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About Phone Battery

The increase in smartphone capabilities also demands the use of more electrical power. This has resulted in an enormous amount of research and development to create a phone battery with long life and increased capacity.

The term battery itself comes from an old French word ‘baterie’, which means ‘action of beating’. It basically relates to a group of cannons in a battle. In an endeavour to find an energy storage device, scientists in the 1700s came up with the idea of a battery. This represented multiple electrochemical cells connected together. It comes with two electrodes that are isolated by a separator and soaked in the electrolyte. This promotes the movement of ions. Indeed, the batteries in your mobile phones are miracles of chemical engineering. On this page, we will explore how these nimble devices work and how you can make them last longer.

A few fundamentals about a phone battery

Batteries are the powerhouse of a mobile phone and are indispensable electronic devices. In other words, you need them to make your smartphone work. The battery life of old-model cell phones like Nokia 3310 often lasted for days. Sometimes, they even lasted for weeks, depending on how much you used your cell phone. But, with smartphones, we find ourselves lucky if their battery would last an entire day. Now, we bet you’re thinking, “okay, so how do I overcome these petty battery issues and how do I find the best battery for my smartphone?”. Don’t worry, we will reveal everything you need to know about the phone battery. So, read on.

Understanding the working principle of mobile phone batteries 

From science fair potato battery to a more advanced atomic battery, you’ll find more than 80 types of phone batteries today. However, we will concentrate on the working principle of the lithium batteries for now. Virtually, every mobile phone gets its power from the rechargeable phone batteries. But the lithium phone battery is the most common one. It is lightweight, stores generous amounts of energy, and can be recharged a hundred times. So basically, a lithium battery comes with an anode (positive terminal) and a cathode (negative terminal). The anode is made of graphite, whereas a compound called lithium cobalt oxide forms the cathode. The chemicals in the battery react to produce electricity when you use your cell phone.

The important characteristics of cell phone batteries 

Energy density and watt-hours are just a few characteristics of a mobile battery. There are several other key features you need to be familiar with to determine the quality of your cell phone. The battery capacity is of immense importance. It is basically the amount of power your battery can hold, and mAh is the common way to measure this. Typically, mAh represents a milliampere-hour and measure the mobile battery’s capabilities. You calculate this value by multiplying the discharge of the current in amperes by the amount of time the battery stays charged. However, the battery life and its lifespan are affected by several other factors. Now that you understand the key concepts behind a phone battery’s mechanism and effectiveness, let us discover how you can make your battery last longer.

Know how to make your smartphone battery last longer

There are many ways to protect the life of your mobile battery. One of these is keeping your case off when charging the phone. You’ll know that your phone gets heated up when you plug it in for charging. Although the heat generated is not enough to damage your phone instantly, it can cause a significant decrease in your mobile battery life. Furthermore, do not completely use up your phone’s battery by ensuring to recharge it as often as possible. That’s because it will destroy the battery’s lifespan. By the way, keeping your mobile phone on low power mode also helps in keeping your battery up and going for a long time.

Tips on how to buy Phone Batteries online

Now, that you know how a cell phone battery works and how to extend its life, it’s apparent that you also need to understand how to buy one. And this is something that you cannot blindly do. There are several factors to consider when buying a battery. We’ve put together a simple checklist below to guide you through the process of purchasing the best battery for smartphones.  Now, that you know how a cell phone battery works and how to extend its life, it’s apparent that you also need to understand how to buy one. And this is something that you cannot blindly do. There are several factors to consider when buying a battery. We’ve put together a simple checklist below to guide you through the process of purchasing the best battery for smartphones.

  • Know your cell phone brand and model – Knowing the exact model number of your phone will make the search for your mobile battery easier. You can quickly find these numbers if the battery of your cell phone is removable, like in those flip-open ones. The number is usually printed on the label behind the battery. You’ll also find them on the back or bottom of the device.
  • Know your cell battery model number – If you fail to find the make and model of your cell on the device, check out the batteries. Often, these are printed on them. Most online stores like Microless helps you find out the model number just by typing in the brand name. For example, searching for Samsung Galaxy will give you all the compatible batteries at an affordable price. It is the same with iPhones and other Android models too.
  • Get the battery that’s perfect for you – Once you get your cell phone’s model number and battery number, you’ll be ready for the search. Well, the good news is that offers you the convenience of finding the right mobile battery without any hassle. Simply type your desired product on the search bar, and you will be presented with an array of results. You can also filter your search based on price, brand, model, and make to find the right mobile battery.
  • Double-check before you buy – It is always best to take a close look at the images of the mobile battery you are about to purchase. Understand the specifications and more importantly, look out for the battery connector. If the connector doesn’t look like the same as the connector in your current battery, then this may not be the right one. For some reason, if you do not have the old battery, then you can always check the connectors of the cell phones on the back.

A mobile phone is indeed essential in our daily lives. But its usefulness lasts as long as there is a power to juice it up. Now that you understand how your mobile battery works and how to extend its lifespan, you can hopefully prevent your phone from dying before your day is done. We hope this guide has shed some light on the importance of a mobile battery and what’s going on inside them.

Question & Answer

Can a phone battery explode?

Yes, the little cell phone that you keep in your pocket has the potential to burst. And it is not limited to any particular brand. That’s because all cell phones use pretty much the same battery type – the lithium-ion battery. So, basically, one area of your battery starts getting too hot due to a short circuit in the charging circuit. Eventually, this heat building causes the battery to burst and become flammable. Worse, the explosion can happen so suddenly.

Can you replace an iPhone battery?

Apple, long ago, revealed that it was slowing down iOS devices affected by degraded batteries. Since then, the company has announced that it will offer battery replacements for iPhone 6 and later devices. This is probably why now the iPhone’s cell phone battery replacement program isn’t something new. You’ve always been able to replace your iPhone battery. However, you need to do that by visiting an Apple Store and pay around AED 300. But Apple has recently offered a discount on that too.

Which phone battery lasts the longest?

Moto G7 power puts almost every other mobile phone to shame when it comes to its long battery life. Well, thanks to its massive 5000 mAh. Motorola’s budget phone has set the new standards for the battery life of cell phones. That’s because it comes with a battery life of 15 hours. Apart from this, mobile phones like Asus ZenFone6, Galaxy A20, and Huawei P30 Pro are all top-performing flagships phone with 10-15 hours of battery life.

Where to buy phone batteries?

In case you would like to purchase online phone batteries in Dubai, do not miss out to check out the extensive selection here on our product search engine. You can find here high-quality phone batteries from brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Redmi, Honor, Nokia, Mi, OnePlus, and Motorola. Moreover, you get to buy them from over 500 online stores that offer some excellent phone batteries for sale too.

In a nutshell, a cell phone battery, its type, and capacity are an important consideration in choosing the right smartphone. Hope you’re now armed with knowledge to make the right decision. So, explore and enjoy your shopping journey today!