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DIY project, a dining room table, or even a workbench, regardless of what you’re building –a project is incomplete without the use of construction nails. These fasteners make sure that your project or product stays intact and sturdy for a very long period. However, for this to happen, you must have the right fasteners for your project. That said, this guide has all that you need to know about these fasteners. So, get started and embark this journey with us. 

You can use nails in several forms of constructions. Of course, most of you would know that! But what you do not know is the fact that their use dates to at least 3000 years. The ones you’re seeing now are a result of several evolutions. Their unique designs that you see today allows you to use them for joining pieces of timber, or to fasten materials of the same. In other words, they’re apt for situations where you want to use screws and bind two-pieces together. So how do you bind the pieces with the nails? It’s simple – you hammer them into place by striking them squarely on their head. By doing this, you can avoid breaking or bending them. Let’s check out a few more interesting facts about these construction nails and their trending types, before you head out to buy nails online in UAE.  

The different types of nails for construction 

Construction involves putting together several things. And luckily, today, you can find different sorts of construction nails designed for specific purposes and with different finishes. Furthermore, they’re manufactured in different lengths and gauges too. Some of the common nail types include – common nails, finishing nails, box nails, roofing nails, masonry nails, double-headed nails, drywall nails, annular ring and shank, and special models. Each one has a specific purpose and features. The different features of each model make sure that you can use them for various purposes as per you needs. That said, let’s look at some of the popular types of construction nails that you can invest in, to use in your projects.  

The best building nails or concrete nails 

Building nails are what you need when you want to drive them into a hard-rock such as concrete or brick walls. Commonly known as the masonry nails these construction nails come in different types. You may find them in rectangular in sections or fluted shafts. Remember, they’re made this way to make sure that they do not break easily when you drive them onto a hard surface such a wall or a ceiling. By the way, you can use them for various projects too, apart from the usual building needs. Also, because the concrete may chip away or fly when you’re working with these fasteners, it’s best to wear goggles while working with these.  

The carpentry nails 

No construction is complete without carpentry. And we all know that putting together various pieces of wood is everything that’s all about carpentry. Therefore, to make sure you have the right finish, you ought to pick the right carpentry nails out there. For instance, if you’re going to make cabinets, or other smaller objects then its best use the casing or box nails. On the other hand, if you’re planning to make a temporary structure that needs to withstand a fair amount of weight then you can consider using duplex fasteners. And as far as the materials are concerned, you can use the most common one’s that’s the steel models.  

The square construction nails  

Most of you might be familiar with the square construction nails. You might have seen them in museums, or historical exhibits. But, what many of you might be unaware that those old fasteners are actually superior in design and you can still get them. They’re superior in terms of their holding power. They hold the pieces so tenaciously that they often break the pieces when you try to remove them. The reason for this is their shank shape. You’ll see that they usually taper on two different sides from head to tip, resulting in a chisel shape. When driven correctly into the wood, it can shear and wedge itself tightly into the wood. Now you can understand why those old building are still standing.  

Some other common types of construction nails 

Different nails have different uses, and the above were just a few. Apart from the above mentioned you’ll find other fasteners like the upholstery fasteners, cut clasp models, hardboard nails, spring head, corrugated fasteners, annular, clout head, and many more as such. Each of these nails have a unique strait and use. You’ll find some construction nails with ridges too. They play a crucial role in determining its binding power. Apart from that, you’ll also find the nails in different materials. Some of the common materials include brass, stainless steel, copper, and model. Many a time, you might also find a few that come in plastic materials. You can use them to bind soft pieces.   

Tips on how to buy Nails online

Every construction nail used for building various projects has its own application. And knowing how to select the best ones can save you a lot of money and time. By now you already know that the construction nails come in different sizes, gauges, materials and types. This sheer variety of options does make your buying process a little tricky. However, having the below tips in hand shall help you top constructions nails in Dubai effortlessly.

  • Sort out your needs – This is one of the first and foremost steps to do even before you start searching for the fasteners online. Are you planning on using them for a wood DIY project? Or perhaps you want to use them for simply binding two pieces of metal together? Either way, you need to know what you want to do with your screws and nails when you have them. Understanding the purpose makes your buying process much simpler.
  • Carry out an extensive research – Understanding the product you’re going to buy is imperative for a good buy. Try checking out the top-selling manufacturers, the brands and the places to buy. Have a look at the different features and characteristics of the construction. Having the right knowledge about the product enables you to be confident while browsing online. Moreover, it helps you select the best one among the lot.
  • Explore their types – You’ll find several types of fasteners today. Each one has a specific design and a purpose. So, once you know what you’re working on and for what you need these fasteners for, it becomes easy for you to check out their types. And once you know their types, sorting out the best type for your project becomes easier. Apart from that, you get to increase your knowledge about a specific product.
  • Keep an eye on the materials – Construction nails come in various materials. However, the most common and popular ones are the stainless-steel models. The materials of the fasteners play a crucial role in binding the two-pieces of wood in a project. Moreover, sturdy material fasteners make sure that they stay intact for a very long time, thereby making your project strong and long-lasting. Therefore, always consider the materials of the fasteners you buy.
  • Go for the best quality – Apart from the materials, make sure that the fasteners you choose have the best quality. You do want them to break or snap when you’re hammering them into your pieces of wood. One of the best ways to ensure that you have the best quality is to pick your models from the well-known brands. The products from popular brands have unique designs and top-quality.
  • Set aside a budget – Quality apart, you should also make sure you keep an eye on the price of each models. You’ll find cheap fasteners as well as expensive ones. Thus, it’s best to set aside a budget for yourself. This saves a lot of time and money. You can always pick construction nails for sale as these models are priced at a lower rate. You could also go for the ones on offer or sales. This way you can secure the best product without spending much.
  • Read reviews online – Several DIY enthusiasts take some effort and time to review the products they buy online. Make sure that you read through a few them when shopping online. These genuine comments and feedbacks from the consumers, help you put yourself in their shoes and get to know the kind of experience they had with the specific model. This not only helps you understand the performance of the product, but also helps you save money, in case the product isn’t good enough.

Construction nails are the kind of essential tool accessories that you cannot overlook in any kind of DIY project. They’re the basics of binding the pieces together. Which is why, it’s important not to buy anything that you see. It’s best to carefully assess the features, characteristics, pros, and cons of each model before buying them online. We hope the above tips will guide you in the right direction and help you buy them online effortlessly.

Question & Answer

What is the construction nail set?

When you’re face-nailing the finish nail into the wood or any other piece, it’s difficult to drive the fastener to a point where it’s slightly below the surface using the hammer alone. Further hammering the fastener may result in strikes on the surface of the wood that might cause damage. This is where the nailsets are useful. These small tools allow you to hammer the finish nail flush to the surface without damaging the surface itself.

Which construction nails to use?

By now you must’ve gathered that the fasteners come in different types. Which means, each one has a different make, model, shape, and use. Therefore, in order to which one to use, you should check out your needs first. This is essential because each nail has a different purpose apart from its common use – that’s to bind two pieces. For example, some of the ideal building nails are the masonry nails. They come in sturdy materials as compared to the other models.

How to cut construction nails?

Removing the construction nails in general isn’t a tiring process. But, many a time, the only way out of a touch situation is to cut through the fasteners. Such situations happen when the head of the nails gets ripped. When you want to get rid of such a nail snipping is the most efficient approach. But, make sure that the tool you choose can grip onto the fastener properly. Some of the common tools that you can use to snip or cut the fasteners include wire cutters and bolt cutters.

Where to buy construction nails?

Dubai has everything from large electronic products to small and tiny fasteners. No wonder why it’s called the ‘shopper’s paradise’, as you can find everything from the smallest item to the huge ones. And the best part of all this is that you can buy any kind of products from the numerous online stores. That said, you can also find several construction nails on different online stores. But you have to check out the comprehensive collection on This superfast shopping search engine brings you a wide range of fasteners from popular brands and online stores.

There you have it! We hope you now have ample information on the construction nails for buying them online. So get started and check out the huge collection on Get your perfect product from the best online stores with just a click, right here!