Braun Hair Clipper, Fully Washable, 17 length Settings, Rechargeable, Fully washable (HC 5050)
Braun Hair Clipper, Fully Washable, 17 length Settings, Rechargeable, Fully washable (HC 5050)
Braun Hair Clipper, Fully Washable, 17 length Settings, Rechargeable, Fully washable (HC 5050)__ DESCRIPTION__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __  __ __ __ TWO DEDICATED COMBS. 17 PRECISE LENGTH SETTINGS.__ Two smart trimming attachments allow you to customise your look with any hair style you want. With a total of 17 length settings, you’ll have the flexibility to create a new style for any occasion. The small trimming comb creates shorter styles 3-24mm long, while the larger comb can be used for longer hair between 14-35mm. __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ULTRA SHARP BLADES FOR PRECISION CUTTING.__ The blades of the Braun Hair Clipper are engineered for lifetime lasting sharpness, providing the high performance precision you need to achieve your style. The ultra-sharp stainless steel trimming elements ensure even long or thick hair isn’t a challenge. __ __ __  __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ FULLY WASHABLE__ For easy cleaning under running water. __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ MEMORY SAFETYLOCK SYST…
Sonashi Rechargeable Hair Clipper Silver & Blue Color (SHC-1034)
Sonashi Rechargeable Hair Clipper Silver & Blue Color (SHC-1034)
Cordless FunctionStainless Steel Blades For Easy CuttingIndicator Light / 50 Minutes Continuous Working TimeCharge Time: 8 Hours / Accessories: Oil, Clean Brush, Comb3W 220-240V 50/60Hz
Sonashi Rechargeable Hair Clipper (SHC-1045)
Sonashi Rechargeable Hair Clipper (SHC-1045)
Rechargeable Hair Clipper / Dc MotorStainless Iron Hard Alloy Blade For Easy Cutting / 2.5 Hours Continuous Working TimeCharging Time: 4 Hours / Charging Input: 5V Dc , 1000 Mah220 - 240V , 50 - 60Hz / 3W
Sonashi Rechargeable Hair Clipper Blue & Red Color (SHC-1035)
Sonashi Rechargeable Hair Clipper Blue & Red Color (SHC-1035)
Power Light IndicatorCutting Guide Width 11-20Mm / Battery: Ni-Mh 600Mah X2Motor Voltage: Dc 2.4V / Charging Time: 8 HoursCharge Time: 8 Hours / Accessories: Oil, Clean Brush, Comb, Stand, Adaptor3W 220-240V 50/60Hz

About Hair Clippers

It is said that hair is the crowning glory. And that means a shabby, unkempt hair will encourage a lousy impression. Regardless of being a man or a woman, you must value the importance of a well-kept hair. Of course, a well-groomed hair requires trimmings, cutting and shaping. However, you cannot do it with just a pair of simple scissors. Instead, you’ll need to invest in excellent hair clippers. 

Every barber out there has at least one pair of hair clippers in his arsenal. These electronic devices are now indispensable for sophisticated hair grooming. However, there was a time when they were just uncomplicated manual devices. A Siberian barber developed the very first manual, handheld hair clippers in the 19th century. The electric versions today function pretty much the same way as their older counterparts. An electric motor drives the blades to oscillate from side to side. Leo J Wahl introduced the first pair of electric hair clippers in 1919. Wahl, until his death in 1957, worked with various barbers across the world to create an efficient hair clipper. He also introduced other hair care tools along the way.  

Different types of professional hair clippers to groom your hair effortlessly 

Modern versions are now extremely popular for home use. That’s because they are seen as an essential tool in proper male grooming. The great thing about clippers is that they cut both the hair and the beard. Some clippers also accommodate thick and coarse hair. Different adjustments in them allow you to cut your hair in any desired length. Of course, these devices are also great alternatives to a simple pair of scissors. Let us explore below some of the best hair clippers and which one will suit your requirements and budget.  

Manual hair cutting machine  

Let us go back to the 1918s. This is when the first manual hair clippers saw the dawn. Of course, by now, you all know that these are handheld devices. However, their operation is quite different from their other advanced counterparts. The manual clipper is an instrument used to cut human hair. It is operated by squeezing a pair of handles together and then releasing it in rapid motion. Typically, it is a silver coloured metal tool and comes with a removal blade guard. It has two arms extending from a rounded casing attached with a swing nut and screws. Each of these arms has a finger grip halfway along its length. These were typically used by the military, in prisons, and did not require electricity. However, these days, electronic versions are available. 

Electric hair clipper and trimmers  

Electric hair clippers are the advanced versions of the manual clippers. They are classified based on the motor integrated into them. Mostly, the ones run by rotary motors are the best. Why? Because the speed is distributed equally between the power and the blade. Thus, the performance is much superior when compared to the manual ones. You get to use a lot of hair cutting methods. Moreover, you can use them for removing bulky hair like the one in horses and dogs. Hence, they are not just for humans. Furthermore, you also have a magnetic motor-powered electric clipper, which is the most affordable one today. This comes with simple and reliable motor. The good thing about this type is that it works quietly and produces smooth cuts. In a nutshell, electric clippers are fantastic! 

Cordless hair clippers  

Cordless hair clippers are the new invention for trimming or cutting hair. They give your hair a distinct result than the standard pair of scissors or razors. Undoubtedly, these make hair grooming handier and are easier to carry around. Thus, they are ideal for travelling. A cordless version generally comes with more benefits thastandard clippers. For instance, it possesses a lot of power. You can shear the most challenging type of hair with itWhat’s more, you can cut through bulky beard and hair effortlessly. Not to mention, cordless hair clippers are flexible, simple to use, and come with a sleek design. Brands like Wahl and Philips offer some impressive collections.  

Hair clippers with changeable blades  

Of course, not all hair clippers suit all hair types. Well, the designers of modern hair clippers are indeed farsighted. Hair clippers nowadays are available in various sizes and come with changeable blades and clipper guards. This allows you to cut through any length and style it in whatever way you like. You can also pair the clippers with an excellent body groomer. This way, you’ll be able to shave any part of your body without hassle. Mostly, such type of clipper is lightweight and comes with the power of large units. The adjustable pivots on the clipper give you more control over the finish of your cut. Also, they produce very less noise and work quietly. Check out the wide range of hair clippers from brands like PanasonicGeepas, and Braun.  

Tips on how to buy Hair Clippers online

Whether you are planning to cut your hair or trim your beard, you need the perfect tool to do so. Getting just any pair of scissors or hair clippers won’t do. You need that perfect hair clipper to set your hair right. However, there are several things you should consider when looking for the right hair clippers in DubaiFactors such as lifestyle, hair type, and haircut all determine the kind of clipper you need. Luckily, you have us! We’ve compiled here a few tips and factors that’ll help you buy hair clippers online in Dubai effortlessly. 

  • Look out for the weight of your clipper – This is one of the essential features to look for when shopping online. Several clippers have the same power but are much heavier. You might probably think that weighing a couple of pounds more wouldn’t do much damage. But, trust us guys, with an outstretched hand for several minutes holding a heavy item, this will only put a strain on your wrists. The key is to look for lightweight and manoeuvrable clippers. 
  • Asses the power – The power is everything when you are purchasing a new clipper. Have you experienced a haircut at the barbershop? If you have, then you will remember how their professional clippers just glided through your hair effortlessly. That is because of the powerful motor inside them. The more powerful the motor is, the fewer strokes you will need when working around the head. Powerful engines quickly tackle tangles, knots, and difficult hairs. 
  • Go for the cordless option – Most professional barbers use corded clippers. That’s because they serve several customers a day and need to use them for hours. However, there is nothing as impressive as a cordless clipper for domestic use. It offers many benefits. Firstyou need not stay confined at a single place. You can stay a few feet away from your socket walls and use it comfortably. Moreover, you can easily put the clipper underwater to rinse off hairs in the teeth. 
  • Always get some extra accessories – One of the things you must consider when buying the new hair clippers is the accessories that come included in the box. Some of them that cost more come with few accessories. While the ones that cost less have a dozen of them. In either case, look for accessories like cleaning brushes, lubricating oils, and blade guards. These are generally great for cutting hair and styling your hair. 
  • Lookout for pricing options – You might find that many look-alike hair clippers have different price ranges. That’s because of the things inside the unit. Some have extra features, while some do not. Compare the features and power of various brands and models and see if their price is reasonable. Weighing things enable you to narrow down your search and make the right decision.  

Having a quality pair of hair clippers is the key to a dapper style. However, finding one is always tricky. You end up reading reviews online, product features, and whatnot. But, hopefully, this page has encapsulated everything you want to know about these personal care devices. 

Question & Answer

Can hair clippers spread disease?

Of course, you go to a barbershop to freshen up and not to walk away with an infection. Like any communal areas, your barbershop can harbour some pretty gross things. This is trueespecially if the hair clippers aren’t sterilized and appropriately cleaned. They can undoubtedly spread diseases if the tool isn’t sanitized regularly. 

Can hair clippers cut your skin?

Typically, the basic idea behind any clippers is semi-rotational mechanics. Within this clipper lies an ultra-motor that rotates at regular speeds. This frequent rotation of motor blades subsequently produces vibration along with the clipper blades. This, in turn, ensures that the entire power isn’t concentrated at one point of the skin. Therefore, a clipper doesn’t make any significant cuts until that portion is sensitive enough. 

How to adjust hair clippers?

Hair clippers are versatile. But there will be a point when you cannot avoid adjusting them. That’s because misaligned blades cause serious problems. The good news is, it is effortless to rectify a misaligned blade. First, remove the blades and clean themThen, examine and realign them. Also, oiling blades is downright pertinent. 

Which hair clippers to use?

There are several types of hair clippers out there. Manual, electric, magnetic, pivotand cordless are a few popular ones. However, you must buy them according to your needs and personal preferences. Cordless hair clippers are ideal for domestic and professional use. They are not just easy to use but low maintenance as well.  

Which hair clippers are the best?

High-quality hair clippers make a considerable difference to your grooming routines. That’s why you must buy the one with high-end features and superior quality. Check out the collection of hair clippers from brands like KemeiGemeiBabylissNova, and Surker. The products from these brands are not only high-quality but come with user-friendly features as well. And if you’re lucky enough, you can find several clippers for sale. 

Have you ever considered shaving your head or getting a nice haircut? If so, then hair clippers are worth considering. Here on, you will find a wide selection of brands and models to choose from. Our product search engine also enables you to shop from 500+ online shops including Menakart, Microless, Jumbo, and many more. So, start shopping today and enjoy great prices!