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Electrical plugs allow the electrical tools to get connected to the grid. On the other hand, the electrical grid allows alternate current to the plug. In simple words, each side of the plugs acts as a terminal. So, read more about them in the below section.

Electrical plugs have immense longevity if you go for the quality. You can be sure of it for five or ten years after installing a fresh plug on your wall. However, you need to choose to replace them if it’s not working properly. It can be that a small fire or anything similar impedes the safe power flow because the fuse is blown. So, before you head to buy an electrical plug for a generator, learn about the different kinds of plugs & tips to purchase the right one. And make your shopping voyages fun and hassle-free. 

Types of electrical plugs for your room

We know the main purpose of electrical plugs is to deliver power to electrical devices, but not all are the same! They differ in power rating, voltage rating, design and type. If you want to get a suitable replacement for electrical plugs, first know the dissimilarity between different plugs. So, read the different kinds of plugs before buying electrical plugs online in the UAE.

AC wall outlets

These are the standard electrical plugs that you can see in almost every residential & commercial site. Many devices are there that can be plugged directly into these electrical plugs. And they are smartphone chargers, laptop chargers, vacuum cleaners, mixer blenders, table lamps etc. But do you know that the type of regular wall outlets varies between countries? No! For instance, in the UAE, this plug is called the type G plug. And it’s known with the same name in other eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait. Apart from these middle east countries, these plugs are also used in a few different European countries.

High amperage power plugs

These plugs are designed for high power equipment like everyday household devices at your home. And they are refrigerators, microwave ovens, heaters, and many more. Besides, these devices consume a lot more amperage than standard devices. So, if you plug them into ordinary wall outlets, it will overheat the plug. And it might cause the fuse to blow out and might result in a fire. On the other hand, high amperage power plugs use thicker wires to increase the current.

USB plug sockets

Many devices use USB cables like smartphones, laptops, power banks, and many more. Usually, all of them come with a power converter that lets you connect a USB power cord to a regular AC power plug. But that means you need an extra device to draw power using a USB cable from a wall outlet. Having a dedicated USB wall outlet is a great idea. However, you will also find USB outlets integrated into regular AC wall outlets. So, which one to buy is entirely up to you, depending on your personal preference.

Smart power plugs

These days everything in your house is going smart. Then why should you leave out just your electrical plugs? But all the unnecessary smartness aside, smart power plugs are sometimes handy. They come in some convenient features like touch detection, power control of the USB outlet, the ability to use z-wave communication, and many more. But the downside is that they will cost you much more than a regular electric plug without any innovative features. So, if you wish to replace all your electrical plugs in your office or room with smart plugs, you can look for the same from a reputed online platform.

Tips on how to buy Electrical Plugs

Shopping for the electric plug is tricky! You need to be relatively conscious as any wrong product can cause earthing or fire in the worst scenario. So, you need to choose a quality product from reputed brands and the number of years of warranty. However, the materials of the electric plug play a significant role in its longevity & safety. Thus, you need helpful tips while shopping for the best small electric plug online in Dubai. However, you need to go through little research on the internet and homework. And it will consume a lot of time of yours that you will get little time to shop. And we don’t want this to happen! Thus, we have already prepared and listed some of the essential factors for you to check. And you can follow it up while heading to shop online. Have a look!

  • Look for the types – The first thing to look for when shopping for plugs is to make sure that you choose the one which matches your requirement. Each country has its electric code, and therefore the type of plug varies between countries. In the case of the UAE, the plug you should get is the type G plug that has square sockets for pins.


  • Check on voltage – Look at the voltage rating of the plug when you buy one. The voltage of the pins varies from country to country. Some countries use a power supply voltage of 230 V, like India and the UK. The power supply voltage in the USA is 110 V and is unique for the country. If you buy the electrical plug to use in the UAE, the rating should be 220 V. However, most pins will support a range of different voltages.


  • Look for ampere and wattage rating – Basically, the amperage of a plug denotes the maximum current that can pass through the plug continuously without causing any overheating or safety issues. The ampere rating of a plug is an essential factor to consider when buying plugs. However, this is not as difficult as it sounds.


  • Select the features – Look at the plug’s safety features and smart features when you are buying. But always prioritise safety features in a plug over the smart features, however useful they are. These include fuse inside the plug, movable covering at the plug entrance, etc. Smart features include a built-in USB outlet, voltage regulators, and touch sensors.

Apart from electrical plugs, other electric accessories and installations are a must-have for any facility. These include electrical cables, breakers, ELCBs, and many more. The good news is that you can find all of them on It will also let you compare the features and prices of products from different eminent brands. Thus, it allows you to choose the best one for your home or office. Finally, don’t forget to check out other products from the DIY category.

Question & Answer

What material is used for electrical plug pins?

Not all plug pins use the same material. Usually, it comes in brass or stainless steel. It is easy to identify a brass pin because of its gold-like tone. However, sometimes brass pins can also look similar to stainless steel pins. Manufacturers add a special nickel plating over the brass to protect the plug from tarnishing and corrosion. If the brass pins get corroded, it can interfere with the conductivity of the plug. Brass is not the most popular material for plug pins, though. Steel is much more common because of its lower cost and comparable performance efficiency.

What kind of material is used to make plugs?

Electrical plug manufacturers almost always use any polymer to make electrical plugs. So, it’s either thermoplastic or thermoset material while making plugs. The material used for plugs has to meet the minimum requirement of the voltage barrier laid out in the electrical code of the country. And thermoset plastics provide a decent amount of insulation for the typical distance between two pins in a plug. In countries that require higher voltage barriers, or if the machine is of high power, you will find an additional dielectric layer between the pins.

Are Type G plugs safe?

Most middle eastern countries and the UK use exclusively Type G plugs for electrical power supply. When you compare this type of plug with all the other plugs that exist in the world, you will understand that this type of plug has some clear benefits. Not to forget, this plug that has a built-in fuse. Thus, it can break the power supply in case of any short circuit or overloading. Moreover, the construction of type G plugs is sturdier and well built. And these plugs also have to shield on the pins to protect accidental contact with your hand.

So, choose as your shopping partner while purchasing electrical plugs online in the UAE. We are the best retail search engine with 500+ brands and shops allied with us. Some of the eminent brands are KnightsBridge, Zexum, XBase, Legrand, Prong, MK Electric, and many more. Thus, you explore the myriad collection of products at their best-priced.

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