About Smartphone

So how long have you gone without your smartphone? An hour or two? A day probably? In this modern era, surviving without this little gadget seems to be impossible. It is a daily necessity for oldies and youngsters alike.

A smartphone is not a new word for anybody who hears of it today. Back in the days, a regular old-school phone could only make calls. Today, it can do so much more, and that includes setting up your workday, sending messages, accessing your spreadsheets, taking videos and pictures, video-calling, calculating your calories, and the list continues. Well, that’s just a glimpse of how amazing these devices are. Only when we thought they couldn’t get better, we hear of one more feature that gets added to them. And this, indeed, makes them a technological marvel!

Different types of smartphones to choose from 

Owning a smartphone isn’t a big deal today. There was a time when it was a dream for many, and only a privileged few could have it. However, with modernisation and technology, it has now become so rampant and accessible. In fact, smartphones are so affordable that you can own more than one unit. Plus, every brand has its USP when it comes to the best product. Thus, you will find dual sim phones, a prepaid one, a smartphone with a DSLR-like camera, and many other variations. You can easily choose one that fulfils your needs and let it take care of everything. 

The dual-sim smartphone 

This is one of the best products today. How amazing is it to have a phone that can use two sim cards at once? Back in the days, people used to carry two or more phones for each sim. But today, you can have both sims in one phone. Just switch the network and sim card, and you can use the one you wish! Hence, a dual-sim smartphone is perfect for those who have a separate company and personal number. The dual sim feature is common in many mobile phones today and is something that many people make sure of before buying. You can also find phones giving you the option to use three or four cards at once, depending on your requirement.  

The business smartphone 

For business people, using a business device is critical. Without it, they have to continually rely on a laptop or tablet. Sometimes, carrying multiple gadgets is both inconvenient and unsafe, especially while travelling. The great thing about a business smartphone is that it gives the best of both worlds. Apart from storing a lot of data, it is also great to work on. And that’s the reason why many business smartphone models made it to the top 10 smartphones of 2020. It is essential to conduct research and find out the best one that suits your requirements.  

The smartphone with a DSLR-like camera 

Who doesn’t love a good camera? Professional photographer or not, a good camera is definitely on the list for many who want to get a new phone. And why not? Everything from blogging to amateur photography looks stunning with a good smartphone camera. Plus, brands today realise this demand and have taken the camera game to yet another level. Thus, you will find that almost all the top 10 smartphones of 2020 have high-quality cameras. A lot of new models also have two or three cameras for the front and rear part of the phone.  

The gaming smartphone 

Some of the best products to buy in 2020 are the gaming ones. A lot of cheap smartphones also have useful gaming features if you don’t want to go for the top and higher-priced models. However, if you are a gaming fanatic, going for a specific gaming phone is highly advised. It is one of the best mobile phones we have today and can cater to every gaming need flawlessly. Amongst the features that set it apart from others include large screen size, functional storing capacity, and a faster processor. And the best part is, you can download a lot of free and paid online games for this phone.  

Tips on how to buy Smartphones

Buying a mobile phone is an opportunity that people look forward to at least once in two to three years on average. We’re always looking out for the new features and inclusions, and sometimes, even a two-year wait seems long. However, it is essential to keep a tab on the budget factor too. Replacing phones very often can be a pricey affair. However, if you have made up your mind to get a new one, here are a few things to make the buying process better.

  • Check out the smartphones for sale – Do a quick Google check to find out the smartphones currently on sale. Shopping online is a smart choice as you can get amazing deals and incredible discounts.
  • Nature of use – You could be getting a phone for personal or office use. Thus, you must consider its type and specifications accordingly. So, it’s crucial to analyse this when you start hunting for one.
  • The budget – Your budget comes into the picture when considering a good smartphone. Good thing, there are plenty of cheap smartphones available today. However, making sure they are of high quality is essential.
  • Consider the features – Today, smartphones can have multiple functions. So, pick one that best serves your needs. It isn’t possible to upgrade certain features like Bluetooth and camera, so make sure you choose the right one.
  • The brand – When shopping for a smartphone online, it’s a given that popular brands are the best. However, with several options to choose from today, it can leave you confused. So, research by reading customer reviews or asking for referrals from a techie friend or colleague.
  • Warranty and guarantee – As with any electronic device, it is so essential to have a warranty or guarantee in place. This can save you a lot of money in case of any issues later. So, check with the online store of your choice.

There are several things that come into the picture when you consider an excellent mobile phone. And that is true whether you are searching for a smartphone with the best battery, a smartphone without the camera, or a prepaid smartphone. We hope the tips above will be helpful enough when you’re making the final choice.

Question & Answer

Which are the smartphones with the best battery life today?

Battery life is something that a lot of people stress because it makes a huge difference to their user experience. You don’t want to keep charging time and time again, especially when on a business trip. Well, the solution is to invest in a smartphone with good battery life. Amongst our top picks include Xiaomi Mi 9 (3300 mAh), Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (4000mAh), Huawei P30 Pro (4200 mAh), Moto E5 Plus (5000 mAh), and Nubia Red Magic 3 (5000 mAh).

Which are the best smartphones to buy in 2020?

Several brands today offer spectacular options when it comes to cell phones. However, it is imperative to consider the essential features you need. While some love a good camera, the battery is vital to someone else, and the budget is crucial for others. To give you an idea, here are some of the top models that you can include in your list of choices: Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, Google Pixel 3a, OnePlus 7, Xiaomi Mi 9, iPhone 11 Pro, Huawei P30 Pro, and Motorola Moto G7.

Are smartphones harmful to the body?

Keeping mobile phones in close contact with your body can be harmful. They tend to emit radiation, which is natural, because of the network that flows in and out of them. However, the skin and the body are ultra-sensitive, and these rays can lead to long-term health effects. Hence, it is best to keep them at a distance, especially if you have a habit of using the phone while in bed. Always have a side table to keep the phone on before sleeping.

Where can you buy the latest smartphones in Dubai?

You can easily buy some of the best mobile phones from around the world right here in Dubai. And if you want some incredible deals and discounts, you can never go wrong shopping online. Here on, we give you the best of both worlds. Apart from a wide array of mobile phone selections at great prices, we also offer a smooth buying experience through our clean interface. Plus, you can compare the prices of products with ease, so you can have an informed buying decision. Amongst our curated picks include Huawei, Redmi, Samsung, OnePlus, Apple, Nokia, Sony, Lenovo, Oppo, and Xiaomi.

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