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Wallpapering has become increasingly common these days. But, if you’re a novice to the world of wallpapers, then you’re probably finding the best ways to manoeuvre through the seemingly endless options. And once you have those perfect rolls in hand, where should you go from there? Once, you’ve set your mind to treat your walls with the wallpapers; then there are a few style questions you need to answer. That said, you should definitely pick vinyl wallpapers! Why? Well, that’s what we’re going to discuss in this article, more precisely ‘this guide’. So read on, and unleash the different aspects of the vinyl wallpapers here!

Vinyl wallpapers are a true classic in the world of wallpapers. They’re like marmite! You’ll either like them or will completely hate them! Hating them is out of the question, as their practical day-to-day advantages are apparent. You can easily wash them. Besides, they’re light-resistant and durable. All this makes them an ideal candidate for the rooms that you frequently use. Vinyl wallpapers, regardless of what style they are, consist of paper or fibre, a backing layer, and a plastic upper coating (PVC/PU). Today, you can find a wide variety of these wallpapers out there on the market. Below, we’ve compiled a few versions of the stickers that you can consider buying.

The various sorts of vinyl wall coverings for your different needs

Today you’ll find several kinds of vinyl wallpaper for wall choices out there. However, regardless of which version you choose, you’re sure to find two major parts in them. It has a base and a vinyl film that’s layered on top. This feature makes the wallpaper sturdy and long-lasting. Now, you can divide the vinyl stickers into four major categories based on the bases. This includes fabric-backed vinyl, paperback/solid sheet, vinyl-coated, and solid vinyl. Each one has a specific purpose and features too. And it’s highly essential to understand if you want to buy vinyl wallpaper online in UAE ‘effortlessly’. That’s said, let’s take a look at a few different types of vinyl wallpapers and their uses.

The personalised wall stickers

We all know that wall surfaces play a crucial role when it concerns the interior décor of a space. It shows your taste or style. That said, one of the best wallpaper to achieve that has to be the personalised or custom vinyl wallpapers. They come with a plethora of advantage. First and foremost is, of course, the resilience. Unlike normal wall paints, you do not need to retouch the surface of personalised vinyl stickers when you want to change them. You can simply peel and stick a new one. But, you certainly need to have the best adhesive for vinyl wallpaper for that. Some other benefits include low cost, creative, and less labour for installing.

The kitchen vinyl wallpaper

Picking out the best wallpaper for a kitchen can be a tricky affair. Vinyl wallpaper is always the best choice. One of the main reasons for that is because it comes with durable and water-resistant materials that you can easily clean. Besides, you can also find varying patterns and designs that work with every single space imaginable. Moreover, you’ll find several affordable cheap kitchen vinyl wallpapers out there on several stores and online shops. Some of the kitchen wall stickers that you can consider investing in includes – Rust Faux Brick, Mosaic wallpaper, fleece wallpaper, craft marble, white sand pattern, and the list goes on.

The heavy-weight vinyl wallpaper

Heavy-weight or embossed vinyl wall stickers are a great pick when you want to perk up a dated or boring room. Besides, it’s also a practical approach, thanks to its ease of installation and affordable rates. Apart from that, these heavy-weight versions offer numerous other excellent benefits over the regular wall paints. The most prominent benefit is the way it hides cracks, holes, or the rough spots on your walls. We all know that many a time, extensive wall repairs aren’t possible or are too pricey to achieve. The embossed wallpaper solves this problem and doesn’t let in moisture that has the potential to worsen the cracks. Above all, the sticker adds depth, space, and interest.

The vinyl wall stickers for green wall

Plants, flowers, and trees give a soothing effect to your eyes. It creates a sense of well-being and draws you close to nature. Indeed, there are several living green wall options, but they might be a costly affair. Well, this vinyl sticker to create the green walls does the trick. It lets you have the effect of nature in your room. Today, you’ll find several types of green vinyl wall stickers that you can install in any of your rooms. You can install them in your kitchen, bedroom, living rooms, and even in your bathroom. However, you need to make sure that the wallpaper style reflects your room décor. It shouldn’t spoil the existing aesthetics of the space.

Tips on how to buy Vinyl Wallpapers online

Picking the perfect vinyl wallpaper for your space poses a unique challenge. Unlike a coat of paint, vinyl wall stickers are a bold design statement that you use to uplift and enhance your interiors. Even though the ‘perfect’ wallpaper comes down to your personal preference, it’s best to consider a few things before you start off your shopping journey online. Here are a few quick tips to help you get through the process of buying the best vinyl wallpapers online in a hassle-free manner.

  • Think about the light in your room – One of the essential things to keep in mind is how much natural light does the room you plan to wallpaper, receive. Whether it’s a sunny room or not, make sure you consider the mood created by the presence or absence of light while picking out your vinyl versions. If your room receives a lot of natural light, then stick to lighter, brighter colours. But, if it’s for a dark space, then incorporate a wallpaper design with some vibrant colour that pops out.
  • Pick the right colours – Colours are an essential aspect when it comes to wallpapering your space. Colours have certain psychological connotations that create a different atmosphere in an area. Before you select your colours, think about the function of the room. Is the room a personal space? Are you sharing it with someone? What do you usually do in the room? For example, if it’s a lounge where you welcome your guests, then go for brighter colours. It creates a lively atmosphere and energy. Alternatively, your room is purely functional, like the kitchen, go for pleasant or calm colours.
  • Check out the height of the room’s ceiling – Many a time, people tend to overlook this when you first assess your room space. The height of the ceiling should be an important factor when you’re selecting your vinyl wallpapers. Low ceilings create the look of a smaller space. Therefore, pick colours of a lighter tone, to create space. However, do not completely rule out the possibility of incorporating the dark tones. Any wallpaper with a dark-toned background and bright foreground brings a lot of space.
  • Pick the coolest patterns – Repeating graphics and patterns are a great way to add some style to your walls. The eye-catching details add a spark to any space. But remember, in a small space, it’s not advisable to have repeating patterns. Multiple walls with such patterns coupled with small space feel claustrophobic. You could choose to install a featured wall instead. Take one surface, add a personal touch to it and see if it matches your style.
  • Consider the wall itself – Another vital consideration is the wall you wish to apply the wallpaper too. Having multiple windows on the walls that you like to put on the stunning vinyl wallpapers onto can create problems. It’s best to choose a plain wall side to install the wallpapers. And if at all you wish to install them on walls with windows, choose an appropriate wallpaper that can properly line or suits the window outlines.
  • Assess the quality – Regardless of what pattern, colour, styles, or material you choose, make sure to buy the best quality versions. Besides, it’s the quality that determines the durability of the wallpaper. Hence make sure you pick the best one. One of the easiest ways to do that is to buy them from well-known brands. Some of the brands that you can buy from include Marvel, Debone, Wall Pop, Barbie, Fun to See, Hot Wheels, Little Prints, RT, Schumacher, Vescom, and Zoffany.
  • Set aside a budget – Generally you can always buy cheap vinyl paper rolls. However, you might also find certain expensive models. That’s why it’s best to set aside a budget before you start your search for that perfect vinyl wallpaper. Besides, fixing a budget, helps you narrow down your options and stick to the ones that fall within your set price range. This makes the buying process a breeze and prevents you from overspending aimlessly.

Yes, the choice of vinyl wallpapers can be overwhelming, considering the numerous options available these days. But, allow yourself to pursue as many options as you can find. Carefully, assess the various factors and weigh the pros and cons of each. We hope the tips above will guide you in the right direction and help you choose the best among the lot.

Question & Answer

When to use vinyl wallpaper?

Vinyl wallpaper is one of the most prevalent wallpaper choices among many. People choose it because of its high durability, versatility, and excellent style options. Being a versatile element, you can use them anywhere anytime. You can use them in your bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and the list goes on. Besides, their vinyl-coated structure ensures that you can put them up at any time or in any seasons.

How to remove vinyl wallpaper?

Removing a vinyl wall sticker a little trickier than the standard wallpaper. This is mainly because the steam you use for standard wallpapers cannot penetrate the vinyl versions. But, fortunately, several vinyl stickers are ‘strippable’. This means all you need to do is to pull away to expose the paper layer and simply remove the paper. But remember, the paper will tear in the opposite direction and pull away in one direction. If you’re having trouble removing the vinyl from the top, try working from the bottom.

Can I paint on vinyl wallpapers?

Long story short – yes! You can paint on them. However, you need to make sure that the wallpaper is still attached to the wall to paint on them. Also, you’ll need to use a primer if you’re painting on the vinyl. Once, you prime the wallpapers; then you can use any kind of paint on top of the wallpapers. You might have to put on multiple coats of emulsion if you have a heavily patterned or dark vinyl wall covering.

Is vinyl wallpaper waterproof?

Yes, the vinyl-coated wallpapers are resistant to water and humidity. Now, this makes them the best vinyl wallpaper for bathrooms. However, it’s still a wise idea to consider ventilation and amount of spillage and splashing that little kiddies may create in your bathrooms. However, with today’s, advanced vinyl sticker options, you need not worry about that too. Besides, many homes today have well-ventilated bathrooms that help the wallpaper to last longer.

Where to buy vinyl wallpaper?

You can buy vinyl wall coverings from both stores and online shops. However, make sure you approach a credible seller or online platform before you start your search. If you’re in such a scenario now, then look no further and check out You’ll surely love everything about our shopping search engine . It not only offers you the convenience of shopping from your favourite online shops sitting at home but also brings you the best products from the world-renowned brands.

When you’re ready to spice up the look of a worn-out, dull room, vinyl wall coverings are your best option. offers hundreds of high-quality textured designs and styles to choose from, all at affordable rates. Visit us today to find the perfect textured wallpaper for your DIY project.

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