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About Camcorders

Inspiring and exciting moments deserve to be preserved as they happen – in motion, with luxurious details and full sound. Luckily, the field of advanced photography has given you have the camcorders to that for you. Fortunately, today’s camcorders are lighter than those shoe-sized behemoths in the days of past. Therefore, they make it easier than ever to capture those exciting moments in motion.

Like all electronic technological improvements, it is just a matter of time before something faster and sleeker comes along. The camcorders you see today, offer high-quality video. They come with an array of functionalities. However, it hasn’t been like this always. Not long ago, there was no such thing as mobile videos, laptop editing and no automatic settings. The device that once made the video was the size of a refrigerator! Videographers required a truck full of equipment to record even the shortest reel. And it wasn’t until 70’s that the machine began to shrink. In 1967 Sony produced its first video rover. Of course, the camcorders that we see today are very different from the early models. The technology you see today arrived first in 1995 when Panasonic and Sony brought the digital recording to life. From then till now, each revolutionary step leads to what we see today.

Everything you need to know about the camcorders

Now the world depends on digital video camcorders. That’s because they record videos using memory cards and compact disks. There is no denying the fact that this digital approach has enabled a much better quality in film-making. Though there are plenty of occasions where you can multitask with one device having a dedicated tool for video recording doubles the quality and convenience. However, to get yourself this video recording device, you need to study and understand them precisely. Are you looking to film your next viral video? Or are you just planning on getting your child’s big performances? Either way, this guide will help you find the best camcorder for you.

Understanding them

Perhaps, you already know, these devices record videos. However, they do not use a film to do so. Instead, there is a lens that focuses the incoming light onto an image sensor. It then converts the incoming light rays into a series of voltages. The additional circuitry then converts the voltages into a digital signal. A storage device such as recordable DVD, magnetic tapes or some other storage device then stores these digital signals. You can later playback these video files within them itself. That is, you can view them on the LCD screen. So now you know that these devices use image sensors. These image sensors are either a CCD or CMOS. Though the manufacturing process of each of these differs, the basic functionality remains the same. Both image sensors have sensors that generate a charge when struck by light.

The types

With such smart features, undoubtedly, there are several varieties of these devices. That is why you need to first decide on the type you want to buy. If you wish to better size and high-quality, then go for a full HD camcorder. However, if you need a smaller and more portable version, then the mini camcorders will be best for you. However, remember that the new age ones are smaller and lighter than previous models. They easily fit in your hand and weigh as little as half a pound. Moreover, you can also find camcorders with remote controls that offer you more convenience. Furthermore, there are some such as camcorders for sports, that come with unique features. These camcorders with slow-motion capability, capture your every move when you are running, jumping, squatting or swimming. Such is their popularity and functionality.   

Fundamental features

Being such a popular device, it does have peculiar features. This makes them one of the sought devices for video recording. The flip-out LCD viewer is one their fundamental feature. It helps you review video with ease. They are also easier to use than the eyepiece. Some come in broader aspect ratio (16:9). This often are called widescreen. However, the screen size varies anywhere between 2.5 to 4 inches depending on the models. The screen is excellent, but a shaky video spoils the fun. Well, there is image stabiliser feature for that. This automatically reduces most of the shaking that occurs while you hold the camcorders. Moreover, the features such as autofocus, digital zoom and 3D capability all held you enhance the video recording experience. Apart from these, specifications such as built-in projectors, Wi-Fi, waterproof body and resolution make them a reliable video recording device.

The advantages

Of course, owning a camcorder when you have DSLRs and mobile phones with high video recording capabilities might seem redundant. But there are many advantages that you can consider buying a camcorder. For example, better sound quality is one of the vital factors. Nobody wants to watch a video with a muffled and scratchy audio. It just spoils the mood. Moreover, these recording devices offer longer video recording periods than most of your mobile phones. Also, the footage shot on the phone looks great but put on a larger screen, and the image quality vanishes in thin air. It becomes duller and blurrier. That means, with them, you can enjoy better video quality too. Shaky hands, cramped fingers and strained eyes are a thing of past with their ergonomically friendly design. And, luckily there is the auto-focus option that lets you shoot scenes with extra smooth focus.

Tips on how to buy Camcorders online

These video recording machines are amazing! But finding the right on for yourself can be challenging. Particularly if you are unaware of what to look for in a camcorder when buying them. You buyers need to face a shifting landscape of quality, capabilities and sizes. You are even struck with abbreviations such as HDD, AVCHD. This can leave even the most tech-savvy buyer puzzled. The below camcorder shopping tips will help you buy camcorders online in Dubai effortlessly.

  • Understand their types – There are literally hundreds of camcorders on the market these days. Before you decide on which camcorder to buy, you need to first understand their models. Do you want a professional camcorder or a traditional one? A mini or full-HD? Knowing their type will narrow down your search for a perfect camcorder.
  • Know their abbreviations well – Understand the vocabulary of the camcorders well. They have a language of their own. Optical vs zoom and how CCD’s affect the video quality are some fundamental points you need to consider while purchasing a camcorder.
  • Read reviews online – Of course, reading reviews and recommendations online helps figure out the performance of the product you are going to purchase. Check numerous sites and online platforms to research and understand the product you want to buy. Do not take hasty decisions.
  • Invest wisely – These video recorders are slightly expensive; however, you can get them at nominal rates. Check out the camcorder price at several different stores before you make a purchase. You never know you might come across a favourable deal!

Whether it is something unusual or something candy and funny from the streets, even those of us who have great memories will like to capture our daily life on video. And you now probably know that it is easier to do so with these camcorders. Undeniably the technology behind the camcorders is excellent, and they are one of the most revolutionising technologies out there. Hope this article has tickled your fantasy and guided you a step closer to making an informed decision while purchasing a camcorder.

Question & Answer

Are camcorders good for making movies?

Well, almost all cameras can theoretically be used in creating a feature film. But making a movie that will look and sound on a huge theatre screen is a tricky endeavour. Cameras used in film-making are high-end. That is why using a camcorder for film making isn’t advisable unless you want a document style movie. If you wish to plant on a rented cinema screen, you could use the camcorder.

Are camcorders outdated?

Traditionally, the camcorders are much rarer today. That’s because, much of their functionalities are now built-in DSLRs, mobile phones and mirrorless cameras. Meanwhile, the high-end cinema cameras are also becoming more affordable. This provides a better option for the independent filmmakers and amateurs who previously worked on camcorders. However, the use of camcorders entirely depends on one’s personal preference and the occasion you want to shoot.

Why are camcorders so expensive?

Camcorders are basically, all in one package. That means you get to shoot a video in high-quality, view it, project it, share and edit all at one go. Well, this makes them a little expensive than other cameras out there. Moreover, they come with excellent features and specifications that lets you capture a video in its real sense. However, there are some budget-friendly models that you can consider. So, in short, not all camcorders are expensive. You can look for deals and offers or camcorders for sale online, to get the best one for yourself at nominal rates.

How long do camcorders last?

Camcorders have a long life span. However, this entirely depends on how much you use the machine. For example, if you plan to use the cam for filming and PC editing the device will be doing double the work. Also, battery life is one of the crucial factors to consider. Without battery power, the device can quickly become useless. There are rechargeable batteries that give you a longer lifespan.

Where to purchase camcorders?

Indeed, camcorders are intelligent devices that help you capture your most valuable moments. Moreover, with the advent of the technology, they are now available in several models and types. Visit to explore some impressive collection of high-quality camcorders. Furthermore, you’ll get to purchase from the best online stores. You can also access the collection of best and trusted brands here. If you have budget restrictions, compare prices here to find budget-friendly products.

Does you shooting take you out a lot? Or are you mostly indoors? Well, whatever your needs, there are indeed a lot of camcorders out there that’ll suit you and will make your video recording experience delightful. So, will you buy a camcorder today?  Visit our  product search engine to buy best camcorders online and explore other car audio/video products.