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About Wall Tiles

Wall tiles aren't meant to be just for the bathroom and kitchen. But also for spaces throughout your home. Or, in simple ways where the imagination ends! These tiles are easy to clean, durable, and brilliant design adds a modern or rustic touch to your room. Nowadays, people prefer to apply the tiles on the outside of their house walls. So, where you planned to install it? Get an insight knowledge in the next section.  

At the time of upgrading your bathroom and kitchen wall, you get a lot of choices in your DIY task. Thus, efficient, and less expensive ones are the choices. But the quality shouldn't compromise at any cost! Besides, there are numerous options available when it comes to picking one of your taste. From ceramic, mosaic, to hexagonal, and many more. And, the federation bathroom tiles are the latest trend for finishing your house. However, there are several advantages of using it on your new or renovated home. Unlike, the painted walls which collect dust on the surface and can't be clean or wash. But, when you use these tiles, you are sure of washing the surface & cleaning it. Thus, there are more for you unveil before you decide to buy decorative wall tiles for the living room. Have a glimpse!

A brief description of the exterior cladding tiles for inside or outside of your home

Everyone wants to have the best decor for their home, whether exterior or interior. And the exterior wall of the house often gets neglected. Thus, the latest trend, which is surfing on the internet is cladding. And there are many options in it like wood, fibre cement, and PVC. On the one hand, wood is the traditional choice. On the other hand, PVC and fibre are contemporary choices. However, with each of the cladding style, you will get innumerable options. From textures, colours, sizes, finishes, and installation methods. Thus, learn more about the different kinds of these tiles before you seek to buy tiles online in Dubai. And make your shopping experiences exciting and thrilling.

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Apart from organising the right appliances, cabinetry or colour palette. It's the time to think about the backsplash on your kitchen, which plays a pivotal role in your design scheme. Thus, you will get a lot of options in showcasing your design or style in your kitchen room. From varied kinds of tile materials, jaw-dropping patterns, and sophisticated hues. However, the budget often a setback while planning for a renovation or newly constructed. But not all tiles are expensive, some matches your budget. The cheap kitchen wall tiles are the durable one which withstands the heat of the pans in the countertops. And it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

If you think remodelling a bathroom is an easy task, then you are entirely wrong! There are so many things which need to be taken care of along with remodelling. Its design, shape, colour, texture, and many more. But the exciting part of this designing is choosing brilliant materials and colours you are going to spot. So, at the time of renovation, you must have stick to all-white & marble. But you can make it more gripping, especially inside your shower, tub, or wall. With the help of bold & patterned tile or natural tile, both are highly popular in the present time. Thus, the best bathroom wall tiles which match your room decor and give you the desired look.

Ceramic Wall Tiles

There is hardly anyone who never heard of ceramic tiles. It is softer & lighter, which is easy to install and minimise the labour time. However, it is highly durable, coated with glaze has caught many eyeballs. It is not suitable for outdoor use or the areas of light & moderate traffic. Besides, ceramic tiles are compared with porcelain tiles. On the one hand, porcelain tiles are durable, robust, and best for high moisture spaces like our bathroom. In contrast, ceramic tiles are highly resistant to abrasive, easy to clean and maintain. Thus, seek online to buy tiles online in the UAE, to enjoy the excellent finishes from matt, glossy, or semi-glossy.

Tips for buying Wall Tiles online

Did you ever think, what makes wall tiles so out-of-box piece? It comes with excellent design, materials, colour, and size. Besides, it is water-resistant, which is durable & glaze. That can easily give a new look to your exterior, kitchen, and bathroom. Apart from that, in kitchen backsplashes and shower walls, it creates wonder. However, the porcelain & ceramic wall tiles are some of the economic alternatives to natural stone or bare walls. Thus, you get uncountable options while seeking for the best tiles for small bathroom floor. Apart from that, you get options for kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, exterior wall tiles, and lots more. And the materials include stone cladding tiles, ceramic wall tile, cladding tiles. Therefore, what importantly you need is guidelines to scale the products to match your taste. And we tried to aid you in this by listing some of the points. Have a glance!
  • Types- There are different kinds of these tiles from ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. Each differs from one another to become perfect options. The unglazed ceramic wall tiles give a natural look which many people prefer to choose. Besides, Porcelain tiles are the durable and dense version of ceramic. The natural and marble stone cladding tile gives a natural look.
  • Sizes- It is an essential factor to consider while you look for the mosaic bathroom tiles online. It is made up of tiny tiles which range from 5”-2” in one dimension. Besides, it is available in square, circle, and thin strips of tile. However, it is popular in backsplashes and showers. In contrast, square tiles are easier to install and measure than the larger sizes.
  • Styles- While you look for the cheap wall tiles online, you need to aware of its different kinds of styles. From glass, wood-look, stone-look, decorative or patterned, and lots more. The glass styles are available in mosaic tile sheets. On the other hand, wood looks are popular for flooring as well as descent wall tiles. And the patterned floor style has become trending tiles.
  • Shapes- It is the certainly he exciting part as the unique tile shape is getting popular. Some of them are hexagons, fish scales, stars and crosses, penny rounds, diamonds, and subway tiles. The hexagon shapes are perfect for mosaic or abstract design. On the other hand, fish scales are the trending in bathroom wall tiles.
These are the prime factor to consider while you head to shop online. However, the price and installation remain the crucial factor to taken care of. So, with the knowledge gathered so far, implement it on your shopping. Commence your shopping spree along with Shops. ae.  It is the best shopping site with 500+ brands and stores allied with it. And you explore the mind-blowing collection of products with the best deals in the market.

Questions & Answers

Where to buy cheap Tile in Dubai?

There are many options available online nowadays. From different shopping platform, ratings, reviews, and much more. So, it won't be a problem to choose the best & notable shopping browser for your next purchase. Besides, the ratings & reviews are crucial factors to consider while choosing a shopping browser. However, you can select, as your default shopping browser. It is the best online store in Dubai with 500+ stores allied with it. And some of the stores are Newchic and many more. Thus, you scroll through the mind-blowing collection of products with an incredible price tag.

Which are the best Wall Tiles?

Kajaria is the best wall tiles for your home. And it brings the premium wall tiles into perfection. Every tile of Kajaria Ceramics is made with the latest technology, which is robust, durable & easy to maintain. However, its models are available in varied kinds to match with your taste. From ceramic wall tiles to polished & glazed vitrified tiles. These tiles are available in unique sizes and excellent finishes to reflect your personal style. Some of the models of it are available in digital printing technology. Besides, it comes with glossy finishes. And the price varies with the tile sizes & the number of boxes. However, you can check out other popular brands product. And they are Somany, Nitco, Orient bell, and much more.

What is Digital Wall Tiles?

Digital tiles are one of the types of ceramic and vitrify tiles. It creates with high-resolution digital printing & sharper finishes. However, it is available in various colours, textures, and patterns. And you can use it in the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms. Besides, you can use them as floor tiles as well as create amazing wall designs which will attract the guests' attention. However, you will get numerous options while seeking for it online. There are some of the models like digital ceramic tiles which you can choose to install it on residential as well as the commercial sector. Apart from that, you can use it in an indoor area, kitchen area, terrace area, and much more.

What are Glazed Wall Tiles?

Glazed wall tiles are nothing but the coat of enamel or liquid glass which is applied to the ceramic and porcelain tiles. However, in the general term, the glaze is known as shiny or glossy. Besides, it is a substance rather than merely a word. And some of the tiles are glaze which can be matte or glossy finish. There are also other tiles which come in both the finishes like plain white tiles. Besides, it is either available in matte white tiles or glossy white tiles and is glaze. And the thickness of the tile is less dense or thick. To sum up, wall tiles can add charm and stylish design on your room decor. And you can't miss adding it on your room to get more eyeballs on your wall. So, what are you waiting? Commence with your shopping spree along with And scroll through the mind-blowing collection of products with some of the popular brands. And they are Cera, Qutone, Simpolo, Varmora, and many more. Plus, get exciting offers & deals with best deals in the market. Hurry!