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About Darning Knives

A box cutter (also known as cutter knives or darning knives) is a small handheld blade with plastic housing. This sharp tool I used to cut corrugated cardboard and packing tapes. It is similar to but not the same as Stanley or utility knife.  

The main difference is that the box cutter has a single long blade. This blade is scored into sections along its length. This structure is entirely different from traditionally blades and knives that have the blade attached to a handle. In cutter knives, when the blade gets dull, you will use a plier to snap it off and use the fresh razor section of the blade below it. It is a thin yet robust and sharp blade with an excellent full hand grip. This box cutter slices through cardboard, and the strongest reinforces tape like butter. They usually are used in shopping and receiving departments of manufacturing and retail setups.  

Everything you need to know about box cutter knives  

The box cutters are considered an ideal option for different types of cutting related tasks. However, not all these knives are made equally. You can find a wide range of box cutter knives to choose from for any specific task. And with so many manufacturers and sellers online, you can find a wide range of box cutters online in the UAE. However, more than relying on a particular design or style, the box cutter knives are mainly measured by their capability of how effectively the tool can cut the boxes. The purpose of this discussion is to help you understand the basics of a box cutter knife and make a knowledgeable buying decision.  

Understanding the basics 

The first thing is to understand what a box cutter safety knife is. This tool usually refers to a special metallic piece that is used to open cardboard boxes. These blades are sharper, agile, yet stronger enough to deal with a specific amount of pressure while cutting. Some modern Stanley retractable knives also contain a special type of retractable razor blade. This blade is covered in a thin metal or plastic sheath. These blades can be used for different purposes. Therefore, you can find them anywhere from small corporate offices to larger manufacturing setups and logistics warehouses.  

The working mechanism   

The working method of a box cutter knife exclusively depends on the handle design you choose. But there are several designs available in the market. Each design has its purpose and benefit. And the choice of a specific item depends on your requirements. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the significance of the style and the purpose and nature of the job you want to get done. This may include finding answers to questions like where and how often you will use the box cutter. You should also consider points like what type of boxes or other materials you will be applying the cutter on. Such questions will give you a bigger picture of what blade will suit your needs.  

Safety while using the blade 

Today box cutter is preferred on many other types of cutting devices and tools. Just because it is assumed to be a much safer and secure tool to open various people, keeping this major feature of the cutter safety knife in mind, the manufacturers have spent years redesigning the handle. However, the focus always remained on reducing the blade’s exposure and making it safer and more secure to use. Besides safety, it also provides various perks to users who are difficult to earn from any other cutting tool.  

Common benefits of a box cutter 

Every industry has its own needs based on the conditions and the requirement of work. And the versatility of the box cutter is the reason why they prefer using box cutters. Professionals like them because they are not sparking and non-magnetic. Also, they are completely rust free and hardly require any maintenance.  They are also no conductor of electricity and safer to use without a handle. Likewise, you can use them at up to 1600 degrees Celsius. With that many properties, these blades can be a perfect fit in any work environment. 

Tips on how to buy Cutter Knives online in the UAE   

Cutter knives are small yet essential part of any office or commercial setting. They are a multipurpose item that can help you deal with many cutting jobs quickly and with perfection. However, to take full advantage of these knives, you need to buy the best box cutter knives available on the shelves. But not everyone is pro enough to find an ideal and lasting option from a wide range of products available in the market. Therefore, we are here to help you make a smart buying decision. Here are some tips for buying cutter knives online in the UAE like a pro.

  • Look for the blade – A sharp, narrow blade is the most critical feature of a daring knife. Ideally, a knife with a 3 to 3½ inch blade is perfect for different uses. Besides, it remains closer to your hands and gives you a better grip, making it easier to control.
  • Choose a blade with agility – An agile and sharp blade can handle tight curves that can be a challenging option for utility knives. This is why agility is more important than balance and weight. But make sure the blade is not too flexible, or it will not serve the intended purpose.
  • Invest in the brand – It is important to invest in the right and high-quality product. It is a profitable deal for your budget as well. A fine quality branded item will last with you longer than a cheap local made. So, look for a branded, sturdy, well-shaped blade with a sharp tip and compact length overall.
  • The weight of the knife – The knife’s weight will vary with the type of handle it has. So, before you settle for any option, consider the product’s weight and try checking a different material of handle if the knife is too heavy or lighter for you. A lighter knife is recommended.
  • The folding options – These knives are readily available in foldable options. As a result, they are more comfortable and secure to carry in your pocket or with other stuff in a bag. You can also look for items with an easy-to-handle casing, including the one with belts and hooks.

You can also look for additional features like easy holding options, one-handed opening etc. They will offer you more convenience to get through the cutting process. Also, searching is the key to finding the best possible items online. You can explore more than one brand and review the best-selling items mentioned in the question-and-answer section. Then, review a few products to find which one will match your needs the most.

Question & Answer

Which is the best utility knife to buy?

Some of the bestselling items you can choose to buy include; FC folding pocket aluminium utility knife, an all-trade 150003 auto-loading utility knife, a Gerber EAB lite utility knife, and other items. you can also search and buy products like Stanley 10-099 retractable utility knife; tape king retractable utility knife; Kobalt utility knife; Klein tools folding utility knife; and Milwaukee 48-22-1903 utility knife

What is the difference between a box cutter and a utility knife?

A utility knife (Stanley knife) is used for general utility purposes. They have affixed blades with cutting edges suitable for general work like cutting cordage, cutting and scraping hides, cleaning fish or butchering. In comparison, a box cutter is a small handheld blade with plastic housing. They are used to cut corrugated cardboard or packing tapes.  The box cutter has one single long blade scored in sections along length. When the blade edge gets dull, you can snap it off to use the fresh razor-sharp section. But for a utility knife, you will need to sharpen a blade using different tools and methods.

Where to buy box cutter knives online in the UAE?

For any DIY tool and accessory, go online. Explore a trusted retail search engine to buy high-quality knives and other office and DIY items at cheaper rates. At you can find all the best-selling products from top brands like Bench Made, Victorinox, Stanley, Husky, Olfa, Kobalt, or Martor. You can also use the price comparison tool to compare and buy products from top brands without exceeding your budget.

You can also explore to buy products from top global shops in just a few clicks.