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About Laser Distance Meter

The laser distance meter determines the distance of a span or object using a laser with no physical contact. These devices measure the distance by calculating the time a laser pulse takes to travel between the meter and the object under measurement. The use of laser distance meters does away with bulky reel-in tapes and walking wheel distance devices.

It is a common tool used by building surveyors, safety inspectors, construction workers, plumbers, electricians, field technicians, and other technicians. It is a handy tool to have for a host of applications, such as measuring distances for HVAC and other cabling works, measuring the height and width of buildings, laying out parking lots and sports arenas, measuring safety distances, and more. Further, a high-end laser distance meter stores readings in the device memory or transmits them to connected apps through Bluetooth. These devices may also come with computational capabilities, to calculate the surface volume or height using the measured data. Several other add-on features improve the utility of these devices. The best offers a high level of accuracy.

The best laser distance meters

Some of the best brands are Leica, Bosch, Hilti, and Lomvum. These brands offer various types, including the best budget ones, and also high-end models. The Leica distro ds2 stands out as a multi-utility meter offering excellent value for money. Besides, there is special application laser distance meter such as rangefinder and laser distometer. Rangefinder measures the distance from the observer holding the device to a target. Additionally, this ranging process is very useful for applications such as golf, ballistics, and forestry. Of late, the rangefinder has become popular for virtual reality applications. A distometer measures changes in the distance with a high degree of accuracy. This device is popular for surveying and tunnelling.

Leica disto d2

The Leica disto d2 meter offers excellent value for money. This laser distance meter offers seven measurement modes and suits multiple purposes, especially indoors. The feature-rich meter is very easy to operate and has high accuracy at 1.5mm, and a great range of 100 meters. The device offers the ability to take multiple modes of measurement, including distance, stake-out, min/max, and permanent. The device stores ten measurements. It auto-calculates the area and volume and also co-opts painter and Pythagoras functions. It offers an intelligent end-piece, which enables accurate measurement of end-piece from inside or outside corners, and diagonal measurements. This small yet powerful device weighs just 100g and easily fits one’s pockets. The easy-to-use interface, powerful circuitry, and compact casing with IP 54 rating are the icing on the cake.

Bosch laser meter

Bosch laser measures offer highly accurate measuring solutions. The Bosch brand is renowned for combining high quality and durability with ease of use. High-end meters feature Bluetooth technology to transmit precise measurements to connected apps in real-time. Interior designers, building Information Modelers, and design architects use these high-end Bosch laser meters to ease their work and cut time. The Bosch laser meter is also one of the best outdoor laser distance meters. Bosch also offers high-end meters with tilt sensors that make it easy to calculate the angle and distance. The technology makes it easy to conduct measurements even when people, furniture, or pallets stand in the way.

Hilti laser measure

Hilti is one of the best names in the laser distance meter device marketplace. The brand offers a wide range of devices, all offering high precision and accuracy. PD-S later meter, a cheap laser distance meter, suits measurements up to 60 meters. The high-end PD-I, on the other hand, offers Bluetooth connectivity and smart measuring functions. This model is apt for interior measurement of up to 100 meters. PD-E laser meter, with a range of 200 meters, is best for outdoor measurements and is a good laser distance measurer for golf. All these models feature intuitive design and enable one-person operation. It makes measuring hard-to-reach spots and covering long distances extremely easy.

Lomvum laser distance meter

The Lovum distance meter is another popular laser distance meter tool suitable for outdoor applications. These laser distance meters come in different ranges, such as 50 meters and 100 meters. The accuracy and other features remain the same regardless of the range. The key USPs of these meters are their highly accurate precision laser technology and a robust body. The Lovum laser distance meter kit guarantees easy, fast, easy, accurate measurements all the time. The small size of the device makes it very portable. The robust and highly accurate measurements make this device a favourite of civil engineers. They use this meter when measuring plots, buildings, diggings for foundations, and more.

Tips on how to buy Laser Distance Meter

When you buy a laser distance meter, you face multiple choices. Laser meters come in various sizes, colours, feature sets, functionality, and range. Base models may cost less but have poor accuracy or not be durable for rough applications. Buying a high-end laser distance meter with Bluetooth and other features may be an overkill for simple measurements. Our online store Dubai offers a host of laser distance meters with varying budgets, sizes, and features. Consider the following to narrow down the choices and choose the best laser distance meter. At times, the most attractively priced devices may not have a warranty, making it a risky buy. Use our product search finder to identify the best laser distance meter for sale online UAE.

  • Price – The best budget laser distance meter is not always the lowest priced one. Laser distance meters come in various types and features. Look for the functions on offer, the range, and the accuracy. Compare prices for similar products, and choose the one which offers the best value for money.
  • Use – Consider the use of the laser distance meter. For instance, laser distance measure for golf would need the best outdoor laser distance meter. A laser distance meter suitable for indoor applications will not suit the purpose of measuring golf courses, outdoor parking spots, or other applications.
  • Technology – Consider the technology and the feature set of the laser distance meter. Sonic distance meters, for instance, bounce sonic off the object and deliver only a rough distance. High-end laser distance meters come enabled with Bluetooth to transmit measurements to connected apps in real-time. There are several features and options in between.
  • Accuracy – The worth of a laser distance meter depends on its accuracy. Look for an ISO 16331-1 certified tool for guaranteed accuracy. Also, consider how easy it is to re-calibrate the laser distance meter to make sure the tool retains its accuracy over time.
  • Applications – If the laser distance measure is for use in sync with applications such as Autocad, make sure the device is compatible with the app.

Laser distance meters make measurements easy for professionals and laymen alike. However, the extent to which this tool becomes useful depends on paying attention to the details of each model and choosing the model that best suits your purpose. Our product comparison website makes it easy to compare laser distance meters depending on price, ease of use, the sensitivity of the measurement, range of applications, the technology used, and other factors. You can also check out our DIY category for a wider selection of products.

Question & Answer

How does a laser distance meter work?

Laser distance meters calculate the distance between two points using laser pulses. The device calculates the time a pulse of laser light takes to transit from the laser distance meter to the object. It considers the speed of light as the standard to determine as the standard to make a precise estimation of the distance. These meters are highly accurate in perfect working conditions. However, precise measurements depend on the calibration of these devices. Laser distance meters lose some accuracy over time. Accidental drops, exposure to cold temperatures or malfunctions may also lead to the calibration going awry.

How to calibrate a laser distance meter?

As a rule of thumb, calibrate the laser distance meter once a year, after exposure to extreme temperatures, or after a major drop. Manual calibration, which works for most laser distanced meters, is a simple affair of measuring the distance between two points using a steel tape measure, and then adjusting the laser distance meter measurement to the same measure. Repeat the process several times to improve accuracy. Several laser distance meter offers automatic calibration feature, accessible from the user menu. But the exact calibration process may be different depending on the type and brand of the laser distance meter. The instruction manual that comes with the meter offers specific instructions for calibration. Many high-end laser distance meters need professional calibration.

Which laser distance meter should I buy?

Laser distance meters come in different types, sizes, and features. So, when you buy a laser distance meter, go for the one with calibration certificates, warranties, and comprehensive documentation. For outside measurements, an optical scope or digital point finder suits best. A normal laser distance meter has a range of about 30 feet on a clear day. The scope or point finder extends the range considerably. Digital point finder technology itself comes in various options. A 4x zoom digital point finder works similar to the zoom function on a digital camera. The quality of the digital point finder depends on the calibration. Our product comparison site helps you identify the best laser distance meter suitable for your purpose and budget. We offer the most attractive laser tape price and distance meter price, at the lowest prices.

Buy laser distance meter online UAE using our product search engine. You get the best models of popular brands such as Bosch, Dewalt, Hilti, Leica, Milwaukee, Rigid, and Stanley. The wide range, which includes starting model cheap laser distance meter to high-end Bluetooth enabled devices, is sure to suit any requirement and budget. All these laser distance meters are highly durable and work with high accuracy under all conditions. Use our UAE search engine to find the best laser distance meter and other tools today!