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About Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper borders are materials used in interior decoration. These unique borders are used to decorate the interior walls for domestic and public buildings.  

Wallpaper borders are usually sold in rolls and are applied to walls using select paste and adhesive materials. These borders are either available as plain lining paper (that you can use to cover uneven or torn surfaces on the wall) or repeating patterns to add aesthetic value to your interiors.  Wallpaper printing techniques include gravure printing, surface printing, silk screen printing, digital printing and rotary printing. Unlike wallpapers, the wallpaper borders are used on the edges of walls and doors to better transition from roof to walls.   

Wall borders interior decor ideas.   

From completing your style interior design with an electric touch to your office to wrapping the doorways for sprucing the furniture, the wallpaper borders hold a prominent place. In times like today, when everyone is looking for convenience, economy and class, the wallpapers with adhesive room borders are a preferable choice for most users across the globe. From black wallpaper borders to unique closeout wallpaper borders for kitchen and living rooms, there is a wide range of adhesive printed papers that can help you boost the entire environment in no time. Here are some ways to use a wallpaper trim to add a unique touch to your place.  

On stairways and in bathrooms

Nicely picked wallpaper can be a great way to make a statement through wallpaper borders on your staircase. All you need to do is cut the wallpaper border according to the side of your stair and attach it to each riser. And every time the residents and guests walk the stair, they will be greeted with unique designs. Likewise, the wall border design’s for bathrooms can help you cover the backsplash easily.  Besides, they can add an extra pop of personality and colour to your bathrooms, helping your home stand out. All you need to do is to choose the appropriate material and design. For bathrooms, it better is to pick a breathable material that can resist moisture.

Wallpaper order for children bedrooms

From unicorn wallpaper borders to superpower inspired prints, you can add all the charm to your kid’s den at the best price possible. You can also match these borders with the interior design and furniture in your child’s room. They are an ideal and convenient way to add a pop of colours and design to the room. You can use these borders on the midways on the wall, baseline or ceilings. Using these borders is also a great way to make your kid love creative designs and colours. Here the good idea is to consider their interest or let them pick the designs. It will allow them to explore their creativity.   

Using wallpaper border for kitchen  

Like any other place in your office or home, wallpaper borders for the kitchen is the best decision you can make to enhance the look and feel of your home. With the advancement in wallpaper technology, you can use them to deal with the black splash in the nooks and corners of your kitchen. According to experts, breathable paper can be an ideal option for humid areas like the kitchen. In addition, these papers are versatile yet straightforward, making them a super alternative for people who want to move away from traditional wall paintings and other applications.   

Wallpaper borders for living rooms  

A higher level of creativity is the reason for the popularity of modern wallpaper borders for living rooms. They are also becoming popular because they are easier to apply and can add significant value to the environment. These borders can help you create highlights in specific areas. Plus, you can also replace them after some time without putting in much effort and investment. These borders are versatile and can help you create a variety of flavours. Plus, the variety of online options makes it easier for you to mix and match with the existing interior and paint on your walls.

Tips on how to buy Wallpaper borders for bedrooms online in the UAE  

When buying a self-adhesive wall border for sale online in the UAE, we can find endless sizes, materials, printing and adhesive options. There are dozens of brands selling products on retail search engines online. However, with so many options online, it becomes a hectic task to choose the best wall border wood for your home or office. Here are some points you might need to keep in mind while making the purchase.

  • Brand – Always picks top trusted brands. Either you can ask for peer suggestions or search online and choose top rates brands.
  • Price – Branded products are always a bit expensive, but they are worth buying for their higher quality and subtle finish. Please set a realistic budget for wallpaper borders.
  • Design – The border design matches your wallpaper, wall paint, furniture and other prominent aspects of your room’s interior. Consult an expert for suggestions.
  • Material – Always look for high-quality material that can give you a longer and more refined finish. You can also pick a wallpaper with self-adhesive material as they are easier to apply and remove.
  • Width and length – Decide the width of the paper border you want to install in your room. For length, you need to measure the room walls and buy a little extra piece of paper for emergency use.

For other services like getting customize wallpaper border or for special needs of your home, office or school area, you can consult dedicated professionals online. Luckily there are dozens of brands offering such services and helping you get a wallpaper and the border as per your individual needs or taste. However, to find such professionals, you will need to dig into each brand and choose accordingly carefully.

Question & Answer

Are there wallpaper borders this year?

Yes, wallpapers are still in style this year.  They are a key trend this year. Also, the insatiable demand from consumers doesn’t look like coming to an end any sooner. Also, due to increasing demands, you can find something new every time you visit a retail search engine. At you can find them from traditional floral to contemporary geometric and tropical patterns. These borders are much more than just printed paper; hence you can sophisticatedly add an embellished border to any part of your home without exceeding your budget.

What can I use instead of a wallpaper border?

Although the best and most convenient option is to buy ready to use and self-adhesive wallpapers, some creative people want to try options otherwise. For a simple border design, you can use paint and painter’s tape to create different bold textures on your wall borders. Otherwise, you can use silver and gold leaves to create a glided border for walls. Some consumer also likes using metallic leaf that is available in booklets that contain multiple sheets or rolls.

What is a wallpaper border called?

Wallpaper borders are used in interior decoration to decorate the edges of the wall of both domestic and commercial buildings. These borders are generally sold in rolls and applied onto the edges of walls using different adhesive materials and wallpaper paste. These borders may come in plain lining papers and are ideal for covering uneven surfaces and minor defects on walls. You can find them in texture, random or regular repeating patterns.

Where can I buy wallpaper borders online in the UAE?

Wallpaper borders come in a wide range of materials, patterns, prints, styles, widths and pasting techniques. To find the best suitable option, explore online stores. This is how you can find all the latest variety of wallpaper borders online in the UAE. At, you can also find products based on your budget preferences. In addition, users can use the tool to find cheaper yet high-quality products from top brands like Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Amazon, and Wilkinson.

In the meantime, you can also explore the DIY section on our website to search and buy products from well-known and reliable brands like B & Q, Ikea and Menards.