Open-Ended Spanners

About Open-Ended Spanners

Rightfully, it says the right tool saves your day in the workshop. So, if you are the one who likes to screw, drill, saw or hammer, then you can’t miss having open-ended spanners in your toolbox. Besides, it helps in tightening or loosening nuts and bolts. Let’s hover more about it in this article.

You might find this wrench tool in every garage to plumbing. Thus, it’s a versatile tool that does the job for DIY-er to professionals easy. So, open-ended spanners are U-shaped jaws. And it has the opening of the nuts or bolt head width size. Besides, it has two flat sides which grip the opposite sides to fasten it properly. It is also known as a wrench which provides grip and mechanical technique while turning the torque to turn objects. Usually, it is used for the nuts or bolts to ease while turning them. However, high-quality spanners come with chrome-plated which resist corrosion and are easy in cleaning. Often it compares with ring spanners which are responsible for the same work. But they differ in appearances. Thus, buy open-ended spanners online in UAE with all knowledge about its features and tips to buy them hassle-freely. So, keep on reading!

Types of open spanners

When you get into the online shopping spree, you will come across a variety of sizes of the open spanner. However, a simple open wrench has right and left jaws with open at the top. It has received its name from his appearances as an open mouth. Besides, it is used to tighten or loose the hexagonal screw heads or nuts with metric dimensions. So, it takes the heads from the open side into his mouth and turns them until the hand stops turning. And to turn it more, the spanner needs to re-attach. Thus, before you buy a double open spanner in Dubai, study the different kinds of these tools in the below section.

Open-end ring spanner

This spanner is another form of open-ended spanner, with which you must be quite acquainted. It is used to move the screw or nut heads through the external hexagon. However, this spanner is in close form, which contains many points. And the stronger torque acts on the head, which is different from the simple open-ended wrench. On the other hand, you can’t attach the ring wrench to the side. But it’s placed on the top of the head from above. Besides, it is available with the key width, which varies from 6 to 32 millimetres. However, the open-end slogging spanner price ranges with the size and types.

Open-ended ratchet spanner

It is a ring wrench that acts like a freewheel that makes the performances of the ring key excess. Besides, it is called or gun or ratchet because of the creaking sound it makes when pressed. However, it functions differently from other spanners. So, if you turn in the opposite direction, then the ratchet will release the key with no force transfers. There is an open-ended ratchet spanner for one direction along with a switch mechanism. And its place in the other direction without the key which is used for screwing. Thus, to know about the open box spanner price, you can check out at, the best shopping site in the UAE.

Open-jaw spanner

A combination of both spanner and ring spanner is the jaw spanner. But it makes sense when both sides have the same wrench sizes. However, you will come across varied choices while you head to buy slogging open end spanner in UAE. There are some of the models which are cheap. Besides, you can screw the head with the mouth side of the ring. On the other hand, other models come with a ratchet on the ringside. So, the thumb-ring wrench sets vary from 6 to 32 millimetres. So, you can check out eminent brands’ products if you plan to purchase them. And they are ACE, Stanley, Britool, Bahco, and many more.

Tips on how to buy Open-Ended Spanners online

By now, you must have understood why you need an open-ended spanner. However, spanner sets usages are many and varies with the purposes you wish to use it. But generally, its purpose involves loosening or tightening nuts & bolts. Thus, the exact function and application of the individual open-spanner set will depend on the type & size of the wrench. And the size of the bolt or nuts depends on choosing the right open-jaw spanner. So, when you seek to buy a double open spanner in Dubai, you will get many choices that will suit your needs. However, proper tips & tricks will help you in picking the right product for yourself. But getting the right factors is tricky! However, you don’t have to worry as we did the task on behalf of you. Now all you must do is go through them. Have a glance!

  • Look for the types – Although, there are varied kinds of open-ended spanners which will suit your needs. However, the box-end spanner has enclosed openings that fit the fastener as per the shape of the head. On the other hand, a combination spanner is the mixture of box-end spanner & open spanner. And the flare spanner requires to hold the nuts firmly.
  • Check the materials – It is the first thing that you need to be careful of while seeking the double end spanner online. However, the material of the wrench affects its quality as it is used for different purposes. Besides, it determines the entire tool life which is subjected to wear and tear purposes. Thus, the better quality of the open-ended spanner ensures its longevity.
  • Select the length – Most of the time, people ignore this factor while choosing the single-ended spanner online. But it makes a huge difference in the performance of your work. Not only that, but it also ensures how much force needs to be applied to the fastener. However, a longer open ratchet spanner can create greater torque, and it’s better for large or stiffer nuts.
  • Look for the thickness & wideness of the head – More the thicker and wider the head of the double open-end spanner, the stronger it will be. However, the thick head and shafts provide more durability to the wrench. And gives better contact with the nut, i.e., the nut will turn easily. In contrast, the wider heads don’t fit the small spaces of the spanner.

Thus, these are some of the essential factors which you need to keep in mind while buying an open ring spanner. However, the price and number of sets depend on your choice. But try to shop economically rather than lavishly! So, without wasting any more time, lets’ hover into the mind-blowing collection of DIY products at And enjoy the exciting offers & deals at the best price in the market. Hurry!

Question & Answer

What is an open-ended spanner used for?

An open-ended spanner is used for various purposes. And it entirely depends on its size and type. However, it is a versatile and single-piece tool with two U-shaped ends. And one of the sides is bigger than the other ends. Besides, the spanner is used for the hard to reach nuts & bolts which you can find around the home and industries. However, the opening between the two jaws is the width of the fastener head. And it’s attached vertically or horizontally for the best results. So, the spanner gets slips around the fastener from the side. And the width of the open spanner indicates the size of the tool in metric and across flats.

What is the difference between a spanner and a wrench?

Before you get into the difference between wrench and spanner, you need first to understand each of its works. Both the tools perform the same job, i.e., tightening or loosening the nuts or bolts. But many times, it leads to confusion! However, the wrench refers to the adjustable wrenches. And it has a moveable lower jaw which leads to adjusting the different sizes of nuts & bolts. However, the best thing about this product is that it covers a wide variety of different size fastenings in both metric and imperial. In contrast, open spanners are size specific. And the common one is the combination spanner which has a closed box end and open end to aid in different access points. Another difference is language terminology. American speakers use the wrench for both wrench & spanner. At the same time, UK speakers go for distinguishing between them as explained.

What types of spanner should I buy?

There are different kinds of spanners that belong to a varied group of hand tools. And the primary purpose of using it is to tighten the nuts and bolts. Besides, it is handy for day-to-day work. And these tools are made up of drop forge steel or carbon steel. However, they are available in different shapes and sizes as per your need. So, you can use it for a DIY hobby or professional purposes. For example- a double-ended open-jaw spanner comes with open ends on both ends, to hold nuts or bolts. And they are widely used in homes or industries. On the other hand, the combination spanners which is a combination of open-end spanner and ring spanner. And it’s used for difficult nuts or closed-end loosens nuts to unscrew it.

Where can I buy spanners online in Dubai?

Shopping online is the best decision you can make for yourself. And why not? You can choose to shop anywhere at a convenient time. And enjoy the excellent offers & deals at incredible price tags in the market. Besides, you can decide from the myriad collection of products from the notable brands & stores. There is an option of filter to choose from your favourite brands, size, materials, and so on. So, without hovering much for a good online shopping browser, click on It is the best retail search engine with more than 500 brands and stores. Thus, you enjoy a massive collection of products with the best price in the market.

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