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About Planers

If you are a keen observer, you might have noticed a carpenter using a tool to smooth wood surfaces. Yes! Planer or the thickness planer. It helps in trimming the boards to a certain thickness on the length and width for both surfaces. You wouldn’t like to miss learning about its brilliant features and tips to pick the right one.  

You can’t deny the fact that planners are vital tools for your workshop. So, whether you are a professional woodworker or casual DIY-er, you get the need for it to ease your work.  However, it is often compared with surface planer or jointer. But, it’s different from the jointer. The planer’s cutter head is placed on the bed surface.  Whereas, the surface planer has the advantage of producing a flat surface in a single pass. Besides, this thicknesser prevents the board from getting taper. However, this tool is consisting of a cutter head, a set of rollers, and a table. Besides, the cutter head consists of cutting knives and a set of rollers that draw the board through the machine. The table is adjustable to the cutter head to control the thickness of the board. Thus, buy the top hand & electric wood planer online with detailed knowledge about the product. 

Different kinds of wood planer machines for your DIY project

It doesn’t matter whether woodworking is your hobby or your job. A workshop doesn’t get complete without the right wood planer machine. Besides, it’s responsible for smoothing out the knots and hard edges inboards. And, the right planer makes your work look like a pro. However, there are some models which offer a balance between power consumption and performance. Besides, it provides reliability, durability, and efficiency. There are different kinds of thicknesses available in the market. And it includes an electric handheld planer and a portable planer. And both function in a different manner. So, know more about it before you head to buy power planers online at the best prices in UAE. Keep reading!

Electric hand planer

The electric hand planer makes the carpenter’s job easier and faster. It is a handy tool that smooths or removes the rough parts of the wood with perfection. Besides, the manual thicknesser is inefficient and tiresome as compared to the electric planer. However, the electric thicknesser comes with a robust motor. And it drives cutting of the blades at high speed to cut the heavy log of wood at high speed. It also comes with a depth gauge which allows cutting of the wood at different depths. However, the best cordless hand planer is the one that comes with dual side dust extraction. And it makes the whole process convenient and flexible. 

Jointer planer

Whether you are a novice or professional, you can’t think of working with wood without a jointer thicknesser. Undoubtedly, it is a vital tool in the woodworking shop as with the table saw. And you can measure the raw lumber. So, it makes the hard work easy, making flat & square stock of wood. Usually, woodworkers prefer quality and speed to improve their efficiency. Thus, like using the electric jointer thicknesser to work effortlessly. However, you get numerous options while you seek to buy top hand & electric wood planers online. From tabletop to floor models which suit your need or choice. And all of these provide professional quality like smooth cut, 20, 000 cuts in a minute, quick-release fence, and so on.

Dewalt planer or Bosch planer: The best budget hand planer

There is one thing which you need to be careful of. The wood thicknesser comes in both the forms-bench-top & handheld. Thus, both forms require equal attention. Dewalt or Bosch planer are the two notable brands in the domain of manufacturing thicknesser. And both of these products are highly praised for their products. So, if we talk about the cutting speed, both the brands have the same cutting speed almost 34000 cutting per minute. However, both brands use the same number of blades. And talking about the type of blades, Dewalt thicknesser has both the high-speed steel & carbide blades. On the other hand, Bosch comes with the actual bag for collecting the wooden residue.

Tips on how to buy Planers online

Picking the right planer for your woodworking has become quite essential. And why not? Cutting the huge log of wood, shaping the wood, and smoothing the wood takes a lot of time. Besides, a thicknesser is a hand tool that makes your job easy and effortless. Thus, it’s tricky to choose the right thicknesser tool for your job! When you look for a wood planer machine for sale online. However, you need to keep a lot of things in mind from blade sharpness, cutting speed, the number of knives, dust ejection, and so on. So, it’s obvious! You need to go through a lot of research which is quite time-consuming. But you don’t need to worry as of now, as we did the task for you. Now, all you need to do is go through them. Have a glance!

  • Look for the cutting depth & width – There are many commercially available kinds of wood that come with 10 inches width. So, if you are working on that size of wood, then a thickness planer of 12 inches will work perfectly for that. However, the maximum thicknesser comes with 6 inches depth cutting capacity. So, that wouldn’t be an issue!
  • Check the number of knives – This is the essential factor to be considered while you seek the planer machine online. There are many planers that come with two knives. However, the more the number of knives in the power planer, the less stress each of the blades will go through over time. Besides, longer knives will provide high performance in cutting the wood in a short time.
  • Look for the cut per inch – It is also an essential factor to look upon while you choose the wood planer for your DIY project. Besides, these features are abbreviated as CPI. However, the CPI works in three factors- FPM (Feed Per Minute), the number of knives, and the speed of the motor. So, the higher the CPI for your machine, the better finishing it will provide.

To sum up, there are varied kinds of hand planers for different types of jobs. So, whether you are working on a huge project or a small furniture project at home, there is a particular thicknesser for all sorts of woodwork! Besides, these listed factors, price is also a vital factor which you need to take care of. So, what are you waiting for? Browse And scroll through the mind-blowing collection of products with the best price in the market.

Question & Answer

How do planners work?

The work of the wood planers entirely depends on the type of machine you choose- benchtop or handheld models. However, the benchtop thicknesser comes with knives and a cutting surface placed at the base of the tool. So, when you set the machine, you need to use the screws at the top, to adjust the cutting depth. You might also encounter the marker which shows you the depth you need to select. So, after you are done with setting the machine. You need to place the board flat on the table before you turn on the power. There are some of the models that come with a bright green to turn it on. In contrast, other models come with the knob which you need to turn in one direction. Besides, you need to apply some pressure to push the board through the machine and under the knives.

How do handheld planers work?

The handheld planers are mostly electrical and time-consuming. However, you need to have proper fineness on your hand to use it. Else it might be a danger. Thus, you can use do tasks like edge smoothing, levelling & framing of the block of wood, chamfering handrails, and posts. However, most of the models come with an ergonomic handle on the back. Thus, it helps you to move the device across the board smoothly. Besides, there are a dial or knob on the front of the tool which shows how fast the motor can run. And with the second handhold, helps to keep the grip on the machine. Therefore, many woodworkers prefer this device for more control on their hands and board. However, you can try some of the popular brands’ products. And they are Black Decker, Metabo, Milwaukee, Rigid, Skil, and many more.

What is the best wood planer to buy?

Stanley is the best wood planer brand in the field of manufacturing the thicknesser machine. It is highly appreciated all over the world for its products. And its high performances at cheaper price tags. Besides, it comes with a highly powerful motor with a 2mm cutting depth. The blades of the thicknesser last for a long timer and sharp ends. The machine comes with a long cord which makes it easy to use. Besides, it has an empty dust bag to collect the wood cutting residue. However, you can try other notable brands’ products. And they are Dewalt, Makita, Bosch, Ryobi, Hitachi, and lots more.

Where can I buy hand planers online in UAE?

With the improvement of technology, we can now shop online at a convenient time and place. We no longer have to make time for shopping at a brick and mortar store. Nor, we must compromise our choices to shop from limited products. And the biggest relief is standing in the long queue and waiting for our turn. However, you need to be careful of the shopping platform you choose to shop online. There are some online stores that allow comparing the price among the top-notch brands before shopping. Like

It is the best product comparison site with 500+ reputed stores allied with it. And scroll through the excellent collection of products with an incredible price tag.