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The importance of a phone case is best understood after you drop your phone. Jokes aside, it is as essential as any other phone accessories. The safety factor that a simple phone case can add to your precious gadget is remarkable.

Today, every brand and store have several fantastic options, including personalised phone cases. One of the reasons behind this is to encourage the buyer to use a mobile case for their smartphone. There is a particular case for every phone model, and that means you’re chances of getting an ill-fitting one is slim. It is one of the cheapest accessories for your electronic device and costs practically nothing when you contemplate the value of the phone. However, using it on your phone can save you a lot of money in case of a mishap. Since mobile phones are so delicate, a minor scratch or chip can lead to you shelling out a generous amount of money. Getting into the habit of never using your phone without a case is, thus, the first step to avoid this cost.

Different types of phone cases you can consider

You may have probably saved money for your dream phone. And when you finally get it, you are so careful with it in the first few weeks. You see, where you keep it, never take it into the bathroom, and handle it with extreme caution. But, sometimes, butterfingers can mean one slip and a crash that will cost you a chunk of money towards the repair. Well, this is where the small but mighty phone case enters the picture. It ensures that your phone is protected at all times and thus, gives you peace of mind. There are many kinds of phone cases you can find in the market. Let us know how to pick the best ones.

Rubber or plastic mobile cases

These are the most affordable variants available today. The only thing to keep in mind is to go for a high-quality product, so it doesn’t let your phone heat up. Compared to flimsy, decorative ones, a durable phone case protects your mobile much better. Generally, all models have additional features like a curve along the edges, side buttons, and camera holes. It is always better to opt for the cover that fits instead of going for a substitute. Remember that proper fit is the key to safeguarding your phone from anything. So, if you are looking for something durable and affordable, go for this one.

Phone case to hold cards

A newer variation of mobile cases, particularly those with a card holding slot, is now available. This makes sense for business people who often have their cards with them. This way, even if you forget your wallet, you can easily hand over your card from the mobile case slot. It is compact, so it doesn’t add any bulk weight to the phone. Plus, the case is secure; thus, it is impossible for your cards to slip off. Phone cases to hold cards come in several options. When shopping online, it is therefore imperative to check the product description and specifications carefully.

Personalised phone case

This one isn’t a new concept. We often see mobile cases with pictures, names, and other stunning graphics. Yes, personalised phone cases are a trend that everyone is fascinated with! They are a little more expensive than the regular cases but will make you stand out in the crowd. Personal phones look great with these, but that’s not the case with business mobiles, as they can sometimes create an extremely strong statement. Plenty of online websites offer a personalisation service. It is as simple as uploading your design or picture and choosing the mobile model and material of the case. After this, it’s just a matter of time, and the case will be delivered to you.

iPhone cases with designs

The iPhone is a hot favourite among so many people. Be it students, business people, or even those who use it every day, it’s something people can’t stop raving about. Given its quality and high price, it is a given that you should invest in a sturdy case to protect it. You can find some fantastic options for iPhone cases with designs on the internet. However, it is highly advisable not to go for cheap phone cases in this case, as they don’t last long. iPhone cases with personalised designs are also a big fad. And the best part is, they are widely available online.

Tips on how to buy Mobile Case buying experience a good one 

If you own a phone, chances are, you have a cover for it too. However, are you sure it’s the best one? Today, online stores offer an extensive array of some of the best options. And this can get quite confusing. The good news is, the best phone cases featuring super quality are widely available from renowned brands and at reputable shops. Here are a few simple tips to distinguish them.

  • Choose the right cover for your phone model – Make sure you get the right one by referring to the product description. In the event that you mistakenly ordered an ill-fitting cover, you can always request a return or exchange.
  • Go for a reputed brand – Does your mobile brand manufacture its own phone case? Then go for it without a doubt. This way, you won’t have to worry about the fit and compatibility. Else, you can check out reviews for some of the most reliable brands offering high-quality cases.
  • The cover should not be flimsy – Plastic and clear cases are especially fragile. Over time, they can easily tear, which is a disaster. When shopping online, reading customer reviews is your best bet to make the right choice.
  • Try it on and see if it fits perfectly – Try on the case the first time you get your hands on it. This way, you can request a return or exchange right away in the event that it doesn’t fit your mobile.
    It should not cause your phone to heat up – After a few days, you’ll be able to decipher if the case is causing your mobile to heat up. This is common while charging your mobile. It can be dangerous in continuation and must be avoided.
  • Ask for recommendations – If you know someone who’s a techie, always reach out! You never know what fantastic suggestions they’ll be able to give you. Keep in mind that referrals always win.

The online world offers so many options, and it’s common for customers to leave feedback after making a  purchase. When checking out reviews, consider not only the good ones but also the poor feedback too. This way, you’ll see both sides of the coin. Make sure you put your money only where it is worth spending on.

Question & Answer

Can you make your phone case?

Although manufacturing your own phone case isn’t possible because you don’t have the right machinery and materials, you can always personalise it. Buy any hard case or a clear plastic one. You can add sequins, pictures, or sparkles to make it appealing. It is better to have someone do it for you to make sure it fits on the case and doesn’t wear out after some time. With industrial glue that is extremely powerful, doing this is very easy.

Why does a phone case get discoloured?

You can often find a yellow shade that starts appearing on the plastic, clear phone. Although this in no way causes any harm to the mobile or the cover and does not deteriorate its quality either, it doesn’t look very pleasing. One of the leading causes of this is overheating of the phone. You can remove the cover when the phone is at a low battery range or while charging to avoid this issue. However, there is little that you can do after the case gets discoloured.

Are gel phone cases a good idea?

Although you won’t find gel options for mobile cases from original dealers, you can opt for replicas. They look gorgeous, and some may even have glitter and small sequins floating around in the gel-like substance. They look great; however, if your phone tends to overheat, then you may want to stay away from this kind. Ideally, its best to go for the clear ones if you don’t like the solid coloured ones.

Where can you buy a phone case online in Dubai?

Dubai is home to fantastic online electronic and mobile stores where you can easily find a good number of options. And that means you can have access to an extensive inventory of phone covers from across the globe. To make things quick and easy, start your shopping journey here on This superfast product search engine is the best place where you can find an array of cool selections at a highly affordable price. Everything is just one click away!

Amongst the best brands that you can find here include Apple, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Ted Baker, Swarovski, Samsung, Huawei, Adidas, Versace, and Nike. When it comes to online stores, you can find some of the reputable ones in Hurry and shop today for the phone case of your dreams!

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