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About Cross Spanners

Cross spanner, spanner, or simply a wrench is a tool that provides grip and certain mechanical benefits by applying torque to turn objects. It is usually helpful in rotary fasteners like bolts, nuts and keeping them from turning. 

The term cross spanner is commonly used in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Ireland. Other parts of the world still name it as a wrench. Both terms refer to a tool that turns non-fastening devices, used for monkey wrench or adjustable pipe wrench. High-quality cross spanners are usually made from chromium-vanadium allow tool steels. They are also drop forged and frequently chrome-plated to fight back corrosion and offer easy cleaning. Considering different types of nuts, bolts, and their uses, wrenches come in various types.  

Types of spanners available in market 

Wrenches are among those everyday tools that we overlook until they are needed. Generally, we grab the nearest wrench we can find to deal with any project. But there are quite different types of wrenches available in the market. Many of these spanners, like lug nut wrench or tire wrench, are specially designed to deal with specific tasks. In addition, wrenches will either be male or female. Here the male is inserted like the head of a screwdriver. In contrast, the female wrenches have sockets that fit over or around the object while we turn it. You can also find a combination of the two. Both male and female wrenches are used to tighten or loosen the bolts, nuts, mechanical caps, or screws. Here are some common types that you can buy online.  

Open-ended and ring spanners 

Open-ended spanners feature one or two U-shaped profiles and are available in different sizes. They are ideal for passing over nuts on threaded rods that are otherwise difficult to access with other types of wrenches. They are usually available in sets of different sizes. They are a common tool in car mechanics and plumbing. On the other hand, the ring spanner applies force to all six sides of a fastener. Some advanced versions are also equipped with a ratcheting mechanism that makes them faster and more convenient to use.  

Combination and adjustable spanners 

A spanner combination features an open-ended profile at one end and a ring profile on the other side. You can use the open end for starting to fasten and shift to another side for tightening. At the same time, adjustable spanners are shaped like open-ended spanners with other moveable jaws. This jaw contains worm screws that are used to adjust the spanner on different fastener sizes. These spanners are hard to work on and are typically used for heavy-duty work. But they are versatile and can work on a range of bolts and nut sizes.  

L-Shapes socket wrenches 

These wrenches fit over fasteners and socket wrenches, but their heads are at a right angle to handle it throughout the process. At times they also feature longer handles that offer better leverage. The pass-through socket wrenches provide an opening in the socket head to pass longer threaded bolts. So, if you choose to pick a pass-through model, they will work just as well as other types of spanners. Therefore, it is always recommended to keep one handy in your collection for tough times.  

Box spanner and Allen key  

Box spanners are ideal for long threaded rods. They are either angled or straight. Here the spark plug is the most commonly used type. The straight box spanner features many holes that allow you to attach a T-bar for adding torque. You can also fit them with a screwdriver handle when needed. An Allen or hex key, on the other hand, comes with a hexagonal cross-section. They are best for assembling furniture and are also used in mechanics. They have an L-shape that give easy access to hidden or recessed screws while allowing tighter fastening. 

Tips on how to buy Cross Spanners online in the UAE 

Buying DIY products is a one–time investment if you can choose the right item. But saying so is much easier than doing it. It is because when you head to buy the best impact wrench for changing tires, or any other application, you will be confused by choices. Besides the fact that there is a variety of cross spanners in use, material, make, size, and other features, there is also an abundance of brands and sellers online. This is why for a novice buyer choosing an appropriate option is a hectic process. To help such buyers, we are here to share some tips on how you can make a better decision.

  • Sockets and their sizes – When buying online, check product images and details carefully. Make sure the selected item has sockets.  While speaking of sockets, the sizes are important. Try investing in sets with a range of sizes. For a lug wrench, you can buy socket sizing 17mm, 19mm, 21mm and 23m. With these sizes, you can do about 95% of the jobs done.
  • Solid or folding wrench – This feature can help you in many ways. Here you can consider your preferences. A solid tool will be cheaper, hardwearing, and tough. On the other hand, a folding item is easier to use and store but can struggle to provide the same leverage and power. Again, you can consult experts for suggestions.
  • Buying policies – While buying tools online, choose a seller offering easy buying terms and conditions. Here you may need to consider the fact that you might have ordered the wrong size, or the quality is not as satisfactory as you expected. In any such case, you will wish for a return or exchange of the product. Easy will offer you a security of money invested.
  • Customer reviews – If you are not sure about any cross spanners you see online, look into the response from previous customers. A rule of thumb is to buy products that are top, or five starts rating. Any product that has less than three stars should not be your pick. You can apply the same rule while choosing the brand.

Luckily, at, you can find top brands like Cheater Wrench or Lowes known and trusted for their professional quality of products. Hence if you need to buy truck wheel nut remover online in the UAE or anything else for your car kit, home, or commercial needs, explore Another secrete for successful online shopping is to do a detailed market search. Always look for products on different brands and compare features, quality, price, and customer rating before placing an order for cross spanners.

Question & Answer

Are lug wrenches universal?

No, there is not the universal size of lug nuts or wrenches. But luckily, there are only about ten thread sizes and pitches that can make up a lug nut and wrench size. Here the most commonly used and available types are cross shapes universal lug wrench that features four different socket sizes. On the other hand, you can find an L-shaped iron with a socket on one end and a wedge on the other. But the latter mentioned are not popular due to lack of versatility.

What size lug wrench do I need for my car?

The size of the lug wrench varies according to the size and type of car you own. Depending on the vehicle, the nuts can either be metric or standard. Here the most common sizes are 10 to 14 mm or 7/16 to 5/8 inches. While buying a lug wrench for your car, make sure that your tire iron fits them well. You can take help from the owner’s manual that comes with the car to know the appropriate size. Otherwise, consult an expert or read the customer review section to have a clear idea.

What is a bike spanner?

Bike spanners are also known as cone spanners or cone wrenches. These are special tools used for bike maintenance and assembly. They work for adjusting the cone of the cup and bearing. These wrenches are thinner and lighter as compared to many other members of the family. They must only be used for adjusting cones. At other times you can use them for low torque applications like centring brakes on bikes etc.

Where can I buy cross spanners online in the UAE?

DIY tools and accessories are of great importance in any household or commercial setting. However, a slight malfunction in any of these tools can cause a loss you can never imagine. Therefore, it is important to get hold of high-quality products only. To find trusted tools like cross spanners online in the UAE, explore a retail search engine. For instance, at you can find top brands like Gorilla; Power built, Dewalt, Cheater Wrench, or Lowes. All these brands are top-rated and trusted by professionals.

Here you can also compare and shop cross spanners from brands like Bunnings, Husky, Hyper Tough, Ryobi, Supercheap Auto and Xtreme Power Us. To find cheaper items, use the price comparison tool and buy the best tools within your budget limit.