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A compressor is a mechanical device that increases the pressure of any gas by reducing the volume. An air compressor is the most common type of gas compressor used across the globe.

A compressor is much similar to pumps as they both increase the pressure on the fluid, and both can transport the fluid through the pipe. As all gasses are compressible, it will reduce the volume of gas. On the other hand, Liquids are incompressible while some can be compressed; the main action of the pump is to pressurize and transport liquids. Many compressors can be staged. In this case, the fluids are compressed several times in different stages to increase discharge pressure. Many machines are also powered by an electric motor or controlled by a power inverter or VFD.

Types of compressors available in the market

Buying an air compressor for industrial and domestic use is always a big decision to make. There is a variety meant for different purposes. It is, therefore, important to pick an appropriate type of machine matching your needs. The variety varies from petrol to diesel, silent and oil-less to single and three-phase.  Having some knowledge about the applications a machine is involved in will allow the buyer to choose the right machine to deliver sufficient air. Here we are going to talk about the basic types that you can choose from.

Piston compressor

They are single cylinders that can pressure for up to 10 bars. At the same time, the multi-stage machine is ideal for increasing the pressure in steps and going up to 400 bars. Piston compressors are economical. You can use these types of compresses for intermittent operations. Also, the duty cycle is almost 60%, which means it can only operate for 35 minutes per hour. The compressed air supply is enough concerning the estimated flow rate so that they do not need to operate other than this. However, the advantage of a piston compressor is that it releases oil with compressed air. So, if you need clean air, you need to install a filtration system or choose an oil-free compressor.

Screw compressors

This is the most common type used at the industrial level. Therefore, they are also called industrial air compressors. Instead of pistons, they use helical screws. The pressure obtained can vary up to 5 bars for the single-cylinder to 13 bars for multi-stage models. They generally offer significant flow and a high compression ratio with a single stage. It allows the manufacturers to provide them in sizes smaller than piston compressors. They can have a duty ratio of 100%. It means they can operate continuously.

Rotary vane compressors

By term vane, we mean plates that slide in an eccentric rotor and cause air compression. They also have a reasonable compact ability compared to other types available in the market. For such flow rate and pressure, they have lower rotational speed as compared to screw compressors. As a result, it reduces the wear and tear on parts. It also results in lower maintenance costs and efforts with longer life. These compresses are used in different market sectors, including woodworking, packaging, and printing.

Centrifugal compressors

They are also known as dynamic compressors. They draw air through the machine by the rotation of the radial impeller. This principle is the same as turbochargers used in the automotive industry. Commonly they are used when a high flow rate is needed with higher pressure continuously. This is specifically the case with industries related to energy production. Such types of machines are equipped with integrated reducers that allow the engine to operate at optimal speed. Most commonly, we can see them in use in the chemical industry.

Tips on how to buy Compressor online in the UAE

Quality is of core importance when buying DIY products, including main machines and their tools and accessories. Most of these products and tools are a one-time investment. If you fail to buy high quality, you will regret it. Luckily, there are many trusted brands offering air compressors for sale online in the UAE. These brands are known for their quality and lasting durable products. However, you can find many types and models for sale online in the UAE on each brand. To help you with your buying process, we will share some words of wisdom on how to pick an appropriate item as per your needs.

  • Consider portability and tank size – Bigger tanks will allow you to operate multiple tools simultaneously and for a longer period. However, with compressed air in them, these tanks will be quite heavy and difficult to manoeuvre. So decide the size of the tank and portability as per your needs. And look for a suitable product accordingly.
  • The power source  – They will either be powered by petrol or by electricity. Most people like petrol-powered options as they are best for outdoors and can work on different sites. At the same time, electric options are best suitable for industrial use where they will be working indoors.
  • About the CFM – CFM is a common measuring unit for Free Air Delivery. It measures the volume of air produced by these devices. If you plan to air multiple tools simultaneously, you will need to add up to the CFM requirements from the air tools to ensure the air compressors equals or surpasses the required free air delivery.
  • PSI of the machine – Different machines have different levels of PSI. It determines the power level of air being produced. So, if your air tool requires 150 PSI, the compressor must pressurize aid to at least 150 PSI to let it work. However, it is also important that the air tools are not operated with excessively high PSI.
  • The price and brand – As the machine you choose will stay with you for years to come, it is important to buy a reliable product. So look for a reliable brand that sells top-rated products. Also kept the fact in mind that the price will vary with the name tag on the machine. But it is always worthy of investing in branded products when it comes to DIY tools.

To find reliable options from any seller online, you can consult the customer review section. This is where you can be able to know about the experience of previous users. A rule of thumb is to look for products with at least 3 out of five stars. Also, read the customer comments carefully before placing an order. Luckily, at, you can find top brands known for their advanced technology and higher rating online.

Question & Answer

How do air compressors work ?

It works by pumping air into any container and adding pressure to it. After injection, the air is forced through an opening in the tank where the pressure is built up. The entire process can be referred to as the phenomenon we see in an open balloon where compressed air can be used as energy as it is released.  They are actually powered by an engine that turns electrical energy into kinetic energy.

What is the best car air compressor to buy ?

Some of the bestselling items you can buy online are a power compact air machine, Audew auto digital tire inflator, Helteko portable air, or Tessa digital tire inflator. Kensun ac/dc. The users also rank products like Viair 00088 88p portable, Fortem the extra mile electric auto pump, and Breezz auto tire inflator best for their specific uses. All these products are top-rated for their performance and price.

Wh a t are air compressors used for ?

Air compressors have several uses. Most commonly, they are used for supplying high–pressure clean air for filling gas cylinders; supplying moderate pressure clean air for driving HVAC control system valves. At other times these are also used for supplying moderate pressured clean air to submerged surface supplied divers. They also supply a large amount of mild pressure air to the power pneumatic tools. Finally, you can also use some models for filling tires or filling high–pressure air tanks (HPA).

Where can I buy compressors online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying DIY tools and accessories like these, quality is of core importance. It would help if you considered the fact that the security and life of your precious appliance depend on the quality and performance of a machine. A wrong decision can cost you lacks. Therefore, always look for a reliable retail search engine to buy products online. At, you can find top brands like Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, Mini, Elgi, LG, and Kaeser. All these brands and known and trusted for their quality products.

You can also look for tools from brands like Hitachi, Sullair, Danfoss, or Bitzer to make a smart buying decision. In addition, at you can use the reliable price comparison tool to search and buy products from top global shops.

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