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  • Merlin Beat Master With Free Gift
    Merlin Beat Master With Free Gift
    AED 695.-
  • Audionic Wireless Rechargeable Speaker Rex 6
    Audionic Wireless Rechargeable Speaker Rex 6
    AED 141.90
  • Apple HomePod Space Gray With Free Gift
    Apple HomePod Space Gray With Free Gift
    AED 1522.86
  • Apple HomePod White With Free Gift
    Apple HomePod White With Free Gift
    AED 1522.86
  • JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Red)
    JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Red)
    AED 199.-
  • JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Black)
    JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Black)
    AED 149.-
  • JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Blue)
    JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Blue)
    AED 199.-
  • JBL Xtreme Bluetooth Active - Red With Free Gift
    JBL Xtreme Bluetooth Active - Red With Free Gift
    AED 899.-
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iconAbout  Speakers

There’s just something magical about firing up a playlist and getting transported to a different world. And the presence of speakers makes the listening experience so rewarding. However, you need high-quality ones to make this possible. 

Before we explore more about this nimble electronic device, let’s first take a sneak peek at its history. Well, it all began when Johann Philip Reis introduced loudspeakers on his telephone in 1861. And to his amazement, idid reproduce clear sounds. Later in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell patented his first electrical loudspeaker, which was again a part of the telephone. It was in 1915 when Peter L. Jensen and Edwin Pridham developed the very first dynamic loudspeakers. But it was finally in 1924 when Chester W Rice and Edward W. Kellogg came up with the moving coil principle. It is still used in loudspeakers today. 

Listen to crisp sound with these types of speakers  

At this point, everyone has a pretty good idea of what speakers are. But the question is, where are you going to use these audio & Hi-Fi products? Are you going to sit in the living room? Or do you want some sound system in the den or outdoors? Do you want a speaker for listening to music or watching movies? As you can see, speakers have multiple applicationsBefore shopping onlineask yourself where you want to use them. Once you have an answer to thisyou can then determine the one that will suit your needs. Let’s check out below the various types you can select from.   

Wireless Bluetooth speakers  

Indeed, these offer the most convenient way of listening to music. Why? Because they are portable enough to be used both indoors and outdoors. Besides, they easily connect to your phone or stereo receiver to produce high-quality sound. Also, there are tailgating-style speakers that you can take to a sporting event or for camping in the wild. Thus, these powerful pocket-sized wireless small Bluetooth speakers are great for travel. The controls on them usually consist of the on/off switch, a pairing button, volume controls, and an indicator. With such user-friendly features, every penny spent on them is worth it.  

Surround sound speakers 

Having your home theatre has its perks. However, keep in mind that sound quality is crucial to create a theatrical experience. Hence, consider investing in an excellent home theatre speaker system. A surround sound loudspeaker is an integral part of any home theatre system. There are two types5.1 and 7.1. Without getting too technical, here are the basics. The standard speaker system has left, right and centre speaker. That isthree speakers of such system face the viewer. Meanwhile, the surround sound system adds two more channels behind the viewer. So, there are five speakers and a subwoofer. This creates a 360-degree sound environment. A 7.1 system is just like 5.1, but it distinguishes the rear and side audio into four speakers. 

Outdoor speakers 

Imagine an evening dinner with your family out in the garden with some nice music in the background. A piece of heavenisnt it? But often, the weather may play a spoilsport in your magical experience. Well, weatherproof audio devices are your saviour in such scenarios. Some are even designed to hide in your yard as rocks. You can buy them as a system or as a single speaker. This depends on what you want. Few of these also come with a subwoofer, as well as several midrange and tweeters. This helps you cover your entire yard or patios. Outdoor loudspeaker boxes are designed to withstand heat and humidity, as well as UV rays. Plus, the wires of the speakers are plugged into the speaker inside a weather-resistant enclosure.  

Floor-standing speakers  

A keystone is an exciting way of describing anything. But when it comes to speaker types, floor-standing loudspeakers truly define it. These are considered as the foundation of any home theatre speaker system. At about 4ft tall, they are usually visible anywhere in the room. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure proper placement. They come in a myriad of configurations and offer a wide range of sounds specifications too. So, choose according to your requirementsFloor-standing loudspeakers come with a tweeter, mid-range, and a woofer. Some of their models also come with a subwoofer to provide mix or full-range sound. Most of these are unpowered and need an amplifier or a receiver. 

Five factors to consider before buying Speakers online

Speakers determine the overall sound quality of your sound system. So, it is a must to research and spend time exploring the different models available in the market However, take note that a good set of audio device alone would not guarantee favourable results. Therefore, we will guide you in choosing your audio device wisely.  

  • Sound quality – Just like with art, wineor food, sound quality is a very personal judgement. Everyone has a different preference. What sounds fantastic to one may make someone else cringe. There is no ‘best-ever’ speaker out there. When buying speakerswe advise you listen to the music on several models. Don’t rush and take your time assessing the speaker. 
  • Consider the type – There are diverse speakers out there. JBL and Bosch are some of the most sought-after brands amongst music lovers. They offer an array of speaker types including wired, wireless, floor-standing, and wall-mounted. Ultimately, the choice should be based on your personal preference and the space you are going to place these audio devices on. 
  • Match the right components – Typically, speakers must be paired with a receiver or an amplifier to achieve the best results. That way, these audio devices can deliver the right power. For example, you may need a range of 30-100W output power to operate a speaker well. Stick to the same brands of these audio devices for performance reasons. 
  • Optimise the system – After bringing home your speaker, take your time installing, connectingand placing it correctly. This ensures absolute performance. For example, some speakers sound best when you put them near or up against the wall. Meanwhile, some do well when given more space. Therefore, a little patience when placing these audio devices will pay off in the long run. 
  • Consider the rooms and acoustics – Not all kinds of speakers are going to sound fantastic in a certain area. For example, smaller loudspeakers may work well for bedrooms but can sound pale or meek when you place them in a large hall or family room. Generally, bigger loudspeakers are ideal for bigger spaces. Moreover, they offer higher decibel levels. But be sure to check the watt output.  

We hope we have cleared the clouds of doubt in your mind regarding loudspeakers. It doesn’t matter if you are an audiophile or a casual listener. You always need to pamper your ears with good quality sound. That is why high-end audio devices are imperative. So, we recommend you shortlist a few speakers based on your preferences and specifications. Where else to start your shopping journey than here on Shops.ae?  

Question & Answer

Are speakers input or output?

Speakers have a peculiar and user-friendly design. But, regardless of their design, the sole purpose of these audio devices is to produce audio output that listeners can hear without any hindrance. Usually, the input to the speaker is from an external device such as a computer or an audio receiver. So basically, you can define it as a transducer that converts electromagnetic waves into audible sound waves. 

Are speakers better than headphones?

There has always been a conflicting idea concerning speakers and headphones. Some people swear by headphones while some just cannot live without a set of good loudspeakers. But, either way, some things are missing out on each side. One of the most significant differences between them is the fact that headphones are just limited to your ears. On the other hand, the sound of speakers can be heard loudly in a certain spot. Of course, headphones are portable and fabulous when you need privacy. Whether you go for speakers or headphones, come in for a comparison using the same song. You’ll then know how better each of them is for different occasions. 

What speakers do cinemas use?

The speakers in a movie theatre play an ultimate role in offering a magical experience to viewers. Usually, the surround sound systems are set up with a series of speakers, each positioned at specific locations. Several brands offer these surround sound speakers. However, you need to make the right choice to get something that offers excellent sound quality. The speakers must also be precisely positioned in such a way that follows the seating arrangements in the cinema. 

Which speakers work with Google Home?

Though Google may have been late to the smart speaker party, it is now catching up. Sonos One is one of the best portable loudspeakers that connects to Google Home. Riva Concert is also a ‘best do-it-all’ small speaker. Apart from these, JBL Link, Sonos Beam, and Google Home Mini are all speakers that not only work with Google Home but with Alexa too. 

Which speakers are best for a car?

When it comes to your car stereo, do not neglect car speakersThese components are essential as they produce rich and crisp music. However, it is imperative to get them from high-end brands to improve your listening experience. The creations of JBL, Genesis, Kenwood, Aiptek, AOC, Audio-Technica, Dell, and Acer are amongst the best ones in the market. 

Looking for the best speaker in town? Shops.ae is a superfastproduct search enginewhere you can buy speakers for sale in Dubai from various online stores. These include Jumbo, Menakart, Lifestyle, and MicrolessWhat’s more, you can find here speakers from top-class brands like Bose, Anker, Harman Kardon, Beats, Kef, Edifier, Devialet, B&O, and Logitech. 


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