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Most of the multi tools for any DIY projects haven’t changed much over the years. You’ve got the pliers, screwdrivers, scissors, and a file. Similarly, one tool a lot of people do not recognise right away is the awl tool. What is an awl, you ask? We bet, most of you just assume it to be a weirdly shaped little knife. But, that’s not all what they’re. There’s much more to the priemen. In this guide we shall look at the various elements of an awl and also take a look at some of the best ones for your needs. Besides, you also get to take a few tips on how to buy awl needle in Dubai effortlessly.

Like always, let’s begin by defining the priemens are. Awls are tools that you use to punch holes in various materials like leather or wood. Interestingly, they’ve been around since ancient times and often come with a tiny built-in thread hole. As we mentioned earlier, the purpose of this tool is to punch hole in any kind of materials. And yes, they do this job very well. Which is why manufacturers have been working on creating the different versions and models of these awls. This way, you’ll have one for your every need. That said, let’s take a look at a few trending models and their various types in the next section.

The different types of awl needles for your various needs

Just as you can find several materials out there, you’ll find different awls for punching holes in these different materials. They are simply sharpened metals that you can push through a material to make hole. Apart from that, you can find them in different shapes, sizes, thickness, and notched vs solid. Besides, you’ll find them with a whole lot of other features. Furthermore, on multi-tools you’ll usually find a standard awl that’s shaped like narrow but thick rounded knife point. Similarly, some models also come with a thread hole that helps you when you have to stitch something. Let’s take a look at some of the trending models that you can buy.

The speedy stitcher sewing awl

Initially patented in the year 1909, the Speedy awl design has been a prevalent model and on demand for more than a century now. This popular model comes from the Silver Creek Leather Company in Southern Indiana. The product comes with a comfortable wooden grip that allows you to work with them without any hassle. Apart from that, they also have a custom-designed diamond-point needle. All these features enables you to use them even on heavy-duty materials like leather. Furthermore, each tool comes with a high-tensile waxed thread. This means, you’ll get sewing machine quality.

The BIGTEDDY sewing awl hand stitcher kit

If you’re looking at excellent functionality along with a stylish design, then look no further than the sewing awl from BIGTEDDY. The product comes with sleek gold-finish along with a copper handle. One of the unique traits of the model is that it comes with four interchangeable needles. Besides, it also includes tow hook needles and two straight needles. With so many needle options you can achieve a variety of different puncture marks and stitches easily. Above all, the kit also features a great package in a branded clear plastic box. It helps you store, transport, and organise the tools easily. Indeed, today you can buy sewing awl online in UAE from various brands.

The clover straight stitch awl for tailors

Looking for well-made, well-priced awl models? Well, then go ahead and invest in the priemens from Clover Straight. This classic awl supplier brand offers you stylish yet affordable products. The awl models from this brand feature slimmer structure when compared to the other options on the list. And because it has slim structure it tends to be lightweight and serviceable. Apart from that it also comes with a handy plastic cover. This covers keeps the needle sharp and protected for a long-period. All these features makes the product a great option for those on the go. Surprisingly, you could come across a few stitching and cheap sewing awl kit for your various requirements on various online stores today. 

The marking awl or scratching awl

Well, sewing is not just what the awls can do. You can use them to scratch various materials too. The scratching awls are the specialised tools to do this. You generally use them in woodworking to mark a line. With these tools, you can create shallow grooves that later help you to cut the wood using a chisel or saw. By the way, you can use them on various materials other than the wood. For instance, in leatherwork, you can use them to scratch a design onto the leather. You could even use them to punch a hole. Fortunately, you can explore and purchase several types of scratching awls from your favourite brands and online stores today.

Tips on how to buy Priemens online

Which is the good choice for my first DIY project? Should I get different ones for different jobs? Or will a single awl fulfil all my needs? Well, these tend to be the common questions when you’re out searching for your perfect awl. Of course, this is natural, because there are a lot of options out there on the market. Here are a few quick tips that’ll help you choose your perfect model for your various needs.

  • Sort out your needs – Are you going to use the awls for sewing? Or perhaps you need to use them for punching holes while making leather shoes? Each job requires a different priemen. Therefore, it’s best to figure out your needs first.
  • Research is essential – Doing a bit of research about the product you intend to buy is essential to buy the right product online. Try and go through the specifications of various models. You could also check out the popular brands and manufacturers to carry out an easy purchase.
  • Explore the types – As mentioned earlier, you’ll find several types of priemens out there. This means you’ll find one for each job. That’s why it’s better to understand different types to make sure that you have the right awl for the job.
  • Check out the material – Awls usually come in metal, wood or plastic materials. See which one suits your job the best. Also, keep an eye on the handle materials. It must offer you a great grip. An awl with a good grip makes sure that it doesn’t slip off when you’re working on different projects.
  • Look at the quality and durability – Regardless of what the price of the awls are, the quality and durability are two such things that you shouldn’t ever compromise on. Make sure that you always pick the product from popular brands that guarantee durability.
  • Set aside a budget – These days you’ll find priemens in all sorts of shapes, sizes, brands and prices too. You’ll find cheap versions as well as expensive ones. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a budget. It helps you scrutinise your best options. By the way, you could also buy awl for sale if you’re an economiser.
  • Read reviews online – Several consumers who buy the awls online take time to review them online. It’s a good idea to take a look at this feedback. Checking out these comments helps you put yourself in their shoes and understand the pros, cons and performance of the awl.

Choosing an awl isn’t as easy it seems. You need to consider several factors. Besides, make sure you do not fall for the outer looks of the product. Go that extra mile and take time to weigh the pros and cons of each model. And remember not to compromise on quality in any case. We hope the tips above will guide you in the right direction and help you buy the best one online.

Question & Answer

What awl to use for leather?

Sewing awl or more commonly referred to as needle awl is one of the perfect priemens for stitching leathers. They have a pointed needle that allows the threads to pass through the needle and push into the leather material when you’re stitching up two or more pieces of leathers together. It typically functions like a strong, thick needle. This is usually helpful because the leather materials can be very thick and touch to pierce in.

When to use awl?

The awls of various types have been in use from the late 18th and early 19th century. In fact, some evidences suggest that they were present even before this. Today, awls come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Hence, you can use them for various purposes too. These purposes include stitching leather, canvas, scratching materials, punching holes, and you can even use the best awl for woodworking.

Where to buy awl?

You can buy awls both offline and online. While purchasing them on stores is more feasible, buying them online is smart. You can explore several options and pick your perfect one sitting at home with just one click. However, you certainly need a reliable platform to perform this purchase. If you’re in search of such online shop, then go ahead and check out Our product search engine offers you a comprehensive range of priemens from different brands and online stores.

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