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About Trolleys

Whether you are shopping at a mart or taking heavy goods from one place to another in a warehouse, a trolley can be your angel. It takes away all the load from you and makes the job faster. However, different types of trolleys have been made for different jobs. It is necessary to choose the correct one in order to make most out of this incredibly practical handling solution. Let us explore how to find the best.

 A trolley is a large basket or frame on wheels that is used to transport things from one place to another. It can come in the form of a basket or just a platform on which you can put your things. In the supermarkets, you will usually find the one with a meshed metallic basket. It’s sturdy and super easy to move. On the other hand, at a warehouse, you will find platform trolley for moving boxes. The material, design and layout of the trolley depend upon the function it is going to perform. It is essential to choose the right type as per the applications. So, on this page, we will unveil everything you need to know about them. 

Different types of trolleys to choose from

There are a lot of places where you need to take goods from one place to another. For example, if you are at a grocery store, it’s hard to hold all the products in hand or in a handheld basket. In a similar way, in hospitals or healthcare centres, how hard and unhygienic it can be to hold all the medical tools in hands or bag? So, here arises the importance of having a trolley. However, they come in a wide assortment of options based on the applications. A platform type is apt for lifting heavy boxes at warehouses whereas a dispensing trolley is the one that ideal for carrying medical tools. Then, there are housekeeping, catering, shopping and many more types of trolleys. Let us know about some of the widely used ones.  

Shopping trolley cart

A shopping cart is a wheeled cart that is used by shoppers to transport products within the premises while they shop. It is essential equipment for buyers not only to select and put things in but also while they checkout. You will usually find the best shopping trolleys in plastic or metallic materials. It comes in the form of a large basket where you can securely hold a large amount of product from small to big ones. At some places, you can even find electronic carts. These are basically electric wheelchairs with an attached basket so that people with a disability or elderly can easily navigate around the premises and collect things. In many cases, buyers even carry carts to transport the items to their vehicles.

Foldable trolley

As the name clearly suggests, a foldable trolley is the one that can be folded. It usually comes in the form of a portable and foldable format. Buyers find it useful if they have to both travel and shop. It is also easy to carry them wherever you go. If you are looking for a lightweight, practical, and stylish variety then this should be your choice. Whether you want a trolley to shift stuff from car trunk to the apartment or want something for vegetable shopping at the street, collapsible trolleys can be useful everywhere. However, you have to look for quality options so that frequent folding does not become a reason for a lot of wear & tear over the trolley.

Garden trolley cart

Are you in search of a trolley that can work for your gardening or landscape projects? Well, then you should know about garden trolley carts. They come in sturdy frames, apt for carrying heavy pots, water can, and other gardening tools. You can find them in materials like wood, plastic, and metal. However, you should look for a material that is rust free but tough to handle the weight. It makes picking, moving, and unloading supplies easier. High-quality trolleys come with four or three wheels usually that operate effortlessly on ground and grass.  You can also find them in a range of colours depending upon your choice. 

Utility trolley, platform trolley & other useful varieties

A utility cart usually comes with superior strength and durability. You can use them to carry dining room supplies, large boxes, dishes, envelopes, books and a lot more items at homes or offices. Platform trolley, on the other hand, is apt for warehouses where labour has to transport heavy boxes from here to there. There are many more types of trolleys for goods you can choose from. However, the choice depends upon the application, size requirements, design, features and more. Folding, stainless steel, office, tool, pallets, and hand trolley are some of the common choices though.

Tips on shopping for Trolleys in Dubai

Small shopping trolleys, portable shopping cart and flatbed trolleys are some of the common carts you will see at most of the places. However, there is more to it! There is a wide assortment of options you can choose from when it comes selecting a trolley. Your selection depends upon the size requirements, things to be transported, handlebars, design of the cart and many more factors. If you are having a hard time choosing one, here are some tips that will help.

  • Consider the purpose of purchase– This should be your first consideration. Whether you are going to use for gardening, shopping or any other work makes a lot of difference. Any random cart will not suit any purpose. For example, a gardening cart is apt for gardening projects but for warehouses, you might require a flatbed one.
  • Check for a suitable size– Trolleys come in many size options depending upon individual needs. Determine the amount that you want to accommodate and transport. Like, for shopping at a supermarket, you will be needing a large one that can hold all the essentials at a time.
  • Go for quality and sturdy material– Trolley can be made up of any material like plastic, metal, or wood. However, you should select the material as per the application. If you want one to lift and transport heavy boxes at a warehouse, then look for metallic and sturdy one.
  • Check for easy movement– This is last but not the least consideration you should keep in mind. The main purpose of a trolley is to move objects from one place to another. Hence, you should look for the one that comes with smooth movement. Check the wheels properly as any jammed one can make the whole task inconvenient for you.

Now that you have collected a lot of information about carts, it is high time to buy one. However, it is also valid to think that what would be the best place to make a purchase from. Well, you are already in the right place. Here at, you can find a wide variety of options. Whether you want to buy shopping trolley online in the UAE or some other variety, you can find many varieties here. Moreover, you can set your preferences like price and brands for quick searching. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find the best products while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

Where to buy trolley online in the UAE?

You can buy it from the stores listed right here on Explore a wide range of options on our product search engine offered by some of the reliable and best stores in the industry. You can compare features, prices and more to find suitable choices for yourself. However, you need to keep certain consideration in mind in order to choose the right one such as size, design, usability, price, brand and more. If you are looking for trolley for sale online in the UAE, then you are in the right place.

How to fold a platform trolley?

It depends upon its type and brand you have purchased it from. Different brands may offer different designs and closing patterns. One of the common folding methods is through a spring action. However, it may vary from model to model. So, while you purchase it, go through the list of instructions, or check it with the seller.

How to use a platform trolley?

Again, it depends upon the type of platform trolley you have. However, its operation is nearly similar in all the models. You get one or two handles through which you have to move it. In high-quality models, the handles are ergonomically designed for ease of use and maximum comfort. The platform can be of steel, stainless steel, Aluminum, or other materials. On this platform, you have to keep things that you need to transport.

Which is the best shopping trolley?

If you are in search of the best shopping trolley online, then consider that your search ends here. At, you can find a wide assortment of best options ranging from shopping to the platform and even foldable patterns. The best trolley for you will be the one that best accommodates your requirements. For example, if you need one for shopping, you should go for a shopping cart whereas if you are looking for a compact and portable pattern, go for foldable options.

Keep the above information in mind while you choose a style. If you are wondering where to find the best options, you are already at your destination. is a place where you can find a huge collection of trolleys offered by popular brands of the industry like Ikea, Meister, Stanley, Rubbermaid, and Bosch. So, look no further and embark on your browsing journey. Also, do not forget to explore other exciting products in DIY category.