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Merlin Muze Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Merlin Muze Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
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iSonic 50W 12-inch Trolley Speaker-(iS481)
iSonic 50W 12-inch Trolley Speaker-(iS481)
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JVC Battery Powered Trolley Speaker With Wireless Mic In The Box - XSN518PB
JVC Battery Powered Trolley Speaker With Wireless Mic In The Box - XSN518PB
JVC Battery Powered Trolley Speaker With Wireless Mic In The Box - XSN518PB Power to the party :K...


Sonashi 12" Rechargeable Trolley Speaker (SPS-7812RT)
Sonashi 12" Rechargeable Trolley Speaker (SPS-7812RT)
12" Recharegable Trolley Woofer Speaker / Piezo Tweeter / Mic Volume/Echo/Bass/Tweeter Control / ...



About Portable Speaker

portable speaker is the best companion for someone who loves music. Gone are the days when you needed to rely on bulky, immovable variants. With the portable kind, music is more accessible. Sound tripping also becomes a much better experience. 

Today, we have a large variety of choices in electronics when it comes to electronic gadgets. There are several amazing brands worldwide that are dedicated purely to electronics. Thus, you can get so many features in a single device. Think about a portable speaker with a Bluetooth-powered music system, mic, and headphones. Wouldn’t it be the best thing ever? Well, this type of portable speaker is no longer a myth. And the great thing is, you can easily find it in online stores. We will unveil everything you need to know about a portable speaker. So, read on.  

Different types of portable speakers to make your parties fun 

Some of the best portable speakers have been available online since quite some time now. You may have probably heard about them. Or, you may also be owning one at this very moment. For those who don’t, you’re in luck. The market today is filled with some fantastic options that are sure to make your parties, outings, and picnics so much entertaining! The fact that these are affordable means that even students can own them. However, of course, it’s imperative to choose the one that suits your preferences. Let’s take a look at some of the options you can consider when shopping online today.  

Portable bluetooth speakers for the car 

The two popular types of Bluetooth car speakers generally include audio speakers and Bluetooth speakers. These are usually for hands–free calling. Both of them are great options and vary in terms of price and comfort of usage. The wireless one, of course, is pricier. However, it helps you drive without any distractions. Most wireless options feature voice commands, making them even better when it comes to changing the music, connecting or ending a call, and more. They are also compact and can be charged while being used. 

Portable wireless speakers for travelling 

Travelling alone can be boring. So, why not bring along your portable speaker to make it enjoyable? Whether it is a solo road trip or a long car drive to your destination with friends, a speaker makes it so much better. Today, you can buy various types of travelling speakers. These have a longer battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, and are space–efficient too. They are fantastic for overnight travels, trekking, picnic, and so on. What’s more, these speakers are sturdy and durable. When shopping for one online, you also need to consider secure connectivity options.  

Outdoor speakers 

These are great to use when you’re in the pool or at the gym. Outdoor speakers have a richer bass and a higher volume quality. However, go for one that is waterproof and dustproof to ensure that it will stand the test of time. You can also find speakers in a variety of designs, colours, and prints. Thus, you can get something that speaks for your personality. What’s more, don’t forget to check the range of music streaming. The better ones are generally 20 to 30 feet and have long battery life. Go for the best brands when shopping online to ensure that you are investing in the right one.  

Shower speaker 

Your singing sessions in the bathroom will never be the same again with shower speakers. When shopping for one online, go for something that is waterproof, small, and compact but high on power. Apart from that, it should have high–frequency audio too. You have a massive range of shower speakers to choose from today. They can be tied or installed in your bath area, depending on your choice of size. They are also Bluetooth-friendly, making them super convenient to use. Voice functioning is also an added feature which takes the functionality of the shower speaker to the next level.  

Tips on how to buy Portable Speaker

A portable speaker is a much-needed gadget. It is great when listening to music at home, while travelling, or just when you have friends over. Get a basic one to start with if you’re not very sure. Later on, you’ll understand why some people can’t do without it. With so many options today, you can pick the one that suits your taste and budget. However, there are some essential tips that make buying speakers all the better. Here are some to get you started on your shopping journey.

  • Waterresistant – Going for something that can withstand the water is never a bad idea. This is true whether you are using the speaker indoors or outdoors. So, we recommend you invest in a water-resistant speaker to ensure its durability.
  • Bluetooth connectivity – How else are you going to play your incredible playlist if it is not Bluetooth–compatible? Whichever phone you own, make sure you have an easy way to connect it to it. But don’t go for corded options, as they are obsolete and inconvenient.
  • Set a budget and stick to it – Speakers can cost you the sky, depending on their features and brand. So, it is best to define a budget and stick to it. Make sure the speaker ticks most of the boxes and determine which factors are okay to be left out.
  • Research or speak to someone – The market today is full of amazing choices. You first need to research online about the budget, features, and brand and then come to a conclusion. If you have a music lover friend, getting personal recommendations of the top portable speakers are good too. 
  • Durability is vital – The speaker should be able to sustain some rough handling, especially if you will use it outdoors. So, go for the rugged one. Meanwhile, for home use, delicate aesthetics are not something you should be looking for. That’s because accidents are a pretty regular thing.
  • Warranty and guarantee – This factor is significant not only for speakers but for any electronics you choose to buy. Opt for something that the store or website can fix for you without additional charges. Top portable speakers generally cover a year or two. If your product is very pricey, then it would be wise to opt for insurance.

You can never go wrong choosing the speaker that best suits your needs and requirements. All you have to do is follow the tips above. However, don’t rush into making a decision. Finding the best portable speaker can take time. So, compare the wide array of options available. Also, check out reviews to narrow down your choices.

Question & Answer

Is it recommended to buy a portable speaker online?

What better way to get the best deals and discounts than shopping online? You can find so much variety, which is often not the case when it comes to physical stores. Plus, you can shop at the comfort of your home and get the item delivered right at your doorsteps. Not to mention, most online stores have friendly policies when it comes to returns, refund, and exchange. Hence, there’s no doubt that shopping online is a great decision when buying a portable speaker.

What is the difference between JBL & Bose portable speakers?

Both Bose and JBL are two of the best brands when it comes to sound–based products. If you consider an example of two of their bestsellers, such as the JBL Charge 4 and Bose SoundLink Revolve+ it’s easy to understand the differences. The former offers 20 Hours of playback and a huge battery of 7,800mAh. Bose, on the other hand, only has a 16-hour playback. While both are water-resistant, Bose is more compact and easier to carry while travelling. JBL however, offers this model in 10 exciting colours and has rubber housing for extra durability. Bose has a 360° immersive sound and comes with a unique Revolve Charging Cradle. So, you never run low on battery.

How should you care for a portable speaker?

Like most electronics, it is no biggie to care for your portable speaker, apart from some basic things. Keep it away from high sunlight and invest in a case too. Plus, make sure that you check its performance every couple of months. Also, use a damp cloth to get rid of dust and dirt. Moreover, though most of them have a waterproof feature, keep them away from the water as much as you can. Not to mention, always charge the speaker entirely before using it. And in case of malfunction, head to the store and don’t try to fix it at home.

Where can you buy portable speakers in Dubai?

Some of the best brands offering portable speakers include Google, Promate, Merlin, JBL, Bose, Harman Kardon, Marshall, Sony, Beolit, Philips, KEF, DOSS, and Oontz. If you want to explore more options, then browse This is a brilliant shopping search engine that will give you a smooth and fun online shopping experience. So, get started today and explore the best audio & Hi-Fi products here!