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About Turntables

You can buy a turntable to hype up a vintage corner in your home or it could also be a gift option for someone who is a music fanatic. There can be so many other reasons to buy this music product, but before you hit the buy button, do not forget to research a bit. You may find some new features added to make the product compatible with today’s needs. So, spend ample time and find the best out of all.  

You need a turntable to play vinyl records that contain your favourite tracks. Even though the world got bitten by the digital bug,  turntables still remain as music lovers’ fantasy. Vinyl records were earlier played on gramophones until the invention of turntables in 1930 took the audio & Hi-Fi industry by storm. There is something about watching the vinyl records spin, which is why this fascinating device still stands on its toe to this day. The massive base ready to spin, and a flexible arm ready to groove to the music of your favourite track is enough to fill the room with soothing melodies.  

The components and functions of a vinyl record player 

The best turntable consists of a base, a platter, an arm, and a cartridge. The primary function of the base component is to make the whole system running by holding the motor on which the platter and the vinyl record spins. The platter component is responsible for delivering a constant speed of 45 RPM to the vinyl record. There is also a mat on the top of the platter component, which helps it to stay put. The arm of the turntable remains at a perfect angle to move smoothly around the vinyl record and is flexible enough to move in and out. Meanwhile, the cartridge, which consists of a diamond-shaped stylus, transmits the grooves of the vinyl record into sound waves. Sound waves are then transferred to the turntable amplifier and speakers to deliver the desired vocal output. 

Vinyl record player coupled with perfectly placed speakers 

Your speakers might be powerful with awesome sound quality, but the real deal is where you place them. Before anything else, ensure that your turntable has a firm and flat surface to rest on, and it is not on the same surface as the speakers. Also, it is crucial to isolate it from any electrical noises such as wireless transmitters. To find out an ideal placement for the speakers, start from the place where you usually sit and make sure the speakers are at a 60-degree angle from there. As a rule of thumb, one speaker must be 4 feet away from the other. The height of the tweeters (small drivers on the speakers) must also be the same level as your ears. By considering the abovementioned factors, you can ensure that a turntable with speakers produces perfect sound quality. 

Let’s review the best retro record player of all time 

The suitcase-style shell of Crosley’s brand still brightens up the room with its aesthetical look. Not just that, the newly added engineering makes the product the best turntable. Starting with the most amazing features – Well, it has got dial-in record’s speed with pitch control adjustments. And, it easily synchronises with Bluetooth connections to stream digital music through built-in speakers. Other noteworthy features are – belt-driven mechanism, plays three speeds, headphone jack, RCA audio out, and 6” full-range speakers. You can definitely go for this product if you are beginning your vinyl adventure as the looks urge you to explore more and advanced features will not want you to switch to digital alternatives. 

Professional adaptation: What turntables do DJ’s use? 

Disc jockeys create rhythmic sounds in between the track records. Those sounds come through a technique of scratching when the DJ moves his fingers back and forth. You cannot scratch any vinyl drive or more specifically, any turntable. Among the two categories of a vinyl record player, direct drive is the one for DJs because the motor resides directly under the platter, which delivers consistent speed. Also, turntables have higher torque; thus, making it easier to create unique sound effects due to spinning vinyl records. If you are wondering which brands produce the best DJ turntables, they are none other than Technic and Pioneer. However, the Technic SL series are the most notable ones. Here, S stands for Stereo while L stands for Player.

Meet one of the best retro record players of all time 

The suitcase-style shell of Crosley’s brand still brightens up the room with its aesthetical look. Not just that, the newly added engineering makes the product the best turntable in history. Well, it features a dial-in record’s speed with pitch control adjustments. And, it easily synchronises with Bluetooth connections to stream digital music through built-in speakers. Its other noteworthy features that will amaze you are a belt-driven mechanism, three-speed playing capacity, headphone jack, RCA audio out, and 6” full-range speakers. You can definitely go for this product if you are just beginning your vinyl adventure. Check out our retail search engine to explore the products.  

Tips on how to buy Turntables online

Factors such as budget, space, and technical know-how are important to consider when searching for the perfect turntable. The good news is, a few small details can make even a cheap turntable stand the test of time. However, ending up with a high-end version of a turntable with speakers on the one hand and old records on the other is not the situation you want to be in because they are not compatible. Read the pointers below to discover how to prevent such a situation.

  • The budget vs your purpose – As a buyer, your objective in using the product can reasonably revise your budget. An entry-level turntable is enough for someone who has started up listening to vinyl records as a hobby. However, with professional DJ turntables, you need to be flexible with budget constraints. Keep in mind that you buy a turntable either with a cartridge or leave a room to buy one.
  • Direct-drive vs belt-drive – These are two different turntable categories having different looks yet similar vocal output. However, if you are a professional DJ, only a direct-drive turntable would work for you. From the price end, belt-driven turntables are less expensive. Considering usage, each of them is equally sufficient and satisfactory.
  • Go for the required equipment support – We recommend you pay only for the extra specifications that you need. Do you have an amplifier at home? Then find a turntable without an in-built amplifier to cut down the price. Do you need a USB port to digitize your record later? If yes, then pay for this extra feature.
  • Manual or automatic turntables – Manual or automatic pertains to the function of putting the needle onto the vinyl record safely without damaging it. The automated technique works with a push of a button, while the manual method works only when you place it. The difference lies in the budget, wherein automatic players are a little expensive. Mid to high-end turntables are mostly manual.
  • Digitization of analogue records: Do you have any plans to transfer your favourite music to CD? Then, you need a vinyl record player with an in-built USB port. Buying a separate digital music collection is another solution. Most online sellers offer the MP3 version of records you buy from them. However, DJ turntables bring this feature by default.

Now, you might have already determined the best turntable that suits your needs and requirements. If yes, here are some of the high-tech brands that you can choose from when buying turntable online in Dubai: Vinyl, Crosley, Rega, Clearaudio, Pioneer, Denon, Victrola, Technics, VPI, and Thorens. Get started with your shopping journey here on by exploring the options that await you!

Question & Answer

Are turntables and record players the same?

A turntable is one of the items of a complete record player unit. So, it does not work the same way as a record player. Turntables do not consist of an amplifier and speaker, and more specifically, they cannot work alone. Besides, a record player is a whole package which you purchase, plugin, put on the vinyl record, set the cartridge, and play your favourite records. Turntable, on the other hand, can work if you connect an amplifier, platter, and cartridge to it.

Are turntables supposed to wobble?

If the turntable wobbles, the platter’s defective character can be seen. However, a typical wobble of 0.5mm-1mm is acceptable. As per industry standards, 0 mm variance is categorized as perfect. Beyond that, the turntable is labelled as cheap. If the record player wobbles more, it can affect the voice output as well, in that a thump or rumble can be easily heard. Experts have the scale to measure any defect but, as a new user, you must request assistance.

Are turntables back in style?

Turntables are very much in fashion with a modern look and the latest upgrades. Therefore, till the time DJing through turntables stays in trend, they will remain popular. During the time when turntables were almost dead, they have been revived. Of course, their popularity in the modern era would not have been possible without upgrades, and here we have stylish cartridges, solid tonearms, new techniques in motors, and many more.

Can cheap turntables damage records?

Yes, they can. And this is due to an undersized platter, built-in speakers, and a wrong-sized stylus. A cheap turntable might lack counterweight, which, in turn, can damage the vinyl record hugely due to the imbalanced weight it puts. In the same way, a wrong-sized stylus damages the different sized vinyl records by disturbing the speed. A basic turntable from a good brand, however, may be cheap but not damaging.

Why are turntables so expensive?

The customer base of turntables is pretty small as compared to other digital music devices, such as CDs/stereos/speakers. Also, the manufacturers are relatively on a fewer end, thereby making the price stay still. With additional features, prices often get increased. If you try to look for DJ turntables, they are the most expensive, as they are in demand. Mostly, their price depends on the built-in features and upgraded electronics attached to them.

Let’s get everything straight again. A basic turntable with quality speakers and good looks would be enough to fulfil basic needs. If not, then you must get your hands on some extra specifications such as upgrade facility, USB port, and many more. Explore all of them at our shopping platform and see what makes you hit the buy button.