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Portability is key in this fast-paced life. So, why not a portable phone charger. But choosing the compatible one could be a daunting task. On this page, you can explore all the insights plus a buying guide as well. So, read on.

Imagine a situation; you have an important presentation tomorrow. Thus, you are working on it overnight. Suddenly, you realize your phone is running out of battery. So, you plugged it into charging to keep it alive for calls. But, in the morning, when you try to wake up your cellphone to check calls, messages and emails, you realize it’s dead. At that moment, you might be regretting not having a portable phone charger. It is indeed a saviour in the gloomy day. Nevertheless, there are many power banks available in the market with the best battery backup. Let’s get some insights about the portable Smartphone charger.

Different types of portable mobile phone charger

The portable chargers are quite popular these days as our devices. With every passing day, it’s getting smarter with shapes, size, material, types, and much more. Apart from that, they are known in different names, but the most common one is the power bank. Not only we can use it for mobile phone charging, but also for battery-powered headphones, portable speakers, and much more. Are you looking for cheap phone chargers to buy in Dubai? Yes! Then before that, you need to have some idea about the types of portable chargers.

Prompt wireless phone charger with stand

The wireless phone charger with a stand is trending in the market. It is quite easy to charge as you don’t need any charging wire to charge. Is it exciting? Yes! Moreover, this technology’s in-built wireless charger makes 1.6 times faster charging than ordinary wired charging. Apart from this charger also gets compatible with Qi-enabled or Qi standard devices. Thus, you can rotate the phone charger stand horizontally and adjust it as per your desired angles. Like, when you wish to make phone calls or watch videos, you can keep the phone in the standing position. Otherwise, you can make it fold entirely flat while travelling.

Pocket-friendly portable battery charger

Do you travel a lot on train, bus, metro or flight? Yes! Then, this portable cellphone charger should be your next purchase. Moreover, it is available in different sizes, weights, designs, colours, and prices in the market. Despite all, battery backup is one of the vital things to look for while purchasing it. You can get battery backup for 2–days to 7 days full charging capacity. In fact, this phone charger comes with a single USB port which allows your phones to get charged faster. All these features have made the battery charger the best portable charger for your Smartphones. But, the price of the power bank varies with battery capacity.

Drop-dead gorgeous phone charger with 2 USB ports

Travelling late at night with your car, but you realize your phone is running out of battery. Painful? This brilliant design and compact size phone charger with 2 USB ports are here to help you out. It comes in an array of sizes, designs, battery backups, and colours. Moreover, this mini charger gets compatible with all devices. And the inbuilt technology safeguards your devices. Furthermore, the price of this charger varies with design and technology. While purchasing this phone charger with 2 USB ports, you can check out these brands like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Redmi, Promate and much more.

Stunning phone charger without a cord

This smart and compact phone charger without a cord created a lot of buzz in the market. Not only its design but its upgraded technology took our attention. And the best part is you don’t need to carry the cord along with you all the time as you can simply place the back of your phone and connect it with the lightning port. This masterpiece is listed under the top 10 wireless phone chargers of 2019 in UAE. Moreover, it is available in the market with different sizes, designs, materials, weights, and prices. Despite plenty of advantages, the connectivity of the charger put into the scan, due to its fragile adapters.

Tips on how to buy Phone Charges

We are living in the technology era, where everything is upgrading along with the electronics wireless charging connectivity. And the wireless mobile phone charger has a lot to improve to give us flawless experiences. But are we entirely using a wireless charger? No! We still plug into the wall socket to get the charger’s battery charged. So, while looking for a portable charger for your Smartphone, you might get loads of options. Still, you need to be careful while making the final decision. Let’s get some idea about the things to look for the best portable charger for your phone.

  • Capacity – It is an important aspect to look for while buying one of the portable chargers. As per the Smartphone’s capacity, look for the higher capacity charger to complete one full charging.
  • The number of ports – While looking for a portable charger, you need to look for the number of ports. Thus, it will help you in charging multiple gadgets through your portable battery charger at the same time.
  • Quality –Usually, a low-quality mobile phone charger is more prone to fire, like batteries explosive, short circuit, and overcharging. At the same time, a high-quality charger comes with heavy material and safety measures.
  • Compatibility –You need to check the compatibility with your Smartphone before making the final call while shopping. Often, many power banks don’t get compatible with certain Smartphones.
  • Charger’s input current – Often, the high–quality portable charger takes a long hour to get fully charged. The input current charge range varies between 0.8A to 1.5A with high capacity mobile phone chargers.
  • Ask for the recommendation – You can ask for help from the tech-savvy person who has insight knowledge about gadgets like power banks. They can help you with choosing the right portable phone charger for you.

Apart from asking for help from others, do a bit of research on the phone charger. You can consider the tip section while purchasing a mobile phone charger. While looking for the best portable charger in Dubai, you can consider checking out our product search engine , i.e., It is allied with top-notch brands and shops.

Question & Answer

Can a phone charger charge a laptop?

No! A laptop battery is bigger than a mobile phone battery. Moreover, this portable phone charger’s current capacity is less than the laptop charger’s current capacity. If attempts are made to charge the laptop battery, then there is a high possibility of the battery or power bank dead. Furthermore, the capacity of the phone charger is less, keeping in mind the smartphone’s battery capacity. But, if your laptop accepts USB-C port charging, then things can be possible.

Which phone charger is the best?

It ultimately depends on your choice. While talking about affordability and ease to use, then the portable battery charger is the best choice as you can take it anywhere anytime in your bag packs like metro, flight, bus, and much more. Moreover, the battery backup for your Smartphone is 2-days to 7-days total charging capacity. And this charger comes with a single USB port which allows your phones to get charged faster. There are popular brands to consider while purchasing a phone charger. Among them are Apple, JBL, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Redmi, Promate, and much more.

How does a wireless phone charger work?

Wireless phone charger works precisely in the same manner as the name denotes. The wireless portable charger transfers the energy from the charger to the receiver in the back of the phone through electromagnetic induction. Moreover, the mobile phone charger comes in an array of shapes, sizes, designs, attached in large mouse-mat like things to small discs in furniture. And the price tags of this device vary with the battery capacity, quality, adapter, and much more. Nevertheless, you need to check the charger compatible with your Smartphone, Qi-wireless enabled charging, and much more.

Where to buy a phone charger?

The portable phone charger has been trending in the market for a long time. And you need to choose according to your need and purpose. Apart from that, look for the battery backup capacity, which is measured in milliamps x hours (mAH). But without the smartphone compatibility, it wouldn’t work further. So, are you looking for a cheap price phone charger? Yes! Then, you are in the right place at the It is allied with the topmost brands and stores.