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Mobile phones have now become an indispensable part of our lives. However, there are law restrictions when it comes to using them while driving. The good news is, Bluetooth car kits make talking on the mobile phone easy-breezy w ithou t causing distraction.

So, is it imperative to have these electronic gadgets? Well, yes! Bluetooth car kits are a smart investment, as they let you perform multiple functions at the same time. For instance, busy businessmen who cannot afford to miss a single call can readily connect these to mobile phones. Some models even allow you to connect to two phones simultaneously. Besides, some devices are smart enough to show you the caller details on the LCD screen. Above all, they ensure your safety while driving. Thus, these handsfree car kits are a must-have. However, picking the perfect one isn’t an easy thing to do. That’s why it is important to determine your needs and have knowledge about the one you intend to purchase.

Different types of Bluetooth handsfree car kit

Bluetooth car kits have recently changed the face of mobile phone communication for drivers. The hands-free method of transmitting and receiving data over short distances has substantial benefits. This is one of the primary reasons why you can find several car kits these days. From Bluetooth car kits with jumpers to handsfree, there is a whole lot of kits to explore when shopping online. On the one hand, their varieties are a boon to customers, as they have several options to choose from. It’s a bane, on the other hand, because choosing the right one is a daunting task. However, this need not be the case if you are familiar with these devices and their specs. We’ve listed out below a few such car kits that will provide you with an outstanding experience while driving.

The handsfree wireless Bluetooth car kit headsets

If you want to keep talking on the phone even after you’re out of the car, then this type of Bluetooth is the best choice for you. The models from Plantronics are by far the best option. That’s because they come with many functionalities ideal for car handsfree calling. These include four microphones for maximum call quality, noise & wind reduction, and the ability to pair multiple phones. Besides these, they offer you superior comfort and enables you to talk for up to seven hours between charges. Some models even come with nine hours of standby mode. All in all, this type of hands-free device is one of the best Bluetooth car kits in town.

The two-microphone car kit for mobile phone

Do you like your current car audio head unit? Or do you wish it was Bluetooth–enabled? Well, Taotronics brings you an affordable solution. Thus, you no longer have to buy a new headset to give yourself hands-free music and phone experience. A two-microphone car kit allows you to simply plug into the jack on your car audio unit. Once you do that, you can sync it to one or two devices. The device uses a dual-microphone system while you’re talking on the phone. Apart from that, the product comes with good noise-cancellation technology that provides you with unambiguous communication. Not to mention, it is compatible with several Bluetooth–enabled devices. You can even activate SIRI on some models with just a simple click.

The combination of Bluetooth car kits

You’ll find several types of Bluetooth kits that facilitate only hands-free calling or music streaming. However, there are car kit sets that combine both of these functionalities. You can quickly hook them into your car stereo via an auxiliary cable or with an FM broadcaster. Both of them are capable of streaming music and performing hands-free calls. But how do they work? Well, when you’re using the music streaming functionality, the device will typically mute the music when you receive a call. Additionally, the hardware and wires of these devices boast seamless and high-quality construction. To make a long story short, these smart gadgets are one of the best and closest approximations that you’ll get to a real Bluetooth unit.

The mounted speakerphone car kit for portable CD player

Many people prefer speakers over headsets. Well, this device is a smart solution for them. Bluetooth speakers perform the same job as headphones. However, the speakers are more effortless to use when you’re driving. You usually mount them on the dash or the sun visor of your car. After pairing them with your Bluetooth–enabled mobile phone, you can receive calls and talk without touching your phone. In addition to this, some models come with car stereo integration, which is an added advantage while listening to music. However, like every other product, they too have their fair share of demerits. And one of their major drawbacks is that they aren’t capable of muting the stereo when you receive a call.

Tips on how to buy Car Kits online

As per the statistic provided by Statista, over 3.1 million drivers use their phones while driving. This figure is expected. However, the more disturbing fact is that there are over 70,000 crashes caused by drivers who are distracted by their cell phones. Based on this data, you will realise that handsfree car kits are imperative for your safety and your fellow riders too. We’ve compiled below a few tips and tricks to help you get the best hands-free car kit easily. Let’s check them out.

  • Explore their types  – Handsfree car kits come in different types. You’ll find hardwired devices, speakerphones, FM transmitters, and headsets. Therefore, it would be great to explore the specs of each model and then head out to pick one. Also, make sure that the one you choose best suits your requirements.
  • Check the call quality  – There is nothing worse than having a poor-quality call. You need to have good-quality signals when talking on the phone to the other person. And for that, the placement of the microphone is crucial. With hardwired devices, you can place the microphone anywhere you want, but it should be close to your mouth. Read reviews to know more about the call quality of the car kit you intend to buy.
  • Consider the versatility – Make sure that you can use the product as often as possible. Hence, look for Bluetooth car kit models that are compatible with many devices. Nowadays, technology changes rapidly, and therefore, it is imperative to stay on top of the trend and get a versatile model for yourself.
  • Connectivity matters – You might probably be thinking that all Bluetooth car kits work in the same way. Well, that’s not true. Some models connect with only a single unit at a given time, while others can connect to many devices. This might not feel like a big deal for you, but this will undoubtedly affect your driving. Therefore, consider the connectivity and choose wisely.
  • Go for good handsfree design – We all know that functionality is essential when it comes to Bluetooth car kits. But did you know that design matters too? The primary purpose of the hands-free device is to offer the best communication experience without the risk of distraction. Well, there are many ways in which manufacturers have achieved that. One way is through magnetic docking systems.

Using a hands-free car kit is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Talking on the phone while driving is a dangerous practice. However, the right car kits eliminate this danger by allowing you to use the phone without using your hands and taking your eyes off the roadway. One of the greatest things about these devices is that you can use them in any car. However, you still need to choose wisely. We hope the above tips would steer you in the right direction when you set out to buy a car kit online in Dubai.

Question & Answer

Why you should buy a car kit?

Bluetooth car kits are valuable devices for anyone who frequently drives but cannot afford to miss out on a single call. One of the reasons why using these kits are important is because they keep you and your fellow passengers safe while driving. Talking on the phone or listening to music handsfree keeps any distraction at bay. Also, these smart devices connect to your gadgets and play music without any hassle. To learn about more benefits, you can read the user manual as well as online sources.

How to set up a car kit?

Thankfully, most car kits that you find today have a simple installation process. Many of them come with plug-and-play setups. Thus, all you have to do is connect them to your car stereo or phone to play. However, remember that various models come with different connectivity setups. For instance, some models use 3.5 mm audio cables that connect to your car’s audio system. Meanwhile, others have small metal additions that help you connect the devices without the jack. Always refer to the manual to ensure proper installation.

Which car kit is the best?

The quality of the product is a crucial factor. Be it electronic s or something else, you need to pick one that has high-quality and superb performance. Similarly, for car kits, you need to choose the best amongst the lot. Brands like Nulaxy, Iclever, Himbox, Go Groove, Flexsmart, Mpow, Promate, Merlin, and Taotronics bring you a massive collection of the latest car kits. All the models from these brands are known for their ergonomic design and superior quality.

Where to buy a car kit?

It’s important to find a trustworthy platform where you can buy high-quality car kits. Well, you are in the right place. is a superfast product search engine featuring a vast selection of the latest car kits from over 500 online stores. From a car kit with jumper cables to a car kit for sale, you can get them all from famous online stores the world trust to invest in. However, always review shortlisted products carefully before adding them to the cart.

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