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About Painting Hanging Systems

Bare walls are always boring to look at. Yes, we all have a solution to this – hanging up your favourite picture on the wall. But, anyone who has done this will know the pain of drilling numerous holes into your beautifully neat walls. Well, that’ where the painting hanging systems come in. They’re not only a boon to your homes, but also help you arrange and display your unique artworks in a gallery. Let’s take a ride through the various aspects of this product, so that you can easily buy the picture hanging systems for the home and gallery, the next time you’re searching them online.

The beauty of the painting hanging systems lies in its safety, flexibility, and elegance. Moreover, a single system can accommodate many different types of artworks and pictures. Apart from the fact that your artworks hang safely, some rails and hooks also feature theft-delaying properties. What’s more, you can arrange any kind of pictures, frames, artworks, and paintings without using any tools. In short, the painting hanging systems are suitable to hang every type of art you have. That said, let’s take a deeper look at the various components that make an ideal picture hanging system and a few different versions of them.

The various types of picture hanging systems and components

The reliable and versatile nature of the painting hanging systems are result of the various components that it’s made up of. Yes, the hanging systems aren’t a single device but a composition of several components. However, once you install them onto to your walls, you’ll be able to organise and rearrange your pictures time and again without any other tools, screws or nails. In fact, the possibilities of this system are endless. You can create your own wall collage in a matter of seconds. Or you could also set up your own art gallery. But, having a better understanding of the major components involved in the hanging systems is imperative to know which one best suits your needs. Check out the list below.

The essential picture hanging hardware

In general, picture hanging systems fall into two major categories – the hardware that’s attached to the back of the picture, and the one that requires a frame upon your wall for installation. But, regardless, of that the painting hanging systems are a collection of tools that include various mounting materials like hanging hooks, cords, and nails. Each one plays a specific role and has different pros and cons. Moreover, not all of them are suitable for hanging all kinds of pictures, frames, or artworks. Different hanging systems work for different weights. So be careful while choosing them.

The art hanging systems

Art hanging systems too are a combination of hooks, tracks, and cables. They offer you the convenience of hanging pictures in your residences, commercial areas, or in institutional projects. Also, most of these art hanging systems come in high-grade materials that you can mount on walls and ceilings. Apart from this, they come in myriad styles and functionalities. For instance, the wall art systems are the most functional flexible way to display art in a space. Similarly, there are ceiling systems too that lets you hang wall decorations without any damage to your walls.

The picture rail system

‘Picture rail’ refers to a thin piece of horizontal moulding that’s usually about 12 to 20 inches below the ceiling room. May be you might have heard about them, but do not know the purpose of them. Yes, this piece has a specific function, and it has to do with hanging the pictures elegantly. Originally picture rail systems are best for plaster walls so that you do not have to damage your walls for hanging your artworks or pictures.  And it is for this same reason they’re still super-useful. With the rail systems, you can easily switch a few rods and create an elegant picture display.

The frame hanging hardware

One of the most basic painting hanging system hardware includes the screw. The size of the screw usually depends on the shaft dimensions and threading. In fact, it’s best to go for skinny screws when you’re using the frame hanging models for hanging your paintings. Next you need to keenly look at the dependability of the D-rings. It’s best to pick a D-ring hanger with a width suitable to the moulding of your picture frame. Many manufacturers label them as light, medium, and heavy weight. This indicates their suitability for lighter or heavier framed pictures.

The DIY art hanging system

Do you need a solid art gallery, but you are short on money? Well, then there’s nothing interesting than creating a DIY hanging system. Well, you can build one for less than half the cost of a professional art hanging systems. You just need to be a little flexible and willing to invest some extra time to put the raw materials together. A DIY hanging system is always the best way to showcase your artworks or pictures because it’s flexible and gives a personal touch. You can change the spacing, height, and even the quantity of artworks quickly.

Tips on how to buy Painting Hanging Systems online

With dozens of different models on the market, it can be a tricky task to buy the best painting hanging systems online for your unique situations. Here are a few quick tips that can help you sort through the options and make an informed choice. Selecting the right painting hanging systems helps allows you to create great displays for many years to come.

  • Figure what objects you plan on hanging – The unique designs of the hanging systems enable you to hang all kinds of frames, pictures, and artworks. Thus, it’s best to know what you’ll be hanging on your systems prior to buying them online. That’s because, different pictures, frames, or artworks have different designs, weights, and shapes.
  • Consider the specific situations – The versatile nature of the painting hanging systems allows you to place the devices anywhere. You can install them in office cubicles, over the door, partition walls, metal surfaces, home walls, and art galleries. And each of these environments or surfaces requires a different kind of hanging system. Thus, it’s best to consider the situations before you buy them.
  • Keep an eye on the system capacities – Ensuring the system has the capacity to handle the weight of the artwork you plan to mount on them is a top priority. Therefore, pay close attention to the specifications published online for each component’s weight-bearing limit. Good manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers make it easy for you to find this out.
  • Explore the types of hangers – You’ll find painting hanging systems that you use tape, cables, monofilament plastic lines, and rods. Each has pros and cons that depend on strength, discreet appearance, durability, and flexibility. For most hanging applications, cable systems offer a great balance to any kind of hanging. Plus, you can use them for heavy-duty applications.
  • Always seek the best quality – There’s nothing as important as the quality of the product you buy. Always ensure that you buy the best quality painting hanging systems. Try and look for the popular manufacturers and brands that offer the product. Purchasing them from well-known brands ensures good quality and durability as well. Some popular brand names to buy the best gallery hanging system online in UAE include Walker Display, Artiteq, Systematic Art, Hillman, and OOK.
  • Consider the price – Picture hanging systems are available to you in various price ranges. You’ll find the cheap, affordable ones as well as their expensive versions. Therefore, it’s a good idea to set aside a budget before you start searching for your perfect model. You could purchase the art hanging systems for sale if you’re an economiser.
  • Read online reviews – Several painting hanging system buyers take time to review them online. You can always have a look at the product feedbacks to get a fair idea about the product performance. Moreover, the comments help you put yourself in their shoes and assess the pros and cons of the product online.

The above tips make it evident that with a little research and careful consideration you can definitely buy the best picture hanging systems online. Just make sure that you follow the tips and do not fall prey to the outer finish and beauty of the product. Also, ensure that you do not simply select a product without evaluating its features and characteristics.

Question & Answer

Are command picture hanging strips any good?

The Command picture strips are Velcro strips that might cost you a little over the usual nails. However, they do their job excellently and leave your walls completely smooth. They do not leave out holes or leave behind any other residue after installation. The final result always tends to be beautiful, and the structure makes sure that you can securely hang the pictures on a wall in a pristine condition. So, yes, the Command pictures are worth the money you pay.

What is the best picture hanging tool?

The ‘best’ painting hanging tools are those that offer you reliability, durability, high weight capacity, and the best-quality. One of the easiest ways to ensure that you have premium quality picture hanging systems is to get them world-renowned brands. We did mention a few such brands earlier in this article. Apart from that, you can consider buying picture hanging system tools from Crescent Creative, AURIDA, JAZIPO, and BSKSSK.

Can you hand pictures without drilling?

Yes, there are several ways in which you can avoid hammering nails into your walls for hanging your pictures. One great way is to choose the picture hanging strips. These adhesive picture hanging strips stick on to your walls and can hold considerable amount of heavy artworks. Another way, is to use adhesive hooks. All you need to do in their case is to clean the surface and stick them on. Similarly, you can use press in hooks, tape or re-usable adhesives, or even a hanging picture string.

Can you hang a TV from a picture rail?

Yes, you can hang your televisions on the same picture rail systems where you hang your artworks. But, will a system that’s originally meant for artwork hold the weight of a TV? Well, we recommend you use stainless steel cables for strength. Usually, the ones used in art galleries hold up to 25 kilos. Similarly, a heavy-duty ceiling mounted picture hanging systems too holds up to 40 kilos. Therefore, you can confidently mount your televisions on those painting hanging systems if you do not have any paintings to hang.

Where can buy the best painting hanging systems online?

Several online stores offer painting hanging systems from popular brands. But, frisking through numerous sites and selecting the best one from them isn’t that easy. But, what if we tell you that it is easy and you get to browse only the best of the best on a single platform? Yes, gives you the pleasure of purchasing only the best of the bests from famous online stores. What’s more you get to shop several other tool accessories from over 500+ online brands and shops right here on this shopping search engine .

While you can surely hang your artworks with a nail or a hook, nothing compares to the versatility, uniqueness, finish, and perfection of the painting hanging systems. We hope we’ve given you all that you need to buy the perfect picture hanging systems online. So what are you waiting for, delve into the numerous options that has for you.

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