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Anker 633 Maggo Magnetic Wireless Charger White B25A7221
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Belkin 10W Magnetic Wireless Power Bank + 8W USB-C PD | BL-PB-MSAFE-D001-10000C-BLK | Black Color
Belkin 10W Magnetic Wireless Power Bank + 8W USB-C PD | BL-PB-MSAFE-D001-10000C-BLK | Black Color...
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SMART Airconnect PRO Wireless Power Bank 10400mAh | ACPR02
SMART Airconnect PRO Wireless Power Bank 10400mAh | ACPR02
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Anker Wireless Power Bank 10000mAh Blue A1641H31
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About Powerbanks

Today’s tech-based life demands endless power. That is why having portable power backup devices such as power banks are a necessityThey keep your mobile phonesheadphones, MP3 players, portable speakersand tablets up and running.  

Powerbanks are small portable devices that work as an alternative charger. These come in many different capacities to store power. However, all of them operate with a standard USB charging interface. You can use a specific USB port to charge a power bank from conventional electrical power sources. Such power hubs use circuitry to control any power-in and power-out. Once the device has full power, you can use it to charge your mobile or tablet. Hence, we can say that they work as the host of other devices that usually use a USB charger. 

A layman’s guide to understanding a power bank portable charger 

The battery storage capacity of smart devices dampens with time.  As a result, the user spends much time worrying about the battery percentage and looking for a power output to charge it. Being an energy reserve, a power bank is the most reliable and useful piece of device these days. It is an ideal gadget for avid smartphone users and frequent travellers. It helps you charge a device while travelling without letting you run out of battery. Hence, travellers opt for top-quality and high–capacity power banks to avoid scenarios in which they are helpless. Today, we will explore what comprises a good power bank for emergency power backup.  

The size or capacity of the power bank 

The size is of great importance, especially if you have multiple devices to charge. Generally, these powerhouses have two classes: business and economy. Here, the economy product has a maximum of 5000 amps power capacity. Meanwhile, the business suitable item will have a capacity starting from 5000 amps. The capacity of your device must match the types or brands of devices that you will be charging with it. For example, an iPhone takes about 1650 amps to charge, whereas the Samsung Galaxy mobile will take a little more. Hence, you will need at least 3200 amps to charge an iPhone. 

Consider the number of devices 

You can easily find a power bank with 2 USB ports. These enable you to charge multiple devices at the same time. The pro tip here is to add up the individual battery capacity of your devices. Also, buy a power bank that can charge any two devices that you own. This way, you are killing two birds with one stone. Well, the best part is that a power bank can charge all types of devices, be it Android or iPhone. What matters most is the battery of your device rather than the software it is operating on. When shopping online, refer to the product description and customer reviews to choose the right one. 

The connectivity mechanism 

Powerbanks can be charged either with the help of a built-in USB or external cables. If you go for power bank online shopping today, you will find that most of the available items will come with an internal cable. The USB charging feature is ideally perfect, as it allows you to plug the cable into the computer or even a wall socket. You can also charge these power banks anywhere, even by using a car charging adaptor while driving. However, a top-quality power bank comes with a faster-charging feature. Hence, always read the product description when you buy power bank online. This is where you will know how much time the bank needs to charge and how long it can serve you. 

The life cycle of the best power bank for mobile 

The average service life of a quality power bank is about three years, across all portable charger brands. However, there are many exceptional products available in the market that last even longer. You can charge a power bank between 300 to 500 times depending on the capacity of the device. It doesn’t mean that you cannot charge it after that. But the performance gets lower with each passing day and use. Hence, you will end up with really low performance and capacity than the initial size. Here, a pro tip to secure your device is to store your power bank with at least a 50% charge in it. This is because storing the power bank without any charge will reduce its lifespan. 

Tips on how to buy Powerbank online shopping

Tablets and smartphones have become effective pocket computers these days. However, being a multi-gifted gadget, they come with some major disadvantages of an extensive battery channel. That is why many people use power backup devices while moving around. If it’s your first time shopping for these electronic devices, we will guide you from A to Z. Check out some practical tips below. 

  • The capacity – How often do you like or need to charge your mobile or tablet? This question defines what capacity of the power bank will suit you. Plus, the capacity of your power bank depends on the type of devices you are willing to charge. For example, a laptop needs more capacity than a normal smartphone. Know your average needs and buy a power bank accordingly. 
  • The input and output – The power banks of today are compatible with modern devices. This is the reason why this question is not a core concern for many. However, the market still offers some models that may not have the correct output or input for your specific device. Thus, always check the product’s specifications and make sure they are well-suited for your smart devices. 
  • The quality and price – If you wish to have a perfect power bank to fit all your needs, look further than the pictures on the website. Dig deep into the specifications and decide which of the available specs are important to you. Chances are, a cheap power bank will not be able to fulfil your needs or last as long as you expect. It is, thus, better to invest in a high-quality device. 
  • The size and ampere – Power backup devices are easy to use when we don’t have a wall socket nearby. This is where a portable power backup helps to charge your smart device while moving. Hence, the size and weight of a device hold value. People prefer using a model with minimum weight and size but with maximum capacity, whereas the lower amperage is also crucial as it helps to charge faster. 

Additionally, you should consider the type of battery of your device and the intended usage of the power bank. It would also be great to opt for a branded one to ensure its durability and quality. But if you want to save much on your purchase, then wait for the sale season or use promo codes when shopping online.  

Question & Answer

Can a power bank be repaired?

In some cases, yes, we can repair a power bank. It all depends on what part or component of a device is damaged and what kind of repair it needs. For example, you can repair the device if electronic parts like power IC or diode becomes faulty. However, doing such repair on your own is dangerous. It is, thus, better to consult professionals. Otherwise, you might face some serious loss, other than losing the power bank.

Which power bank is the best?

A device that has superior quality, multi–ports, high capacity, and lower Ampere, is the best. However, some of the best-selling items this year include Anker PowerCore 20100, Anker PowerCore 10000 Power Bank, MAXOAK 50,000mAh Power Bank, RAVPower Luster portable charger, RAVPower 26800mAh Power Bank, and iMuto 20,000mAh power bank. And amongst the best shops to purchase from stores that people love to invest in.

When to use a power bank?

Powerbanks are portable devices that are meant to help you charge your smart devices on the go. Due to their portable nature, they are best to use when you don’t have any major power supply available around. For instance, you can use them during hiking, or long trips where you don’t have access to a car or a power socket to charge your devices. Powerbanks are also helpful if you are out camping or travelling and the battery of your mobile is about to die.

Where to charge the power bank?

All such devices come with portable connecting cables and chargers. These help you connect your power bank to the power socket in your home or office. However, you can also charge it in the car by connecting it to the power supply using the USB cable. However, take note that every electronic device comes with specific voltage instructions. You can read such specifications in the product description section or the manual that comes with the bank. Make sure you are using the right voltage to charge your bank. Otherwise, it will malfunction sooner than expected.

Here on our product search engine, we have more than 500 brands and online stores offering a wide variety of power banks. Hence, if you wish to buy a product from brands like Anker, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple, Sony, Belkin, Mophie, Zendure, or Energizer, we are here to help. Shop wisely and enjoy unlimited power back up for your smart devices!