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If you are planning to step your toes into the world of audio & Hi-Fi, then you need to ask yourself this questionhow do I get my audio amplified?. Well, get yourself amplifiers. We will discover more about this amazing device on this page.  

The terms ‘amplifier’ and ‘amplification’ are from the Latin word ‘amplifier’, which means to expand or enlarge. This is exactly what an amplifier does. It is an electronic device used to increase the magnitude of current, power, and voltage. It takes in a weak electric signal and reproduces a similar stronger waveform at the output. The first electronic device that practically amplified the input signals was a vacuum tube. Lee De Forest invented it in the year 1906. Indeed, it does have a peculiar history. But, history aside, amplifiers are now one of the most sought-after items, especially amongst musicians. No matter if you are a musician or not, it is good to know about something that is useful. So, let us give you a sneak peek into this piece of technology.   

Different types of amplifiers and their applications 

Most electronic systems require at least one stage of amplification. Therefore, you can see these amplifiers in almost all devices. They increase the amplitude of the input signals and modulate the output of the power supply. With such simple functionality, they initially had few variations. But now, with the onset of high-tech technology, you will see that there are several types of amps out there in the market. Of course, it is difficult to distinguish between them if you are not a tech head. As a first-time buyer, you probably look into the kind of signal they amplify. You may also classify them based on the function they perform. Let us look at a few of their significant types and understand their applications below. 

Voltage stereo amplifiers  

A voltage amplifier is a straightforward device. It puts out a higher output voltage than the input voltage. It is helpful, particularly when you are forced to work with a set amount of voltage. This is because you commonly use amplifiers to increase the voltage. Thus, the power coming from the circuit increases. This is best for catching and accepting small signals. Boost in an audio signal is a classic example. You can define the voltage amplifier as a form of conventional emitter amplifier. It depends on the transistor. That is, the amplification of the voltage relies on the ratio of resistors. 

Power amplifiers for home speaker 

The purpose of amps is to increase power. In many cases, either the voltage or the current at the output will be less than the input. In such a scenario, power amplifiers help increase the overall voltage or current of the product. This way, the outcome of output voltage and current will be higher. Also, when an AC signal is applied to the amplifier, only a part of it is amplified. Furthermore, you typically classify these power amps depending on the portion of the wave amplified. Class A, B, AB, and C are the major types of power amps. Each of these classes has different specifications depending on their uses. Audio amplifiers are also one of the significant classifications of power amps.  

Current amplifiers for electric guitars 

Current amps are electronic circuits. They increase the magnitude of the input current signal by a fixed multiple. They then feed this signal to the succeeding circuit or device. This procedure is referred to as the current amplification process of an input signal. The input signals can either be a constant signal or a time-varying form. This waveform denotes the magnitude of current concerning time. An ideal current amplifier must remain constant for the entire range of input signals. Moreover, their ‘gain’ must be independent of ambient conditions such as humidity and temperature. The ‘gain’ is the technical term used to rate the amplifying capability of an amplifier.

Tips on how to buy Amplifiers in Dubai

Amplifiers today have a lot of built-in features. Therefore, you need to consider many factors to purchase the best amongst the lot. Focus on your budget and put in extra effort on analysing their specifications. Understanding such small fundamentals will enable you to have an informed buying decision.

  • Get the right amount of power outputs – The power outputs of amplifiers are almost equivalent to how loud you want to pump music out of them. The logic is simple—the bigger the room or speakers, the more power you will need. For example, 10W is loud for average listening, but 100W will surely blow the roof off any party.
  • Consider the effects – Many amps these days have special effects included with the setup. Total harmonic distortion plus the noise indicates the measure of how much influence the amplifiers have on the sound output. Usually, more distortion means more impact on the sound. Some of them can also save configurations. Moreover, many setups come with digital effects that you can utilise.
  • Look out for the signal to noise ratio – Quite often, you still hear noises from outside even when you’re in a quiet room. Well, the goal is to make this noise inaudible. And that means the music has to overpower the noise. This measure is known as the signal to noise ratio. For a better amplifier performance, this needs to be high.
  • Invest wisely – This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing your amplifier. Don’t compromise on your budget. So, check out various models of amplifiers until you find the one that best suits your budget. However, do not compromise quality in a buzz to save some bucks.
  • Consider the types – There are many types and models of amplifiers. Each one has its own merits and demerits. Moreover, each of them has different features and functions. Therefore, always consider the occasion you are using these amplifiers for. Analyse their specifications and purchase the ones that best suit you.

An amplifier is designed to work wonders for your entertainment experience. So, it is undoubtedly a must-have. Since you already know the tips on shopping for this device online, grabbing the one that is tailor-made to your needs won’t be difficult anymore. However, be mindful of the amplifier’s intended use to help you decide easily.

Question & Answer

Why are amplifiers so expensive?

The amplifier price varies depending on the device’s type and specifications. A regular amplifier costs much less than the one that comes with a higher configuration. However, we recommend you look under the hood of expensive amps. Most of them will more or less have the same construction as that of the cheaper ones. However, they look better, with the good-looking materials incorporated into their design.

Are tube amplifiers better?

Tube amplifiers are far better than solid-state amplifiers. The tubes are sonically superior in technology, especially for audio. That is because they generally come with a simpler circuit and a smaller number of components. Moreover, these tubes are more linear and require less feedback. Furthermore, they feature superior dynamic capabilities. The higher working voltages present in the tube amplifiers typically allow wider voltage swings. What’s more, they offer better signal headroom.

How do amplifiers work with speakers?

We often hear how an amplifier is a good match for the speakers. Well, in the case of loudspeakers, a power amplifier is used. However, the signal must be large enough to power a speaker. Although the amps look like a mysterious black box, the basic operating principles are simple. An amplifier receives an input signal from the source such as a CD/DVD/media player and creates an enlarged replica of the original smaller signal. Also, adding a potentiometer helps you control the volume.

Where are amplifiers used?

There are many different types of amplifiers. Each of them comes with different specifications and configurations. Hence, their uses are also different. For example, there are amplifiers used in loudspeakers for amplifying the sound. There are video amplifiers that magnify the video signals. Their types are endless, and hence, are their uses too. Thus, it is important to determine what you need when shopping online.

Where to buy a used amplifier in Dubai?

Amplifiers are essential if you are an audiophile. Also, it is imperative to get higher quality ones for better performance. However, some high-quality amps may cost you more than any other electronic device. But, with second-hand markets out there, you can buy amps at much lower rates. There are many stores and online platforms that sell used amps. Though such purchases can save you some bucks, they never guarantee the quality of the product and its lifespan.  So, it is best to stick to amplifiers that are brand new, if you want better performance.

The best part is that you can find them all here on our product search engine at great prices and deals.

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