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Who would’ve thought that clamping two pieces of wood together could get so complicated? But, then the various clamping tools make the job easy for you. Yes, clamps are a versatile part of any DIY tool kit, and a necessity too. In this guide, we shall take a look at the various types of clamps that you can put to use for your different woodworking projects. Besides, we shall also take a quick look at a few tips that’ll help you gather the right and best clamps for woodworking online. So, let’s get started.

First things first, let’s define these clamping tools. Clamps are tools that are designed to press or bind two or more materials or objects together and keep them firmly in place. This comes in extremely handy when you have to glue or hold materials together, for example, paper, plastic, wood, or certain other metals. Most clamping tools usually have a movable jaw affixed to an adjustable screw. You’ll also find some versions of them with two screws. However, you use most of them temporarily, although you can find a few that are permanent. That said, let’s take a look at their few popular types that you can consider investing for your various needs.

The different types of clamps for your various needs

Fortunately for you, there are numerous types of clamps available out there for every project imaginable. But, the best thing is that you can accomplish almost anything with just a few essential key clamps. Before we begin to explore the various types, just a reminder – if you’re starting your woodworking journey, feeling a bit overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin with can be expected. Below we’ve compiled the list of a few useful clamping tools that help you get away with all your DIY projects.

The C clamp or G clamp

AC clamping tool is probably where you need to begin your clamp collection. You might think that you can do away with just one, but it’s best to have more than one and in different sizes too. Most of the standard options you’ll see today measures about 4 to 8 inches. This size indicates the dictating clamping capacity of the unit. Similarly, the G clamps to have the same features and characteristics. Both of them have an incredibly versatile structure that helps you use them widely in any DIY wood projects. You can either use them to clamp two pieces together or hold the project onto the table.

The hand screw clamp

The hand screw clamping tools, quite often referred to as ‘toolmaker’s clamps’ interestingly come in an all-steel construction. This makes them very hard and long-lasting. Their sturdy built enables you to use them while you’re working with both metal and wood materials. In fact, we confidently state that they’re one of the best clamps for welding out there. Besides, many companies today have been building their wooden versions too. That’s because they can firmly hold down the metal pieces you’re working on. Apart from that, they’re also an excellent tool for furniture repairing, as you can adjust their jaws to fit onto and hold angled material in place easily.

The Sash clamp

If you’re planning to work on large projects such as doors, tabletops, sash windows, or cabinets, you can never go wrong with these clamps. Generally, you might need to use more than one at a time to ensure that there’s a strong grip on the project you’re working on. Furthermore, they have a long-flat bar that’s very heavy and has a fixed jaw attached to it. You can adjust this fixed jaw and lock them in position to hold your desired materials in place. By the way, they’re also a great tool for clamping together a large project and allowing to glue dry tight. Above all, this type has a long structure and is a more specialised form of the bar clamp.

The pipe clamp

Often referred to as glueing clamp, these clamping tools are very similar to sash models. However, instead of metal being a flat bar, here it is a round shaft. The length of the pipe determines the length of the clamp. Besides, you can easily lengthen them by adding more tube to the clamp. In fact, it’s only the initial investment. After that, you need not spend much on lengthening them. This indeed makes them a great purchase for any kind of DIY projects. Further, you can easily move the jaw of the clamp as it’s easily adjustable and movable too. All this makes them a highly versatile and easy to use tool for your various projects.

Tips on how to buy Clamping Tools online

As novice woodworkers, you can quickly feel overwhelmed by all the different kinds of clamping tools out there in the market. Besides, you’ll often get puzzled on which one to buy for your needs. But, what we want you to understand that, you can easily buy clamps online if you know what exactly to look for. That said, we’ve enlisted a few such smart tips to help you with your buying process.

  • Figure out the purpose – For what purpose are you buying the clamping tools for? This is something that you need to ask yourself even before you start your search. Each clamp has a different purpose. For instance, if you plan on edge-glueing, then you need to pick the bar and pipe clamps. However, they might not work for your other needs. Therefore, understanding the purpose of purchase is imperative.
  • Research a bit – It’s always good to have adequate knowledge about the product you’re going to buy online. Check out the various manufacturers, their types, retailers, and other features about the product before you browse for them. Also, being armed with the right knowledge about the product makes your buying process a breeze.
  • Explore the types – Clamps are available to you in various types. From the simple C type to the pipe and PEX, there are numerous varieties of clamping tools. Make sure you carefully understand each type. Knowing the features and characteristics of each type helps you pick the right one for your specific project.
  • Check out the materials – Keep an eye on the clamp construction material. This is because it affects the structural integrity of the clamps. Some of the commonly preferred materials for clamping tools include high-quality ductile cast iron, drop-forged, high-carbon steel, and anodized aluminium. All of these materials make up a reliable and robust clamp.
  • Look out for the handles – The handles of the clamping tools must feel right in your hands. Although you cannot hold and feel the product while you’re shopping online, you can take a look at the handle design. By carefully observing the design and the specifications, you can easily make sure whether it’ll suit your hands or not.
  • Consider the amount of required clamping force – Only the right wood-orientation gives you the best clamp force. Many woodworkers often make the mistake of loosely clamping or under clamping during the glueing process. The key to clamping is applying right pressure or clamping force on the materials that you’re supposed to glue.

Remember, a tougher job requires a tougher clamp. And, regardless of which model you buy, you should opt for the top quality. Also, keep an eye on the pricing. You could always set aside a budget for yourself before you start your search. For economisers – you can buy cheap clamps for sale. This helps you secure the best clamping tools while spending less. Just make sure to keep the above tips in mind for a hassle-free online shopping experience.

Question & Answer

Which hose clamps are the best?

When you connect the hose to barb, the fluid you intend to transfer tends to leak if you haven’t firmly made the joint. A hose clamp has a unique built that solves this problem. With this, you’re able to press the hose onto the barb and avoid any fluid leakage. Now, you’ll find several hose clamps out there, but not all of them serve the purpose. Some of the popular ones that you can consider investing in include Lokeman clamps, Hilitchi worm gear clamps, Glarks mini fuel injection style hose clamps, and Hilitchi spring clip.

What clamps do I need for woodworking?

Over time you might end with many types of clamping tools in your workshop. However, there are a few general clamps that very essential for you to have apart from the ones that we mentioned in the prior sections of this article. These necessary clamping tools include pipe clamps, bar clamps, and strap clamp. Each one has a different purpose. However, you can use all of them for multiple works. Besides, you can use them on various materials too.

How to remove PEX clamps?

PEX piping system has been on the rise for a few years now because of their ease of installation and multiple uses. The PEX tubing is flexible, and you can bend them in any direction. Most of this tubing has a coupling for connecting. You can remove them only with another specialised tool. For removing PEX clamps, first, you need to shut off the water running throughout the pipes. Next clean of the area surrounding the clamps. Then, gently slide the PEX clamp cutter around the clamp you wish to cut. Next, slightly squeeze the handles of the cutter to cut the clamps. Pull the clamp off with the help of pliers.

Where to buy clamps online in UAE?

Clamps being a prevalent tool in all the DIY projects, is readily available online these days. Yes, you can buy them from anywhere, but you need to have a reliable platform where you can purchase your products quickly and easily. Well, if you’re in search of such a place online, then look no further than Our shopping search engine brings to a comprehensive collection of clamps of different versions from popular brands. Some of the brand names include Jorgensen, Oetiker, Stanley, Key Clamp, Craftsman, Klein, Milwaukee, Armstrong, and Hilti. What’s more, you can buy clamps in bulk from your favourite online stores right here on our product search engine.

Well, that’s a lot of information to take in, isn’t it? Well, the good news is that you now know how to purchase the best clamping tools without anyone’s help. And as you become a little more experienced in your workshop, choosing the perfect one will probably become your second nature. Until then, always be free to refer to this guide as you go about making your DIY creations.