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Amongst all the available audio formats whose functions are similar, MP3 still remains a big shot. Although MP3 is preferred over others, you should still unveil all the itsy-bitsy details before buying it. Having an understanding of the product makes you list down your needs and filter out the rest. So, explore the different variants, compare them, fix a budget, and buy the best fit.  

MP3 is an audio format just like .doc for the document. If you don’t have Microsoft Office, you can’t open the document. Likewise, to play audio with MP3 format, you need to use an MP3 player. The great thing about this device is that it supports other audio formats too. Its versatility is one of the reasons why it is a must-have. If you are on the lookout for a top-quality MP3 player, then you are in the right place. We will unveil everything you need to know about this amazing device below. Plus, we will also give you practical tips on how to make the right choice. So, read on.  

Which MP3 player is the best? 

Many believe that the one with high-end features is the best MP3 player. Well, that’s a myth. The best player is the one inclusive of features that you require. Amongst the ones you need to look for include enough storage, compression format, resolution, battery usage, and sound display. You can also opt for something that offers audio recording and extraordinary display or backlight. Despite the disparity amongst variants, choosing the best MP3 player is not at all challenging if you know what specs you require. Let’s explore below the MP3 players online you can take a pick from. 

Portable MP3 players 

We have seen those days when people used to carry their boombox everywhere they go. But now, music listeners require a lightweight electronic device that can be brought anywhere. Well, the ideal weight of a portable MP3 player is 150-250 grams. And this mostly depends on the battery and material used. So, opt for something powered by a lithium-ion battery and aluminium material. Not recharging the batteries after complete discharge, and not overcharging them either are also a few tips to consider. So, we recommend you read the product description when shopping online.   

MP3 player with radio 

An MP3 player comes with a built-in radio by default. Now that radio jockeys have come up with some exciting shows to engage the audience, radio listeners are back in the scene. However, what makes radio listening annoying is the interrupted frequencies. The good news is, they can be improved by installing FM reception boosters. Nevertheless, you might face troubles while travelling in hills wherein the signals become weak that even a booster won’t work. The same situation occurs in between tall buildings because signals couldn’t reach to your car’s antenna from a particular station. For that, you must check if your antenna connection is good and if it needs replacement. 

Waterproof MP3 player 

The underwater feature of an MP3 player is not new. However, there has been a huge demand for it recently. If you love taking a dip in a swimming pool, then waterproof MP3 players are your best bet. Besides being called waterproof, these also equally support other athletic activities such as running, playing tennis, and stretching. The great thing about waterproof MP3 players is that they are flexible, bendable, adjustable, and provide ultimate comfort too. And here on our product search engine, you will find them offered in more than 500 online shops.   

Smartphone vs music player MP3 

An MP3 player offers a convenient way to store and listen to your audio files. However, the downside of having an MP3 player and a smartphone separately is that you need to carry two devices at once. In the era of portability and ease functionality, carrying multiple devices could feel cumbersome. But it all depends on your preferences, whether you like to have an all-in-one smartphone or a one-on-one requirement. Buying an MP3 player is not a cakewalk though. We recommend reading a few crucial tips compiled in the next section. 

Tips on how to buy MP3 player online in UAE

Before making a purchase, ask your friends, watch unboxing videos or read reviews online to broaden your perspective. Of course, you can follow some tips to help you get a better idea of what you need. With the below pointers, you would know the questions to ask before making the final choice. Whether you’re on a hunt for an expensive or cheap MP3 player, the following are the things you need to consider.

  • More file support, the better – MP3 players support other file formats too. These include JPEG, AVI, MOV, WMA, and many more. Thus, you can never go wrong with this device’s versatility. Check out product descriptions before buying an MP3 player online to be sure.
  • Different files one device – Along with different file formats, bundled software is another thing, which helps your player encode any file. iTunes and Windows media players are two examples that enable you to play more than just MP3 files. Different devices come with their own bundled software as well.
  • Hard drive or flash memory – How do you like to store your file? Flash memory is lightweight and preserves battery. On the other hand, a hard drive is more advantageous than a flash memory due to its high storage functions. The external hard drive comes in handy with a USB port to function as the MP3 player.
  • The model year for budget constraints – Of course, the product launched recently will be more expensive with upgraded features. However, if you have budget constraints, then you can go for an older product.

The more you know about a product, the more you discover whether it’s the one or not. So, check out the specs of the MP3 player online, which you intend to purchase. A superfast platform such as lets you find the perfect one with its user-friendly interface. What’s more? It boasts millions of product options and over 500 online stores under one roof.

Question & Answer

Can an MP3 player be used without headphones?

The purpose of a portable MP3 player is to enjoy your music in private. However, to accommodate everyone’s needs, external speakers come into the picture. So, the answer is yes, MP3 players are useful without headphones. Not every product is inclusive of this feature. In that case, you can connect your MP3 player with a home stereo, and the loudspeaker will work. This hack, however, is impractical in public.

How do you use an MP3 player in a car?

An MP3 feature in a car means it can read, understand, and play audio files with MP3 format. Available inputs could be CD, USB drive, or a pen drive. You can insert any of it in a given port and listen to your favourite soundtracks. But that’s not a big deal to look out for. You cannot just avoid buying a car because of a missing MP3 player. The solution to this is to have an MP3 decoder, which is readily available. Besides playing MP3 files, modern cars can easily read other audio files as well.

Where to buy the best MP3 player?

Buying any product online is a struggle, which is why it’s important to check out its features and specifications. If you are looking for the best MP3 player, you are in the right place. is an incredible platform where you can find ample product listing, online shops, and leading brands. Among your best picks include Sony, Apple, Samsung, Sandisk, Philips, Muvo, Fiio, Cowon, Agptek, and Ruizu.

What does MP3 stand for?

MP3 stands for MPEG-1 audio layer 3 and MPEG is Moving Pictures Experts Group. “1” stands for the first compression standard by the group. Similarly, “3” in audio layer 3 indicates the third audio codec formulated in MPEG-1. All these functionalities groups together to achieve optimum quality, which stands firm even today. There are upgraded formats, such as MPEG-2 formulated to decode digital video files. Now you know what the device stands for.

MP3 players might be tiny handy products, but their advancement has enabled them to remain in the market for a long. You will know what we are saying when you check out the selection of top MP3 players here on, the perfect Dubai product finder. Plus, you can enjoy amazing deals and discounts on other audio & Hi-Fi products too.