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Undoubtedly, technology has captivated our lives in such a powerful wayAs a result, it has now become hard to imagine life without it. One such technology that has become a necessity is the smartphone. From communication to navigation, this nimble electronic device has become part of almost all aspects of our daily routines.  

Due to the fast-growing infrastructure in the modern world, navigation must particularly be smooth and simple. Live navigation services while help you reach any destination without fuss. However, these can also cause distraction when driving, which is dangerous. Considering both sides of the picture, technology experts introduced mobile phone holders. These small yet functional gadgets provide you with a hands-free experience to help you focus on the road ahead. Thus, investing in one is a good decision.  

Benefits of using cell phone holders for the car 

How many times did you have to answer an urgent call when you’re driving? Not only this is dangerous but illegal too. The good news is, you can count on a mobile phone holder. This is a functional device mounted in the car to securely hold the phoneThis device is positioned in front of the driver without interrupting their view. And since most mobile phones come with voice recognition feature, they can be operated with voice commandAnd that means less distraction when driving. Let’s discover below some of the reasons why a phone holder is an amazing investment.  

Easy GPS for navigation 

City roads become complex day by day with the ever-growing infrastructures. Hence, having a virtual guide is important to reach your destination on time. This is where a mobile stand for car comes in handywhich is particularly important for taxi driversAnd that’s because thehave to keep track of their journey. It becomes smooth and easy to find any destination when the GPS is mounted conveniently right in front of the driver. What’s more, it prevents distraction, which is the leading cause of road accidents.  

Enjoy distraction-free driving 

According to statistics, at least 90% of road accidents are a result of distraction. Often, the major cause behind it is the cell phone. Driving demands full attention on the road since even a small mistake can lead to a bad consequence. You might end up getting fined or sentenced to prison due to serious physical damage or death. The good news is, a mobile phone holder can significantly solve this issue. All you need to do is install into the AC vent or anywhere on the dashboard and let it hold the phone for you so you can focus on the road ahead. 

Easy-in mobile phone charging 

Despite the amazing capabilities of modern mobile phones, they come with an unacceptable trade-off—a limited battery time. With the aggressive use of Bluetooth or GPS, the phone battery dies in the blink of an eye. But charging the phone in the car is quite annoying, isn’t it? That’s becausit sometimes slips out of our hands and gets stuck down or on the side of the passenger seat. Good thing, a mobile phone holder can help you keep it in place and easy to operate while charging.  

The look and feel of a universal car holder

There are different types of phone holders for cars available in the market. However, the best car phone holder is the one that fits your mobile phone well, keeps the charging port free, and matches the interior of your vehicle. If you own a high-end car, a cheap mount will spoil its overall look. Thus, go for one that offers both aesthetics and functionality. Getting the best of both worlds is the key to enjoy your purchase and your road trip. We recommend you take your time when shopping online to find the one that ticks all the right boxes.  

Tips on how to buy Phone Holders online in the UAE

Drivers today are said to be more vulnerable to accidents as compared to those who do not use a mobile while driving. Fortunately, cell phone holders are here to the rescue. They come in a wide array of variations. You can find them in different mounting styles, sizes, colours, shapes, and features. Combine all these factors altogether, and you will have a dilemma when it comes to making the final choice. Whether you are searching for the latest phone holders or the most affordable oneshere are some of the practical tips that you can use to guarantee a happy shopping experience.  

  • The mounting style  Phone holders come in different mounting styles, including magnetic mounts, CD slot mount, universal windshieldand dashboard mount. Decide where you want to keep your mobile and choose a mount accordingly.  
  • The brand  Brands are in high competition when it comes to upgrading the interior or exterior of cars. And this makes it overwhelming to decide on which product to purchase. In this case, go for one that caters to your needs and budget as well as manufactured by a reputable brand.   
  • The price  Luckily, these essential car accessories are not so expensive. However, if you are looking for something high-end from a renowned brand, then expect that you’ll have to shell out a bit for it. In this case, we recommend you prepare a budget beforehand and stick to it to avoid overspending.   
  • Product features  There are many other important aspects to consider when buying a phone holderThese include the gripping ability and the overall style of the mount. Pick one made of high-quality material to ensure it will stand the test of time. It will also help you maintain the look and feel of your car. 

Here on, you can find over 500 brands and online shops offering car phone holders in Dubai at amazing pricesAnd the best part is, you can enjoy a smooth shopping experience. This product search engine is superfast and boasts of a clean interface. Thus, you will be able to find the phone holder you are looking for in no time at the best deal. So, browse the gazillions of options that await you here today!  

Question & Answer

Can you use a phone holder in the car?

Yes, you can use phone holders in the car. Universal car mounts can be attached to any part of the dashboard and hold any size and type of mobile phone. If you want something exclusive and specific, then go for a mobile holder specially designed for your phone model. Based on the style of the mounting, you can adjust the phone holder on the windshield, dashboard, vents, cup holder, or sometimes, on the rear-view mirror.  

How to remove a phone holder?

This depends on the type of holder. There are different types of mobile phone holders available in the market. They vary when it comes to style and mechanicsthus, require different methods of installationOnce you receive your order, refer to the manual to know the step-by-step process of mounting and unmounting the device from your car.  

What's the best magnetic phone holder?

Magnetic mobile phone holders have many benefits, including optimum magnetic strength. They also offer several mounting options and a high level of compatibility with most models of cars and smartphones. Some of the bestselling magnetic phone holders today include WizGear Magnetic Car Mount, BesTrix Magnetic Car Mount, Mpow Magnetic Car Mount, Maxboost Car Mount, and TechMatte Magnetic Car Mount Holder. 

Where to buy a phone holder for the car?

You can find here on the most trusted brands and online stores offering premium-quality electronic accessories and gadgets to make your road trip fun, convenient, and safe. Amongst the leading brands you can count on include Lottie, KoomusKenuSpigenand KuelAnd when it comes to online stores, some of the best ones include Jumbo, MenakartMicroless, Virgin Megastore, and many more.   

Remember, using your phone while driving is dangerous for you, your passengers, and other road users. A small investment can help you prevent any mishap that can cost lives and your property. So, buy a high-quality phone holder here on today!