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About Transport wheels

Portability is necessary in a modern work environment. From industrial trucks to cordless tools, the ability to transport various goods not only makes the transfer of items easy, but it also make it safer. Now, this notion becomes even more imperative to implement, when you’re building huge DIY projects on your own. However, to achieve such mobility, you must have the right type of castors or transport wheels. But, just like any other product, you’ll find them in different types, models, sizes, and materials. In this post, we look at them in detail, and also give you a few insightful tips to buy castor wheels online in UAE in a hassle-free manner. So, read on! 

First things first, let’s begin by defining this tool. Transport wheels or the castor wheels are a kind of un-driven trundles. You often place them at the rear end of an object such as a vehicle. This facilitates its movement. Today, you’ll find these transport wheels in diverse applications such as workplace seats, medical facility beds, and carts. Better yet, there are several types of castor wheels that work best for different applications. For instance a heavy-duty castor wheel works best in various industrial applications like trucks, assemblies, and carts. Similarly, there are separate castor wheel for furniture and more. Now that you have a subtle idea about the castors, and where you can use them, it’s now to time to shop. Or is it? Well, there are a few more things you ought to know and understand their types in detail to achieve a successful purchase.  Let’s take a look at that next! 

The different types of transport wheels for your various DIY projects 

Before we delve into the types, let’s take a peek at its humble beginnings. The history of the castor wheel dates back to 3500BC. It is in this era where the potters’ wheels were designed from a chunk of rounded wood. David Fisher is believed to be the inventor of the antique castor wheels. The invention was fostered by Fisher’s exploration of a tool that had the aptitude to move equipment, tools, and furniture from one pace to another without causing damage. He developed a crude device with the capacity of transmitting heavy objects safely and easily in 1876. The device encompassed a glass roller and leather pulleys which helped save medical expenses incurred by workers who were obligated to carry heavy objects on their back. Today, you’ll see a wide range of castor wheels in the market with distinctive features. Let’s check out a few best ones in detail. 

The swivel castors

This is one of the most common varieties of transport wheels. Its invention was facilitated by Seibert Chesnutt in 1920. Swivel castors consist of a wheel that’s often fixed to a fork by a joint that performs a 360° rotation. The fork enables the wheel to rotate in all directions. This, in turn, facilitates the movement of a track to diverse directions without altering its orientation. A swivel castor may be attached to the handle that permits the user to manually set the required orientation. The castor comprises an offset space from the central point of the wheel to the accompanying shaft. For instance, when you push this castor wheel, the offset distance forces device to move around the central point. 

The braking and lockable castors

The braking and lockable castors encompass a special feature that averts the wheel from turning in the wrong direction. The devices have a clamp that pushes a brake cam on the device. These castor wheels allow one to lock and brake the device without the need of engaging individual mechanisms on each device. The process is completed through the use of a central lock mechanism employed by a rotating ring in each device. This occurs on the upper side of the wheel which pushes down the brake to prevent both the castor and swivel from turning. Through its braking and locking mechanism, castor wheels easily and safely make all equipment moveable. 

The forged steel, ductile steel, or stainless steel castors

With a sturdy built, you can use these wheels in situations where loads are too great for floor protective wheels. Similarly, you can also utilise them in cases where the floor protection is not an issue. Thanks to their solid, unbreakable structure they easily absorb shock and impact without failure. Besides, they can also withstand very high temperatures. However, compared to the ductile steel, the forged steel wheels offer greater load capacity. Moreover, they also display more impact strength and rolling ability. The wheels work best on concrete and smooth steel surfaces. Do get them, if you’re looking out for an ideal castor wheels for a trolley. 

The hard rubber castors

Hard rubber transport wheels are a great addition to your projects, particularly when you want castor wheel for an office chair that’ll be mostly on a carpet or floor. The one-piece moulded construction, makes it a unique and sturdy wheel. You usually find them in black or grey colour. Well, thanks to their sturdy structure, they have much higher load capacity than the others in line. The hard rubbers do not flatten easily while sitting under loads. Moreover, they also offer easy rolling ability and great durability. But, remember, hard rubber castor wheels aren’t great with chemicals, oils, grease, solvent and other cleaning agents.

Tips on how to buy the best Transport wheels online

Despite the availability of a wide range of castor wheels in the market. Remember, each type of transport wheel varies in price, design, style, and features. Indeed, you must’ve have figured this by now. You also know that while purchasing online, the final decision always depends on you. Which is why, you should employ the most effective criteria in selecting a suitable model of transport wheel. TO make things simpler, we’ve listed here a few tips that you can keep in mind while buying your castor wheels online. 

  • Know you purpose – Where do you plan to use your castor wheels? Is for industrial use? Which surface are you going to use them on? Knowing what you need the transport wheels greatly helps you to narrow down your choices.
  • Research is the key – Understanding the subject or the product you’re about to buy to the core, helps you make informed decision. It not only allows you to curb on unnecessary expenditure, but also enables you to secure the best among the lot.
  • Explore your available options – Checking out your available options helps you segregate the ones that suit your deal. Today, you’ll find several types of castor wheels out there on the market. It’s best to carefully observe the features of each model before you settle in for ‘the’ one.
  • Check out its durability – You must ensure the selected castor wheels have the ability to function under unusual environments such as wet surroundings without deteriorating. Flexible castor wheels offer service for a long period while maintaining their quality.
  • Consider the load capacity – As a smart buyer, you should always evaluate the diameter of the castor wheel for office chair to determine the equipment’s load weight. The diameter of a castor wheel has a significant impact on how the device easily moves over irregular or rough surfaces. Moreover, the bigger the diameter of the ball castors the heavier the load they can carry for a long distance.
  • Look at the price – The best castor wheels should be affordable and of high quality. Retailers always set the prices of castor wheels based on their design and target market. Of course, you can buy both cheap castor wheels and expensive ones, sticking to a budgets helps greatly.

Transport wheels are an excellent transport tool to have, particularly if you’re up for heavy-duty DIYs. These not only facilitate easy and safe movements, but also saves a lot of time that you’d otherwise spend hours to do. But, make sure you have the right models. You do not want to end up buying something that doesn’t fit your budget or doesn’t offer the desired quality. By the way, you can always buy superior quality castor wheels for sale online in UAE during promotions. Stay tuned to if you want to find the best collections.

Question & Answer

Where to buy castor wheel online UAE?

Several online stores and brands like Ikea, Blickle, Rexello, Manfrotto, Fender, and Impact bring you a wide range of transport wheels. Apart from that, you can also check out the comprehensive collection at Our product search engine, offers it’s buyers a wide range of castor wheels each with exceptional features such as braking and locking mechanisms from over 500 brands across the country. In short, encompasses a wide spectrum of castor wheels from prominent brands across the UAE.

How to install castor wheel?

One should first prepare the structure or surface to install the rubber castors to ensure they are working efficiently and can effectively support a load. Since the alignment of stainless steel castors is important in ensuring a firm grip, the devices should be positioned symmetrically to avert pressure from being applied on the fork.  In this regard, the top plate should be placed appropriately onto the wooden board. One may use a marking pen to spot the position of the four holes on the wood. A drilling tool with an appropriate diameter should be used to make the four holes for each bolt. The small castors should then be installed and screwed into the equipment. The motility of the device should be evaluated to ensure the high performance of both the equipment and the castor wheels.

How to clean castor wheels?

Owing to their exceptional characteristics and role in allowing workplace mobility, it is important to keep castor wheels clean at all times. To clean them, one should first detach the castor wheels from the base of the equipment. One may unscrew the base with a suitable screwdriver to remove the devices. An individual may use a washcloth and fingers to eradicate any substance that may be stuck inside the large castor wheels. A tape may be used to eliminate the small debris in the castor wheel for trolley. The wheel castor should then be cleaned with warm and soapy water. Following a thorough cleaning session of the castor wheel, it should then be re-attached to the equipment while spraying a lubricant to facilitate effective mobility. 

Which castor wheel should I buy?

The most appropriate castor wheels an individual may purchase should be based on the intended purpose of the device. One should adopt an effecting criterion of assessing the different categories in the market. One should ensure the selected castor is able to function under unusual environments such as wet surroundings without deteriorating. Flexible castor wheels offer service for a long period while maintaining their quality. One should select the castor wheels that are offered at a price that falls within the expected budget. One should evaluate the diameter of the castor wheel for office chair to determine the equipment’s load weight. The diameter of a castor wheel has a significant impact on how the device easily moves over rough or uneven surfaces.

So, are you ready to explore and buy transport wheels online? We bet you’re now! Get started today, and discover an affordable range of superior castor wheels from over 500 brands and shops right here on our shopping search engine.