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About Remote Controls

living room coffee table doesn’t have just one, but an arsenal of remote controls. There’s one for the cable box, the TV, the stereo systemand even for the home lighting system. Though often underrated, these electronic accessories are truly indispensable. And whether you admit it or not, we know you can’t live without them.  

Nikolai Tesla invented the remote control in the 1800s. He named his fledging system as ‘tele automaton’. Shortly after this breakthrough, Leonardo Torres used wireless telegraph transmitters. It first controlled a tricycle and then an engine-powered boat. Consequently, a few consumer gadgets such as model aeroplanes and garage door openers arrived in the 1930s and 40s. Other related products followed soon. Today, you’ll find remote controls of several types and styles in the marketAre you looking for something specific? We will help you make the right choice that suits your requirements and budget. So, read on.  

Types of remote controls to have in your home 

The remote controller has changed the way we experience convenience. No wonder, it is one of the most essentiadevices in every modern home today. And the best part is, it keeps evolving according to our needs. As a result, you’ll find more than a hundred types of remotes in the market todayFrom the ones that control your AC to the ones that switch your TV and light on, you can have them all. However, that doesn’t mean you have to buy every single type of remote you come acrossThe following are some of the common ones that you can consider investing in.  

Universal remotes  

An excellent entertainment centre set up in the living room is a must for many individuals. But, what good will it do if you have to keep going back and forth to switch on your TV? If you have had enough of such messy and annoying situation, it is time that you get yourself a universal remote controller. Essentially, a universal remote control isn’t any different from other remotes you have at home. But it is considered unique because it is capable enough to store codes for various devices. In other words, it is a simple gizmo that uses infrared light to transmit information to a built-in receiver. The programmable memory in this remote allows it to transmit various codes to communicate with a specific number of gadgets.  

Programmable remote controls  

Learning remotes and pre-programmed remotes are the two main varieties of universal remotes. These programmable remote controls allow you to develop macros. Macros are sequential codes that multitask. So, say you want to watch a movie on a DVD. The macro codes give you the convenience of programming the remote in such a way that switches on your TV, DVD player, and receiverThat’s why it is called a learning remote. However, tprogram this, you need to first set the receiver to the appropriate source and output modes. Then start the DVD in the tray. You can do all this using one single button. Quite cool, isn’t it?  

Smart TV remotes 

Technology has evolved to such an extent that you don’t need to have a specific remote for every device. A single, smart remote is enough to control multiple smart home devices. It is basically the same thing as a universal remote control. The main difference is that the smart remote control is more than just for the TV. It can typically control four to five devices in your home. It does this by including a range of infrared sensors and radios for commanding the TV, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi for connected devices. Smart remotes may also have display screens onboard. The screen adapts depending on which device you are controlling. With such a feature, you can toss out all other remotes and adorn your coffee table with just this one. 

Radio wireless remote control  

Controlling gadgets from far away is fun! This is precisely what a radio remote control does. It is used to control distant objects using a variety of radio signals. So, how does it work? Well, this remote device transmits radio signals. In fact, it follows a complementary method compared to the infrared remote controlsThat’s why a wireless remote control is mainly used in burglar alarms, gate openers, industrial automation systems, and more. However, the most common application of this remote is in burglar alarms in cars and motorcycles. This electronic accessory is expensive but has the farthest control distance. 

Tips on buying the best Remote Control in Dubai

You won’t find a household without remote controls these days. So, it is easy to understand why these are a necessity. Remotes such as universal and programmable help you operate multiple gadgets including TVs, DVD players, and more. But with so many different choices, it is important to keep a few things in mind when buying remote controls onlineLet's check them out below.  

  • Ease of programming – You need to consider this, especially if you are purchasing a universal remote control. In this case, it is imperative to refer to the product description before adding something to cart. Reading customer reviews will also help you make an informed buying decision.  
  • User-friendly – Not everyone is techy. Therefore, for those people, it is better to go for remote controls with fewer options. On the other hand, if you are an electronic junkie, opt for a full option one. This enables you to control all your favourite gadgets from the comfort of your couch. Got poor vision? Then choose remote controls with larger buttons. 
  • Available functions – There are remotes that replace only the remote that came with the device. Those will help you operate only one piece of equipment. Instead, why not look for universal remote controls that will make you toss out all youother remotesYou can never go wrong investing in them due to the convenience factor they offer.  
  • The battery life – It is also essential to enquire about the battery life of the remote control. Although some remotes have a longer life span, most of them don’t. So, it is important to know the period your battery will last. You do not want to buy a remote control that you need to keep changing now and then. 

Undeniably, remote controls bring great convenience to our lives. As a result, their functions and compatibility with other devices keep increasing over time. Remotes these days offer you the comfort of controlling your desired gadgets from afar. You can also control them using your voice, body or even an invisible radio. It won’t be long before you have a single remote to control multiple electronic devices at home. 

Question & Answer

How does a remote controller work?

Remote controls have been around for quite some time now. Today, they work based on two primary technologies: infrared and radio. Infrared technology is dominant in home theatre devices. An IR remote is used to carry signals from the remote to the device controls. It emits pulses of invisible infrared light. Radiofrequency technology works similarly. Instead of using infrared light, it transmits binary codes to a receiver via radio waves. 

What is a TV remote controller?

The first wireless TV remote controller came into being in 1955 when Eugene Polly created “Flash-MaticIt has greatly evolved over the years. And today, this small handheld device works on infrared technology, which helps you control your television from afar. Pushing a button on the remote control enables you to adjust the volume, change the channel, modify the settings, and so much more.  

Can you fix a remote controller?

Electronic devices are bound to have glitches. The common faults in a remote control include buttons not working, corroded battery terminalsand many more. The buttons also become sticky because of the dirt that accumulates in and around them. Well, for every problem, there’s a solution. If you have slight know-how when it comes to electronics, you can try to repair the remote yourself. However, you can always seek the help of a technician. 

What are the top 10 best remote controllers?

Electronic accessories such as remote controls are great as they allow you to control numerous tech devices in just one command. When shopping for them online, there are a few good ones that you can consider. These include Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Logitech Harmony Ultimate Control, Logitech Harmony Home Control Remote, Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone App, Sony RMVZ320 7-Device Universal Remote, Inteset INT-422 4-in-1 Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote, Logitech Harmony 350, RCA RCR503BZ 3-Device Palm-Sized Universal Remote, Philips SRP5107/27 Universal Remote Control, and Samsung Universal Remote Control. You can get them all here on  

Without further ado, browse our shopping search engine texplore an impressive range of remote controls from high-end brands like Targus, Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony, Philips, Logitech, TCL, Toshiba, and Panasonic. More choices await you from over 500 online stores here including Menakart, Jumbo, Virgin Megastore, and many more.