Bench Screws

About Bench Screws

Whether you’re cutting a wood piece at home or welding in a workshop, there’s always the need to hold the piece you’re working on straight and steady. Well, when it comes to maintaining your work-pieces stationery, there’s nothing that beats the bench screws – commonly referred to as bench vises. In this article, we shall take a look at the various aspects of these bench vises and check out a few essential tips that’ll help you sort out the best bench vise to buy online.

As with all the mechanical tools, let’s get to know what they’re and their functions first. We did sight this earlier too that a bench screw is a device that helps you hold whatever you’re working on still. Of course, none of us wants to drill a hole in a moving target! Quite obviously, these tools attach directly to your workbench and hold the piece. This keeps both your hands free from drilling and any other work. That said, we must also insist on the fact that the uses of these bench screws are practically endless. You can use them in workshops and home garages alike. In short, it affords people the capacity to handle any DIY projects. What’s more, there are several versions of them available these days. Let’s take a peek at the trending models that you can invest in.

The top-selling bench screws to invest in

Whether you’re cutting a piece of wood or welding at a workshop, know that you need to have the right bench vise for the job. Luckily, you’ll find numerous types of vises all suited for various purposes. One such unique and popular model is the woodworking bench vise. It’s used by woodworkers to hold the workpieces in place. Similarly, you’ll find metalworking vise. These versions of bench screws tend to have two parallel iron jaws with a wide opening base. You can also find vises like pipe vise, vacuum models, clamp-on screws, combined vise, and handheld models. Each one has a specific purpose and unique features. Let’s now take a look at a few popular models that you can invest in.

The perfect woodworking bench vise; Wilton bench vise 

If you’re in search of a sturdy bench screw, which you obviously should be, then this version from Wilton ticks all the boxes. The product comes with a world-standard blue powder coat finish for extra durability. Furthermore, the entire structure has been built with strengthened steel that makes it an almost invincible vise. But, fret not, it isn’t a mammoth to handle or to install. They weigh around 7 kg. Apart from its medium weight structure, the product also has a swivel base. In short, the bench screw is an inch workhorse. Besides, it’s perfect for beginners and experienced artisans alike.

The multi-jaw Yost bench vise – the best swivel bench vise

One of the most prevalent, these bench screws are designed not just for casual work. However, it’s up to you how you use them. This bench screw from Yost comes with an exceptional industrial-strength iron construction and is always ready to take a hell of a beating. What’s more, the jaws of the model at 360-degree swivel design have two types of jaw grip, making it a fantastic structure. You can activate eh rotation feature by a pull-pin mechanism found on the back of the vise. All this allows you to work with the bench screws single headedly.

The small and portable bench vise for home

With a measurement of 4 and a half inches, the Yost LV-4 from Yost is quite a small version of the standard bench screws. However, the product has been updated and improved for more stability, thus making it superior to its predecessors. The product usually has a cast-iron construction, and hence, in this case, small doesn’t actually mean weak or hollow. Further, their small structure makes it easy for you to install on your bench. Also, it has a complete, small anvil area for you to whack at. In short, the product is small, sturdy, and perfect for home bench use or small workshops.

The PanaVise 381 vacuum base quick release bench vise

Do not be fooled by the small, baby looking structure of the bench screw from PanaVise. It may be small, but it is mighty. Additionally, it can hold up heat up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit of direct continuous heat exposure. We can surely say that this mini bench vise is quite a little beast. Their small structure allows you to install them on any tabletop or workbench easily. Besides, their vacuum base nature helps you to fix and release them easily from any surface. Also, you can even mount them higher if needed, which isn’t something that’s useful or appropriate for bench screws of the wider variety.

Tips on how to buy Bench Screws online

Now you know that there are several types of bench screws out there. They differ in features, quality and use. Therefore, it’s important to know what you’re looking for in a bench screw before you buy the best bench screws online in UAE. This will not only allow you to find the best tools for your needs but also prevent you from losing unnecessary money to a bad investment. Here are a few tips and factors to consider before you buy the bench vises online.

  • Explore the various types – Depending on your craft, you might find yourself using different types of bench vises. Some of the common and most popular ones include woodworking vises, metal, and pipe vises. Understanding the various characteristics and features of each of these models makes your buying process a breeze.
  • Check out the jaw width – The width of the jaws basically refers to the size of the bench vise jaws. It’s the measure of the jaws that comes in contact with the material, and you usually measure them in inches. Different vises have different jaw widths. Try and pick the bench screws that have a larger jaw width. That’s because their large size allows them to have a firmer grip on the material.
  • Look out for the throat depth – As the name suggests, the throat depth is the measure of the distance between the jaw top and the top of the slide below it. Remember, your ideal throat depth depends on the material you’re working with. Go for deeper throat depth if you’re working with larger pieces, as this helps you secure the piece firmly.
  • Consider the jaw opening – Jaw opening is basically the distance between the two jaws, and it is different for various bench screws. Just as with the throat and width of the vise, the jaw opening depends on the size of your workpieces. If you’re dealing with wide pieces, then obviously you’d require a bigger size jaw opening that’ll accommodate the workpiece.
  • Keep an eye on the rotation angle – It’s best to go for bench screws that have swivelling bases. These bases allow you to rotate the jaws so that you can easily work on your materials from every possible angle. But, note, every model has a different rotation angle. Therefore, always take a look at the degree of flexibility when buying a model. Your options range from 360 degrees to 0.
  • Check out the material and construction – Always consider the materials utilised for the construction of a bench vise. Because the material is the one aspect that determines the durability and use of the product. You usually find two major materials of bench vises – cast iron and forged iron. Each one has a different strength and characteristic. Be sure to check this out before you buy your final model.
  • Look out for the mount type – It’s imperative to consider the mount type as this affects the way you work with your project. You normally find two significant types of mount options when it comes to bench screws. This includes the bolt-on and the clamp-on. Each one has different characteristics and features. So, make sure to assess the ones that work best for you carefully.
  • Consider the price – The bench vise price usually depends on the quality, brand and the place from where you buy. Surely, you can find both cheap and expensive ones out there on the market. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a budget before you start your search for them online. If you’re an economiser, go ahead and purchase a cheap bench vise for sale.

Whether you’re just bending a piece of metal or gripping the material during your work, it’s imperative to have the right bench screws in hand. And for that, you need to assess the pro and cons of the product carefully. You must also try and understand the various characteristics and features of different models to get a fair idea.

Question & Answer

Where should you mount the bench vise?

Mounting the bench screws at the right place on your material is critical for a successful and sturdy grip on the material. Now, when you position your bench screws on the materials, it’s best to place them in such a way that the stationary jaw face stays just past the edge of the table. This allows you to clamp longer pieces that can hang below the tabletop.

What size bench vise should I get?

Always make sure to understand the nature of your project and the available space even before you buy the bench vises. Most bench vises that handle heavy-duty projects tend to be large, and thus occupy more space. Therefore, if you’re planning on embarking on such projects, then always keep an eye on your space and the kind of project you’re working on.

What bench vise to buy?

It’s always better to buy bench screws that are of the best quality. One of the easiest ways to make sure that you have premium quality bench vises is to buy them from well-known brands. Some of the popular brands from where you can buy your perfect bench screws include names like Ridged, Craftsman, Irwin, Dewalt, Stanley, Husky, Gressel, Grizzly, Rockwell, Tekton, and Zyliss.

How to make a bench vise?

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, then you probably know how expensive the tools tend to be. But why should you buy a vise when you can make one of your own. Yes, you heard it right – you can surely make one of your own. However, before that, you need a few essential tools to do them right. This includes 16 linear feet of one by six hardwood, Two hex bolts ½” by 8″ to 10″ long and two ½” flange nuts, wood glue, and finally table Saw, drill press. First, you need to make the front jaw and then next make the rear jaw. Next, drill holes for the hex bolts, and make handles. Lo! Your bench vise is ready for use. Try and check out a few videos online for a better understanding.

Where to buy bench vise online UAE?

Several online stores today offer all kinds of bench screws out there. However, checking out each site and frisking through the numerous products to find that one perfect model might seem practically impossible. Well, not with This superfast shopping search engine allows you to compare prices of numerous high-quality bench screws from popular online brands. What’s more, you can easily buy the best bench vises from your favourite online stores right here on

As far as the tools go, the bench screws might not be something that instantly comes to your mind when you’re working on any DIY projects. However, it’s surely a necessary tool, and you must have figured that out by now. The bench vise may indeed seem like a simple tool, but they require careful consideration before purchase. We hope this guide has armed you with adequate knowledge about the product. So, get on and get going to!