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About Crushers

Crushers are special heavy-duty machines that are designed to cut the larger rocks into small size rocks, gravels, sand, or rock dust.

Crushers are either used to reduce the size or to change the form of material so that you can quickly dispose of larger piles. They are also used for reducing the size of any concrete mix like rock ore to differentiate compositions it has. During the crushing process, force is amplified by mechanical advantage through a material made of molecules that strongly bond together and resist deformation. Commonly a crushing device holds the material between two surfaces and applies force resulting in crushing the material. The earlier stone crushers were handhelds; however, today, there is a wide range available in the market.

Common types of crushers machines 

The stone crushers are classified into four stages depending on the degree to which the raw material is disjointed.  These four stages are called the primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary stages. The primary stage involved crushing coarse material, while the tertiary and quaternary deal reduces ore particles to a fair degree. At the preliminary stage, you will use gyratory, jaw or impact crushers. While the cone, roll and impact crushers work on the secondary stage. AT the tertiary and quaternary stages, you will need a cone crusher. Here are a few necessary details about these common types of crushers you can find in the market.

The gyrator crushers

They consist of a concave surface with a conical head that is made of heavy steel casting. This crusher works by using a mantle that gyrates in a concave bowl. A gyrator uses compressive force to fracture hard rocks. It happens when the mantle comes in contact with the bowl during the gyration process. These crushers are often built into a cavity inside the ground. They are used for crushing rocks with really high compressive strength. It is one of the main types of crusher used in mines or ore processing plants. They are designated in size either by mantle and gape diameter or by the size of receiving opening.

The jaw crushers

They also use comprehensive forces, and the material is allowed into a gap or opening at the top of the equipment between the two jaws. One of the two jaws is fixed while the other reciprocates with a back and forth relative to the stationary jaw. The gap between these two jaws is known as the crushing chamber. Here the stones are crushed into smaller pieces when the moving jaw exerts a comprehensive force against the stone in the chamber. This force causes the stone to break down into smaller pieces, but the rock remains in the jaw. It remains under pressure until it is small enough to move down the chamber opening located at the bottom. These jaw crushers can work on various stones, from softer ones like limestones to harder granite or basalt.

Cone crusher

It is similar to a gyratory crusher because it operates using a mantle. This mantle rotates within a bowl but has lesser steepness in the crushing chamber. It also contains a small spindle that is supported by a curved universal bearing located underneath the cone. They use compression force for breaking the rock between the gyrating spindle and the enclosing bowl liner.  The rock becomes squeezed and wedges as it enters the top of the cone crusher. This cone crusher breaks larger pieces of ore into a smaller one that falls to a lower position. Here they have broken again. These pieces are continually crushed until they become smaller enough to move through a narrow opening located at the bottom of the crusher. 

The roll crushers  

These are the compression type crushing machines that come with two drums rotating as a shaft. The gap between these drums is adjustable. Here the particles are drawn into the crushing chamber by turning motions of the rolls. Here a friction angle is formed between the rolls and the particles. The rotating rollers offer compression force that breakdown the stones. These crushed particles are then forced between the rotating drums into smaller gaps. These crushers are mostly used in small level production and for crushing fewer abrasive ores.

The impact crushers

They do not use any force to crush materials; instead, they work with an impact. Here the material is contained in h a cage with an opening at the bottom of the sides to escape the crushed material. These crushers can be classified into two categories, namely, vertical shaft and horizontal shaft impact crushers. The VSI have high-speed rotors with wear resistance properties, whereas the HSI has a shaft that runs on a level through the crushing chamber. They both work differently and are suitable for different situations.

Tips on how to buy Crushers online in the UAE

Besides the fact that different crushers are used for other materials and deliver varying results, many brands offer the machines. With dozens of brands, you can find hundreds of options to choose from. With the competition, there is a slight difference in the features as well as the price. With such variations, it is always better to go online and spot these variations easily. Once you get to know the variety of options, you can make a better decision for your crushing needs. Here are some pointers that you can consider while making a purchase.

  • The abrasiveness factor – It is important to know what materials you will crush using the machine. In particular, you need to know the level of abrasiveness and hardness of the machine you choose to buy. Also, evaluate the comprehensiveness, strength, and maximum force that material can deal with before reaching the breaking point.
  • The dimensions and granulometric needs – You should consider the maximum dimensions you will need to enter into the machine. Here it would help if you considered everything, including thickness, width, and length. It is also important to define the desired results or the grain size after crushing the stone or raw material.
  • Operational considerations – Check where you want to use the crusher and the raw material’s needs. It will help you shortlist the capacity, dimensions, the type of crusher suitable for your needs. It would help if you also considered how often you would need the machine and what mechanical expertise your worker will need to operate it.
  • Maintenance requirements – Every machine needs maintenance, but some need professional’s help to clean inside out and ensure proper working. Therefore, it is important to consider the maintenance cost and usual expenses while buying any item. Here you can consider buying a machine that can meet all your needs and easier to do basic maintenance on your own.
  • Brand and price – Luckily, there are dozens of brands selling top quality DIY and industrial level machinery online in the UAE. However, there is a huge difference in the price and quality of the machines. Moreover, at times you may also find a difference in the features. Therefore, it is always better to look at products from more than one brand to find the best possible option.

Likewise, while choosing a jaw crusher for sale, always consult an expert’s advice. It would help if you asked the professionals in your circle to know what the bestselling and latest machine in the market is. Also, read the product description section to find specifications about the product and decide if it will meet your job and crushing requirements or not. Once you get hands-on with a suitable item, look at the customer review section to know what other buyers have to say about the product’s performance. All these suggestions and information will help you make a better buying decision.

Question & Answer

What are the common types of crushers?

There are different types of crushers. They vary based on the location and type of job that is needed to be done, and the results. For results, different crushers deliver different sizes of stones and gravels. The jaw crushers are the hardest of all and can deal with soft to very hard stones. Gyratory crushers and Cone crushers follow it. Other types include compound crushers, horizontal shaft impactors, vertical shaft impactors, mineral sizers, and crusher buckets.

What are crushers commonly used for?

The crushers are mainly used to reduce the size of rocks and stones in aggregates construction material recycling, production, or mining operations. Based on the variety of functions, these crushers come with a variety of jaw styles. A Cone crusher is used for quarried materials, sand & gravel whereas a compound crusher for mine and building materials. A Horizontal shaft impactor works for quarried materials, sand & gravel, recycling and so on.

What is the difference between cone crushers and a jaw crushers?

A jaw crusher uses comprehensive force where the materials are allowed into a gap at the top of the machine, between the two jaws. In this machine, one jaw is fixed while the other one reciprocates with back and forth movement.  A jaw crusher can work on a range of stones from softer (like limestone) to harder options (like granite and basalt). At the same time, a cone crusher breaks larger pieces of ore into smaller particles that fall to a lower position where they are crushed into smaller pieces again. Here the ore is continuously crushed until it becomes small enough o move through a narrow opening located at the bottom of the crusher.

What is Blake jaw crusher?

A blake jaw crusher is an original jaw type crusher. This crusher has one fixed jaw plate, whereas the other one is pivoted at the top to offer the greatest movement on the smallest lumps. Here the motion is imparted on the lower end of the crushing jaw using a toggle joint operated by eccentric. This machine, along with some of its modifications, is used for reducing the run of the mine ore. It is also used to reduce the coal to a size smaller enough to take out. This crusher works typically in the first stage of crushing.

Where can I buy crushers online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying DIY tools and accessories, the best way is to go online. Explore any retail search engine to find possible machine options that you can use for a specific task. But when it comes to buying heavy-duty machinery items, you should look at a trusted seller. For instance, at, you can find products from top brands like Metso, Sandvik, Terex, Pegson, or Kleemann. Here you can also use the price comparison tool to compare and buy products within the specific budget limit.

Here you can also find and buy crushers and related products from top brands like Extec, Kue Ken, Hazemag, Komatsu, and Telsmith.