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About Hand Saws

Saws that you can operate while holding in your hands are called hand saws. These include the saws that you can use only with the power of your hands and the power tools that use electricity, gas, or battery.

Saws come in a variety of different types, shapes and sizes. There are basic saws that simply consist of a blade and a frame assembly to electrically or mechanically powered saws. Hand saws are an essential tool in the field of manufacturing and construction. Besides that, it is also a really versatile tool that is going to be helpful for small home improvement projects as well. Therefore, if you are a person who likes to do things on your own, it is worth investing in a good hand saw. Read this article to know everything about them. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices when you are shopping.

Different types of hand saws

Hand saws are useful for simple tasks like cutting pieces of wood, cutting metal and plastic pipes, and even for cutting bricks and tiles. That is why it is an incredibly useful tool both for professional use and for homes and gardens. But not all hand saws are created equal. Some saws are designed for very specific applications, while others are designed with a broad set of functions in mind. This article will tell you everything you need to know about hand saws. You can also find some really useful tips that you can use while shopping for hand saws in this article.

Hack saw

A hack saw is probably the simplest type of hand saw. It basically consists of a curved metal frame that holds a blade at both ends. The blade of a hacksaw is flexible and thick. However, they are incredibly cheap. The blade is replaceable, and you will need at least half a dozen blades to get you through a project. Although a hack saw is designed for cutting through metal, you can also use it for cutting wood as well. But if you are cutting wood with a hacksaw, the chances of you breaking the blade is higher. When buying a replacement blade for a hack saw, make sure that the length of the blade is appropriate for the frame.

Coping saw

This one is similar to a hack saw in its design. This one also consists of a large C-frame with a handle and a narrow blade. The frame holds the blade using tension. But the main difference between a hack saw and a coping saw is in its application. A coping saw is primarily for cutting wood. To be more specific, coping saws are widely used for making curved cuts rather than straight cuts. This also explains where the name of this hand saw comes from. Another notable difference between a coping saw and a hacksaw is that the blade on a coping saw has fewer teeth.

Crosscut saw

These saws have larger and sturdier blades than a hack saw. Instead of a blade and a frame assembly, a crosscut saw has a large blade with a plastic or metal handle. Because these swans are for sawing wood, the teeth are large and also the blade is much thicker than a hack saw. Only one person can operate a crosscut saw at a time because of its design. Because of this, it is hard to use a crosscut saw to saw through a large piece of wood. Rather they are quite useful for making rough cuts on already cut pieces of wood.

Circular saw

Unlike the above three, a circular saw is a power tool. Both the exterior and the blade of this saw is circular in shape. The blade inside a circular saw is thick and made from a strong steel material that does not rust. When you turn on the saw, the blade starts spinning at high rpm. Because the blade is sharp with large teeth, it can make fast and precise cuts. When you consider the benefits and versatility of a circular hand saw, its higher price is actually worth paying for. Some circular saws feature switchable blades that let you change the blade depending on the material that you are cutting.

Tips on how to buy Hand Saw

Finding a good hand saw for your task can be harder than you might think. Because there are so many different types and sizes of hand saws out there, trying to select the right saw from among them can be an overwhelming experience. However, there is no getting around the fact that it is extremely important to use the right tool to cut anything safely and efficiently. But finding the right one is easy if you know what criteria to consider. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you are shopping for a hand saw.

  • Look at the grip – For a hand saw to be precise and usable, it should have a comfortable grip. But because everyone’s hands are different, a saw that is comfortable for another person need not be comfortable for you. Therefore, you should look at the size of the handle and choose a saw with a handle that suits the size of your hands.
  • Thickness of the blade – It is not surprising that thicker blades are stiffer and thinner blades are more flexible. Even though a thicker blade might be more durable, that necessarily means it is better than a thin blade for all kinds of applications. For cutting steel or any other metal using a hand saw, a thin, flexible blade is actually better.
  • Shape and number of teeth – Apart from the ergonomics of the handle and the thickness of the blade, the third factor that affects the performance of a hand saw is the geometry of the blade itself. This also depends on what is that you are going to cut. You will find hand saw blades with different angles and sizes, always make sure to pick the one that is right for your job.
  • Blade protection – You should never overlook the safety aspect of a hand saw. Using a hand saw, especially a circular saw, without proper blade protection is a safety hazard. Check the stability of the blade protection in the hand saw before making the purchase. Good blade protection can also significantly improve the life of the blade.

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Question & Answer

How to sharpen a hand saw blade?

In the case of hacksaws and coping saws, it is much more convenient to throw away a blunt blade and to replace it with a fresh one. But when it comes to circular saws and crosscut saws, you will need a way to sharpen the blade. For sharpening the blade, you will need a tapered file. The size of the taper file should be suitable for the size of the blade teeth. After cleaning dirt and rust from the blade, inspect the teeth to check whether all teeth are at the same level. If they are not, then you have to grind the teeth using the file. The next step is setting and filing the teeth to remove the bluntness.

How to use a circular saw?

You can only cut in straight lines using a circular hand saw. Because of that, you should mark the cut line before you start cutting. Then attach a blade that is proper for the material that you are cutting. Use the guides to set the blade depth a quarter of an inch below the surface of the material. Before turning on the saw, place the saw shoe on the edge of the material and align the blade with the cutting line. Then lift the blade guard enough to keep it away from touching the surface of the material. Then turn on the saw and slightly push it along the line as you cut.

Can you cut a tree with a hand saw?

Hand saws are not really designed for cutting whole trees. But if you happened to have no other tools besides a hand saw, then you can use it to cut a tree. But keep in mind that it is going to be more work than otherwise. But in order not to make it even harder, make sure that the blade is sharp enough. Also, you will need at least a crosscut saw, or a circular saw for this. Cut off the branches before you go for the tree to avoid branches falling off unexpectedly. Then find the direction which the tree is already leaning towards. Cutting in this direction will make your work easier.

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