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About Screen Protector

All of us are incredibly possessive and careful when it comes to our mobile phones. One more thing that we consider extremely important is its safety. Everything from a good screen protector to a mobile cover and case, enter into the picture when it comes to this aspect. 

With a good screen protector, the essential part of your phone is taken care of. The screen is often one of the elements of an electronic mobile phone that are extremely sensitive. If you go to any store and ask them for a screen replacement, the charge won’t be light on your pocket. Sometimes, it can even account to as much as half the buying price of the phone! And the sad part is, several people crack their screens every single day. The fact that mobile phones now have a glass back, a delicate body, and slim physical attributes have a lot to do with this. So, investing in a screen protector is imperative to protect your phone and your pocket.  

Different types of screen protectors to keep your phone safe 

Screen protectors don’t have to be boring. You can find several amazing choices today, depending on your requirement. However, it is essential to keep their sole purpose in mind before making a purchase. Don’t go for something that makes your phone look great. Instead, select the one that can safeguard it against scratches and breakage. Or better yet, buy one that offers both. Screen protectors are one-time investment at least for a year or so, depending on your use. But, if you are clumsy, they might only last for at least six months at a minimum. Let’s discover below some of the types that you can choose from. 

The glass screen protector 

If you’re not too fond of screen protectors but want to step up the protection of your phone, then the glass screen protector is your best bet. This one is a top pick among buyers, as it perfectly suits any brand or modelIt is easy to find several variations of cheap screen protectors online and in retail stores today. However, it is best to invest a little more and go for something that will last you long. More than value for money, it should protect your phone for as long as you’re using it. Pick the best one from a reliable brand or seller.

The iPhone screen protector  

Do you own an iPhone? Then investing in this one is a must to protect it. However, you need to ensure you’re getting the one that fits since iPhone makes and models vary. You can easily find a lot of iPhone screen protectorfrom various retailers. These are more expensive than protectors for other phone brands due to obvious reasons. Again, don’t skimp on your budget, and choose something from an authorised seller. The right choice can save you a lot in fixing your phone in the future.  

The tempered screen protector  

This one is cheap, widely available, and safe. Therefore, it is a hot favourite amongst shoppers. The difference between this and your regular protector lies in the way they are manufactured. The process of cooling tempered glass slowly as compared to regular ones makes it stronger and more resistant to cracks and scratches. Thus, even if it gets shattered, the glass feels like plastic and is harmless. It also chips in small pieces and not the entire screen in one go. This is a better thing because you can continue using the protector even if a small part is chipped without having to change the entire screen.  

The anti-glare screen protector 

For those who hate the reflection of the sun or any light on their phones, the anti-glare is perfect! This glass is designed in a way to make sure the light that is reflected gets bounced off. So, you can check your phone even in the harsh sunlight, and you’ll be able to see everything. Along with this, it gives you the benefits of any standard screen protector. You can safely use it on any phone, as long as you get the right model. Make sure you purchase from a reliable seller or brand. In the end, the fakes will never shield away any light and not protect your phone either. 

Tips to keep in mind when buying a Phone Protector 

The mobile phone is necessity for everyone today, and so is a screen protectorThe good news is, getting one is not difficult at all. However, if you’ve still not taken the plunge, it high time for you to do soAlong with protecting the screen, it also prevents harm to your cell phone’s body overall. Here are some of the practical tips on how to choose the right one.  

  • Check if it is for the right model  If the screen protector doesn’t fit well, it may not be able to provide the best protection even if it is a high-quality oneIn this case, we advise you to read the product description carefully.  
  • Read reviews  It’s important to know what previous buyers have to say. Thus, take your time knowing the pros and cons of the product you intend to purchase. This will save you from disappointment in the future.
  • Do your homework  Put in some time to understand about the protector. Ask around and visit the brand's website. It is also imperative to compare prices to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.
  • Keep a budget in mind  After a little research, you will be able to have an idea on the amount to spend for the screen guardThus, you can stick to your budget and determine whether something is a good deal or not. 
  • Consider other features  Consider aspects like anti-glare screen, thin glass, and rounded sides when shopping online. These further ensure overall protection to your mobile phone. However, of course, you need to decide based on your phone model. 

In addition to the above, get an opinion from someone who has used a certain brand in the past. Doing so can save you both time and money. Most importantly, consider only sellers who offer a return or exchange. This way, you can request a refund or get a new one in case you made a mistake in the purchase.  

Question & Answer

Protector vs screen guard: Which one is a better choice?

A screen protector generally offers complete protection to the phone. It also comes with rounded edges to cover the entire phone. It is widely available today and is pricier than other protector variants. The screen guard, on the other hand, only protects the phone screen. You cannot expect much from this variant, but that’s a good thing if you are not the clumsy type. It is more cost-effectiveand do a fair deal in keeping your phone safe.  

How can you tell if it is a cheap screen protector?

A lot of minor details will show you the difference between a good and poor-quality screen protector. For example, bend the sides gently. If they’re very flexible, then that means they are made of thin material and will not do an excellent job in keeping the screen safe. Cheap screen protectors are also inexpensive, not branded, and are readily available in retail stores as compared to online. Ultimately, there will be no trademark or brand logo on them.  

Which are the best cell phone screen protectors?

The type of protector you need varies depending on whether you have an Android or an iPhone. What doesn’t change here is the quality and features of the protector. Some of the best cell phone screen protectors are readily available online. However, go for the one with excellent reviews to make the right choice. Well, amongst the top brands you can consider include Promate, JETechRhinoShieldOmotonTech21, Tech Armour, Anker, Tozo, Ringke, OMYFILM Screen Protector, Aquashield, and Vigneer. 

Where can you buy a screen protector online in Dubai?

With countless choices and so many variants to choose from, it is effortless to pick up something that works for your phone. And where can you find it than online? Yes, it is the best place to shop. In fact, you can find several deals and discounts too. However, if you want a fuss-free and smooth shopping experience, then browse This superfast product search engine features more than 500+ brands and online stores where you can get the best deals.  

Searching for some top-calibre brands? Amongst our top picks include Apple, Oneplus, HuaweiSamsung, Belkin, Mi, Honor, and Poco Phone. When it comes to shops, check out the brilliant offerings of Jumbo Electronics, Virgin Megastore, Microless, and Menakart. What are you waiting for? Shop now here on