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About Pipe Keys

Pipe leakage or opening of a joint in the pipes are some of the situations when you need a pipe wrench. So, it’s used to turn threaded pipe and pipe fittings for assembling or dissembling. Besides, these pipe keys are not for daily use if you are considering them for your home. But that doesn’t stop you from exploring its purposes and features.

So, a pipe wrench is an adjustable wrench for all kinds of pipes. However, it is often used for threaded pipes like stainless-steel pipes, black iron or other metal pipes. Besides, it has two serrated jaws which help in tightening or digging into the pipe for grip. And you can adjust the top serrated jaw up & down to fit the varied pipe sizes. However, the unique feature of the pipe keys is the teeth that will grip when turning the wrench in a particular direction. So, it almost acts as a ratchet wrench. The position of the hook jaw in the pipe keys might differ with the angles as compared to the body. However, tightening and loosening of the pipe mechanism varies with models. Luckily, we will be discussing the best Ridgid aluminium pipe wrench in the next section. So, keep reading!

Explore the different types of pipe wrenches

You will find a lot of choices in pipe wrench sizes while you look for them online. It can be smaller in length as six inches to over four feet. Besides, each of these tools can work for the limited size of the pipes. On the other hand, the small pipe keys come up with a slim design and are lightweight. And it’s quite handy for your DIY project. However, it might seem weak or not strong enough to carry out the plumbing job. But the reality is different! It is robust, durable and comes up with heavy-duty jaws which carry out your work easily. Thus, buy an adjustable plumbers wrench to add more adventure to your work. But before that, have a look at the different kinds of pipe keys.

Chain pipe wrench

Chain pipe wrench, as the name implies, has a chain attached to the wrench. And it’s used to hold or turn the smooth circular object. Besides, it’s quite handy, easy to use, and a heavy-duty tool—the one which you can use in a DIY project. However, there are a lot of choices available while you move to buy pipe wrench pliers. There are some of the models which comes up with double fast jaws. Thus, it makes it perform fast, ratchet-like action like in all the directions. And it comes with alloy steel jaws and is used for hand tools, tool organisers, and wrenches. In contrast, some models provide secure, reliable, and robust torque. And it’s useful for all kinds of pipe keys fitting like waterworks and plumbing.

Aluminium pipe wrench

Traditionally, the pipe keys are made up of steel. Thus, it makes them tough and durable. But it also makes them heavy and unwieldy, which you can’t deny. And you can’t hold them for a long time comfortably when the job demands so. Thus, the aluminium pipe keys come lightweight and durable. And it performs the same function as the former effortlessly. And it’s merely 3.6pounds as compared to 5.6 pounds of steel weight. Besides, it performs the function of gripping smoothly without additional weight penalties. However, the jaw and teeth grip of the model adds exceptional firmness. Thus, to get the pipe wrench 12-inch price, you need to browse at The one-click shopping options for your needs.

Ridgid pipe wrench

Ridgid pipe keys are a notable brand name in the pipe keys industry. And it’s best-known for its professional quality and lightweight. It is an aluminium straight pipe wrench, which is suitable for all kinds of pipework. However, it is lighter than the other heavy-duty models. But offer the same durability strength, and ease to use. Besides, it comes with an I-beam handle with a forged hook jaw. And, it enables it to have super gripping and quick adjustments. Moreover, it comes with non-stick adjustment nuts as well as replaceable hook & heel jaws. However, you can also check out the popular brands’ products along with that pipe wrench 24-inch price. And some of them are Irwin, Husky, Bahco, Crescent, and so on.

Tips on how to buy Pipe Keys online

Choosing the right pipe wrench for your work isn’t an easy job as you might think. However, you need to know the varied kinds of pipe keys to understand the varied kinds of services it provides. Besides, you need to keep in mind that the wrong number of pipe wrenches might lead to danger. It is not only going to damage the pipe & joint but also might cause injury. Above all, wasting your money on the wrong product is painful. Thus, you need proper guidelines for choosing the right product as well as to know the pipe wrench 18-inch price. So, it might take a long time for you to do research and come to a conclusion. However, we tried to help you out by listing the factors below. Check out!

  • Look for types – There are various types of internal pipe wrench available in the market, from straight pipe wrench end pipe keys to an offset pipe jolt, chain pipe key, and many more. However, the ultimate choice depends on the kind of work you are going to do with it. Besides, the straight pipe range is the common one that allows you to tighten or lose the threaded pipes.
  • Check the materials – Usually, the offset pipe wrench comes in a range of compositions. However, you need to be careful while choosing the materials for your pipe keys. There are many materials available which you can choose from stainless steel, carbon steel, or forged steel. Besides, stainless steel is the ideal choice for its longevity.
  • Look for the protective coating – Apart from the quality of the product, protecting the coating is also needed. However, it helps in expanding the adjustable pipe wrench lifespan. Besides, the secure coating are black oxide or sandblast coatings helps in reducing the chances of rust. Thus, it allows your machine to withstand wear and tear usage.
  • Check jaws – It is a vital feature for any of the pipe keys you choose for your purposes. However, you need to consider the Stillson wrench capacity, the maximum width of the jaws you can open. Besides, for personal or home purposes, you need to look for a jaw capacity of almost 6 inches. You also need to consider the engraved number of the pipe keys.

So, whether you are a professional or DIY enthusiast, you need a pipe wrench to tackle your plumbing work. However, to narrow down your selection process, we have already listed the factors for you to follow. Now, it’s time to explore the products with all the knowledge you have gathered so far. Browse It is the best shopping site with 500+ brands & stores allied with it. And some of the popular brands are Ridgid, Irwin, Husky, Bahco, Crescent, Proto, and so on. Thus, you scroll through the excellent collection of products with an incredible price range.

Question & Answer

Where can I buy pipe keys online in Dubai?

Pipe keys are one of the vital keys which you might need in your DIY job. However, it’s not used often still; you might wish to have it for tightening or loosening the pipe, and so on. So, if you are planning to purchase it, then you can seek online stores. Nowadays, people are favouring online for its bundle of advantages, from shopping from the topnotch brands & stores to shopping at your convenient time & place. However, you need to be careful while selecting the online platform for your shopping extravaganza. There are shops which have limited collection and force you to shop from it. But things will be quite exciting if you pick as your default shopping browser. It is the best Dubai search engine with 500+ stores allied with it. Thus, you delve into a fantastic collection of products.

What types of pipe keys do I need?

The pipe keys you need entirely depends on the work you intend to do with it. However, there are many kinds of pipe wrench available in the market which might suit your needs. A straight pipe wrench is a common tool for plumbing purposes. And it’s mostly used and bought. Besides, this device uses to adjust the pipe sizes ranges between 3/4 to 8 inches which might exceed 60 inches. In contrast, the offset pipe keys which you can use where there is no space to move the tool. Like, parallel setup, pipes with obstinate angles, and so on. Besides, it comes with narrow jaws. The end pipe keys jaws are quite different from the standard wrench. It is used for space where the pipe is close to the wall. And the end of the pipe will locate in such a place, as the name implies.

What is a pipe wrench used for?

The pipe keys are an essential tool in the plumbing job. Besides, it is needed rarely for tightening or losing the pipe joints. However, there are many kinds of pipe wrench available in the market which serves different purposes. Like, the compound leverage wrench is applied for the seized joints. And it provides extra leverage. In contrast, the chain pipe keys are ideal for the extreme tight pipe. So, after you are done selecting the correct wrench, you need to apply it properly on the pipe. However, you need to maintain the space between the shank of the hook jaw of the wrench and the pipe itself. Moreover, for better gripping and turning action, you need to keep the gap around 0.5 inches wide. Thus, if you wish to buy this tool, then you can check out the notable brands’ products. And they are Pittsburgh, Gedore, Channel lock, Dewalt, Facom, Stanley, and lots more.

What is the difference between a monkey wrench and a pipe wrench?

Monkeywrench and pipe wrench are amazing tools that are rarely used by plumbers in their job. Besides, both these wrenches are big and quite bulky. And they come with large heads and thick handles. However, they differ in gripping action. Pipe wrenches have angled or circular jaws, which helps in the proper gripping of the pipes. On the other hand, monkey wrenches have flat jaws to tighten or loosen the nuts. Another contrast between them are teeth on the upper or lower jaws. Pipe keys have teeth that will find in every wrench type to grip the pipe properly. In contrast, monkey wrenches have no teeth as they are designed for flat surfaces.

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