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About Ratchet Wrenches

There probably isn’t a more important tool than the ratchet wrenches when it comes to DIY projects, repairs and maintenance of vehicles. In this article, we’re going to run through their different types, styles, and sizes that’ll make purchasing them fun. Like other articles about tools, this guide isn’t a comprehensive collection of every ratchet wrench ever made. But, it surely is a nice introduction for the rookies out there. So, read on to make a perfect choice.

So, what are ratchet wrenches? What makes them unique? Well, to start off, these wrenches contain two main parts – the handle and the socket. The handle is usually the wrench itself. It’s the part that you hold in hand and turn to loosen or tighten the various fasteners. At the end of the handle, you’ll find a square-shaped projection called the driver. The driver incorporates the socket. The socket usually is a metal cylinder that you attach to the ratchet wrench. Well, all this is something basic. There’s a lot more to know about them and several types to explore. Let’s take a look at a few of their types and try to understand the different features of the same.

The different types of ratchet spanners for your various needs

In general, the ratchets tend to be unique because of their ratcheting mechanism. This mechanism allows you to hold when you swing the wrench handle in a particular direction. It then also enables you to release it when you swing it in the opposite direction. Pretty much all the ratchet wrenches follow this mechanism. In fact, you can call it the basic functionality of all the ratchet wrenches. However, like all other DIY tools these too are available to you in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Below we’ve compiled a few such types that you can consider investing in.

The best ratcheting wrench set

Just about any task you encounter while creating a DIY project will involve a wrench. Of course, you’ll require a lot of turn-lift-set motion when working with the standard wrenches. But, with the ratchets, you can eliminate a lot of extra work. It’s even better if you have the sets. Today, you’ll find several ratcheting wrench sets that solve all your needs. Most of the popular wrench sets include several sizes of ratcheting wrenches that you can utilise for various purposes. One of the notable models includes the 16-piece metric ratcheting wrench set from Gear Wrench.  

The cordless ratchet

Twisting and turning the ratchets manually and frequently while working on a huge project can often seem a tiring business. Well, these cordless ratcheting wrenches solves that problem. This device, with its smart design and excellent performance, saves you a lot of time and energy on every project. But after the cordless models made an entry to the market, most mechanics today have been put to a dilemma about which ones are the best cordless ratchet wrench on the market. Some of the popular models that you can buy include Vonhaus cordless electric ratchet.

The adjustable ratchet wrench

An adjustable ratchet wrench is an all-rounder. They’re the best ratchet wrench for tight spots or can even be the perfect ratchet wrench for scaffolding. Thanks to their two parallel, flat jaws with no teeth that you can use them for tightening or loosening any kind of screws, nuts, or bolts. In fact, they’re perfect for situations where you do not want to damage the bolt or nut and still want to grip them hard. Today, you can find several adjustable ratchet wrenches out there on the market. One such finest model that you can buy is the 8-inch adjustable ratchet wrench from Channellock.

The air ratchet wrenches

Every avid DIYer to busy automobile techies, who have ever dealt with the fasteners would readily testify that an air ratchet wrench is a valuable tool. Not only does the tool save your time and effort, but it also frees you to carry out challenging projects with confidence. Primarily, the air ratchet is a productivity tool. It saves time because it helps you speed up the tasks that otherwise consume a lot of time manually. Remember, they perform the best when you apply them to light to medium-duty tasks. Check out brands like Ingersoll Rand, Dewalt, and Aircat. They make some of the best-performing ratchets.

Tips on how to buy Ratchet Wrenches online

As basic as these hand tools may be, they’re certainly not a one-size-fits-all. Therefore, as a DIYer, you might want to reach for those ratchet wrenches that are most appropriate for the task. Plus, any professional mechanic will tell you, there’s a big difference between a high-end ratchet wrench and a low-quality model. The tips below will help you buy a ratchet wrench set online in UAE and guide you in making an informed decision.

  • Understand your requirements – Sorting out your needs even before you start your search is one of the essential things to do if you’re shopping online. See what kind of ratchets you need. Do you need a small one? Or do you wish to purchase a big one? Knowing what you need prior to your purchase makes your online shopping a breeze.
  • Study the product – Once you know what your requirements are, the next step is to study the product you intend to buy. Try and check out the top-selling manufacturers, popular brands, and the place from where you can easily buy your ratchet wrenches. Also, make sure that you have a basic understanding of the product you’re going to buy.
  • Explore the types – Ratchet wrenches come in a variety of types. We did see a few of them earlier in this article. But, apart from those, there are many others trending on the market. Make sure you explore at least a few of them. Try and understand the various features, specs, and characteristics of the types.
  • Check out the drive size – Drive size is basically the size of the socket that fits on the ratchet’s drive square. You’ll find three common drive sizes that most DIYers utilise in their projects. These include – ¼-inch, ⅜-inch, and ½-inch. Remember, the smaller the drive size the lighter the duty you can carry out with them. So if you’re planning to buy a single model then stick to a ⅜-inch drive ratchet.
  • Keep an eye on the tooth count – Tooth gear is the number of notches in the ratcheting gear inside the head of the ratchets. A ratchet wrench with a high tooth count means you need not move the handle much to progress. While the ones with lower tooth count require you to put in a lot more effort. It’s best to get a model with a high tooth count when working with tight scenarios.
  • Look out for the socket release – Almost all ratchet wrenches come with a quick-release button on the backside of the head of the ratchets. This button allows you to release the socket from the face of the tool. This, in turn, makes it convenient for you to swap sockets for differently sized fasteners. And the best part, you do not need to pull the socket off by hand to do this.
  • Length and weight are important – If you want a model with easier torque force, a.k.a turning force, then go ahead and pick yourself the ones with longer handles. While long ratchet wrenches can release a bolt with less effort, they can also quickly overpower the fastener’s strength. This can lead to stripping or tearing. In terms of weight, the lighter the better.
  • Assess the material – Almost all ratchets on the market today come in chrome vanadium steel. However, the quality of the material varies. Chrome vanadium is an alloy. It’s a combination of metals that delivered particular attributes, such as shock resistance, strength, weight, and other characteristics. Apart from that, it does also save money.
  • Go for the best quality – Of course, you do not want to buy a substandard product. We all know that we’re all looking out for value for money. Well, you can get that, only if you go for the best quality product. One of the easiest ways to make sure that you have the best product is to choose them from popular brands. You can buy best ratchets from brands like Wera, Facom, Gedore, and Stahlwille.
  • Set aside a budget – Just like any other tool, you can find ratchet wrenches in many types and at different price ranges. You’ll find cheap ratchet wrench sets as well as expensive single ratchet wrenches. Therefore, set aside a budget as per your needs. You could also try buying some of the best ratchet wrenches on sale, particularly if you’re an economiser.

Regardless of which model you buy, always choose to buy the top-quality. This might seem redundant to you, but there’s nothing foolish than spending on something that doesn’t suit your job or isn’t up to the par when it comes to quality. Always make sure to carefully assess all the specs, weigh the pros and cons and set aside a budget to get your perfect ratchet wrenches online.

Question & Answer

What’s the difference between ratchet and socket wrench?

Although a ratchet and a socket wrench have similarities, they’re not exactly the same. The socket wrench is a type of wrench that allows you to insert them into a socket and enables you to turn a fastener. However, the fastener must be in form of a nut or bolt. In fact, you informally call the most prevalent form of ratcheting socket wrench a ratchet. However, the ratchet itself is a handle that snaps into one end of the socket by means of a socket-drive connector. No, the difference is pretty basic and you might not have any problem recalling it or recognising the products.

How do you loosen a ratchet wrench?

It’s quite simple to loosen or tighten the ratchet wrenches. When you’re looking at the ratchet head, it should turn the socket clockwise to tighten and anti-clockwise to loosen. Be careful, because if the ratchet is turning the socket in the wrong direction then try and move the lever or the dial switch. You’ll find this switch on the back of the ratchet. It isn’t a big deal to loosen a ratchet wrench, at least when you get a hang of it. You can watch online videos if you need a visual tutorial for the problem.

Is a torque wrench the same as a ratchet?

No, they aren’t the same. However, torque wrenches are a type of wrench that you commonly used in automotive works. You also use them in other tasks where you need a precise torque setting for a specific bolt. When it comes to ratcheting wrenches, they’re much simpler. You use them just for loosening or tightening the bolts or nuts. Overall, these items can somewhat look similar or have a similar name but they come out different in basic tasks that you must know and recognise.

Where to buy a ratchet wrench in Dubai?

The city of Dubai offers you several shopping options for different kinds of products both online and offline. And the ratchet wrenches aren’t any exception. You can find several stores that offer high-quality wrenches. One such smart and superfast shopping search engine is Our platform offers you the convenience of browsing through various ratchet options, comparing their prices and buying the best one with just a click. What’s more, you can buy them from your favourite brands and online stores too.

Getting the right ratchet wrenches is a great way to speed up your automotive work, as well as other DIY works. With all the options and different types on the market, it can get a little overwhelming when you’re buying them online. But, with careful consideration, you can achieve what you’re looking for. We hope this guide will contribute to this.