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About Hair Dryers

Hair dryer is a simple product that speeds the evaporation of water to dry the hair, and you can also use it for styling. Despite how uncomplicated this product sounds, the endless variants available in the market can confuse you. You can’t kickstart your shopping drive just by jumping to any brand or shop before having a basic understanding and listing your preferences. So, research is something you should start with. 

As a customer, you should always prefer your needs over any luring feature of any product. So, you should list down all that you need or think of the difficulties you face while blow-drying after a head wash. Your hair type, whether it is curly or straight, affects your purchase as curly type takes more time to dry than straight hair. You may also feel good with a hair dryer with a comb. Likewise, there are so many features and dedicated products to overcome your daily hair struggles. Choose from the best, and you will find the end result completely satisfying.

Types of blow dryers

If you are looking to buy a hair dryer online in Dubai, you must know about the different types. On a broader brush, the dryer has two variants, naming handheld and rigid-hood dryer. Handheld is commonly available at your home, but the hood dryer is the one for professional use. The latter one has a dome-like structure that fits over the person’s head for drying purpose. You can also filter this product based on the different technologies, such as ionic, ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium dryer. These types refer to the manufacturing of heating coil. Out of the four, titanium heating coil is the quickest to dry your hair. You can choose one based on your taste, budget, and purpose.

Best hair dryer for curly hair type

Not every dryer is perfect for your curls, waves, and kinks. If you have a dryer that makes your head a ball of frizz – this means the product you own is not right. Other than drying perfectly, a compatible product can keep your hair’s natural texture intact. Also, you should not forget the diffuser, which is a must-have for curls, as it makes the process more convenient. Let’s discuss a product from one of the premium brands – Remington’s damage control ceramic dryer. This product can keep your strands safe with triple protection layer. It also reduces frizz, dry fast, and protects the cuticle from over-heating. There are more to it you can read on our shopping platform, and likewise, there are also other brands you can explore. Babyliss and Dyson, to name a few, but we positively suggest to explore and compare the products yourself. 

Portable hair dryer for travelling

You might find personal care products in your hotel room, but what if it doesn’t suit you. You surely do not want to go out with frizzy or brittle hair. And don’t forget that even one-time damage counts. Your hair texture, strength, volume – everything is important to keep intact. Some of the features you should consider while buying portable travelling dryers are – dual voltage, lightweight, foldable, and different nozzles for multi-tasking. Here, dual voltage means you can have hot and cold air both with a push of the button. This feature is necessary overall, but when you are travelling, you need the dryer just after a head wash. So, once the scalp is 80% dry, you can switch to colder air to balance out the heat on your scalp.

Accessories for your blow dryer

Accessories add up a lot of features to a single product. Even if you are looking for a cheap hair dryer to buy, you can choose a few accessories and make it an ultimate multi-tasking product. Let’s discuss how. You can opt for a removable hair dryer diffuser that snaps at the end of the dryer. This accessory will be helpful if you have a curly or wavy type because it lets you concentrate on a larger area without blowing all at once. If you would like to straighten with a dryer, choose a detachable nozzle that emits air in a concentrated stream. There are even more accessories you can find and purchase. But before that, do check out some tips to make your purchase worth the shopping cart.

Tips on how to buy Hair dryers online

Not just the texture of your hair but the type of scalp can influence the purchase as well. Sometimes, your scalp cannot face much heating and is prone to damage more than a normal scalp. For people scared of the damage due to heating, remember that only extensive use of electrical products can damage your scalp or hair. Otherwise, if you use a high-quality product with protective layers and limit the use to your need, nothing can go wrong.

  • Material – Go for an ionic or tourmaline dryer if you have thick or frizzy hair. But if you have fine or dry hair, choose a ceramic or porcelain dryer. There is one more type that is titanium hair, effective for extremely thick hair.
  • Power – More power means less time in drying. For home use, do not go beyond 1500 wattage as overheating can seriously damage your hair. But still, for more thick hair, you can opt for power between 1800 to 2000 wattage.
  • Weightage – Cumbersome blow dryer can take away all the goodness from the product. After using it for a while, you feel the urge to stop in the middle. For the most comfortable experience, you should opt for a dryer of approximately 1 pound in weight.
  • Settings – Check all the buttons available on the product. It should have different heat settings to adapt to the climate and your scalp tolerance. And a cool setting that throws cool air to balance the heat, in the end, is a plus feature you can ask for.
  • Accessories – Diffuser, nozzle, comb are some major accessories you can opt for. Other than these accessories, choose a sturdy cover or bag for the product, especially when travelling. Even if you are keeping it in your drawer, you can elongate durability by maintaining it well.

You may not have thought that a simple product like a dryer needs a thorough understanding. But if you do read about it, you will see how a tiny technical difference can make your product sturdy and durable. So, choose to explore before jumping into a shopping platform and scrolling through the products. And once you know what you want, our shopping platform presents a wide assortment of products to ticks all the boxes of your preferences list.

Question & Answer

Can hair dryer cause dandruff?

Blow drying too much may make your scalp dry, which is one of the major causes of dandruff. So, the answer to this question is yes – using your hair dryer excessively and aggressively can lead to dandruff on your scalp and shoulders. To prevent this, make sure you have got a high-quality dryer with appropriate power that is compatible with your hair type. Prevent your scalp from overheating by switching to cooling mode so that it balances the heat inside out. If you handle it well by following the instructions carefully, nothing can go wrong.

How to buy a hair dryer?

Do not fall for luring advertisements. Instead, search it yourself, ask questions, and choose the one that fits your needs. Some of the parameters that may affect your purchase include the dryer’s power, weight, looks, technical specifications. Another significant factor is the brand’s authenticity. You can read customer reviews to validate your purchase. At our retail search engine, you can find everything starting from research, explore, refine, and purchase.

When to use a hair dryer?

Depending on your day to day activities, the purpose can change. If you are a social influencer or the one who clicks for shutterbugs, you might need a hair dryer daily. But that must follow the heat protective serum or crème. You can use this device after washing your hair. It doesn’t matter if they are fully wet, especially in winters when you can’t go out with wet hair. For hair left warm, change the mode to cool air, and completely dry your air plus balance the heat on the scalp.

Why is a hair dryer important?

Electric blow drying is an alternative to sun drying or air drying but is equally effective. Not every day you have time to sit under the sun to dry your hair. So, switching to electronics is as good as the natural process. You can even style your hair with the device on special occasions. You can straighten your hair with additional attachment or buy specialised versions for dry, frizzy, thin, or thick hair. It is important to buy a compatible product to utilise the product to its highest.

Every one of you has different needs with a different scalp and hair type. Even the climatic changes in your local region might affect your purchase. Therefore, it is imperative for manufacturers and brands to present the diversity for you to choose from. Here, at, you will find it all under one roof – shops, brands, deals, customer reviews, and whatnot. We would love to help you kickstart your shopping drive, and hence this list of some reputed brands might help – Revlon, Philips, Panasonic, Braun, Parlux, Elchim, and Valera.