  • Consider the cost – Always compare the features and benefits of the frame and the cost. The average price range for wall-mounted digital frames is around $500-$1000. Some companies sell, only the digital photo frames. While some offer monthly subscriptions and allow access to museum and art collections.

It is apparent that without a doubt, the digital photo frames have soared high in popularity since their launch. They indeed make a handy desktop item and can also become a stylish home décor. This is why a novice to these digital frames must know about the various features and benefits associated with digital picture frames before buying them. Hope this article has taught you about them and has helped you understand the factors to look for when choosing the best frames out there.

Question & Answer

Which digital photo frames are the best?

Do you want to make the most out of your summer photos? Then there is nothing better than displaying them on digital photo frames. And do not worry about their set up. Several brands even offer a way to connect to multiple frames, that too from a single web app. This allows the non-technical users can handle them with ease. Brands like Sony, Kodak and Samsung sell some of the best digital photo frames.

Can digital photo frames run on batteries?

Most of these frames run only on AC powers. However, specific frames give you the option of running from batteries. However, using the battery option can get expensive after a while. The battery option is cool for times when you need to carry along your digital frames away from home. Therefore, look through the frame specification before you decide on buying a battery or AC power.

Can digital photo frames play video?

These digital frames have smart multimedia features. Most of the frames let you create slide shows. They control how long each image is on screen and the kind of transition between images. Some digital frames also let you add music from your MP3 files. Furthermore, a few models even allow you to play videos. However, there may be a limit on how long you can play the clip.

What are digital picture frames?

A digital picture frame, also known as a digital photo frame, is an electronic device. It contains an LCD screen and a microcomputer inside. It is very similar to the traditional picture frame. However, the digital frame displays the pictures without the need for a computer or a printer. You can set them up to either a single image or to run many photos as a slide show. Many modern frames also allow you to play videos.

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