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If you are a DIYer, then you must know that not everything in your project cannot be hammered or stapled; that’s where glue becomes a must-have. You can find it in many types based on the project type. The glue used for craft projects may differ greatly from the one you use for home improvement projects or something else. To choose the right type, you should know them in a bit of detail. So, let us explore.

Glue is an adhesive that binds things together. It is one of the oldest and highly essential tools for any household, workplace, or factory. Be it your Children’s craft project or your home improvement project, you will need one for the best and quick results. Due to its excellent capabilities, it finds use in many industries, from art to crafts, furniture, construction, apparel, footwear, and many more. However, there are different types ideal for different purposes. All may appear the same on a surface look, but the ingredients, features, and many more factors make a difference. Moreover, many brands like Loctite, UHU, Permatex, and Gorilla deal in glues. So, clearly, there is a wide assortment of options to choose from. Let us explore in detail.

Types of glues to choose from

There are different glues ideal for fabric, wood, plastic, glass, and other surfaces. For example, craft glue is the most common type for school, college, and home projects. It is good for attaching papers and other similar porous things. On the other hand, wood glue is apt to secure the pieces of wood. Similarly, you can get your hands on fabric, super, hot, pressure-sensitive glue and many varieties as per the application. You can even go for an all-purpose that may fit most of your projects. But to make the most out of this excellent tool, you should go for specific ones. Read on to learn about some popular types in detail.


It must have got its name from its super bonding capability. This type can serve you the best if you want to put together heavy things like glass, metal, wood, and even ceramic. It is a cyanoacrylate adhesive that is popular for its ability to create strong and quick bonds. However, its performance may vary from surface to surface. It does not have a good shelf life, so keep it sealed when not in use. Since they dry up very quickly, you have to be cautious while using them. Make sure it does not stick to your hands. Go for the best super glue for the success of your project. The medical-grade super glue is even used to join superficial wounds so that one does not have to go for stitches.

Fabric glue

As the name suggests, fabric glue is used to hold together pieces of fabric or something on the fabric. Be it putting together your torn out clothes or repairing upholstery; the best fabric glue can be useful everywhere. You can find them ready to use the form and the paste form that you need to meltdown to use. If you use high-quality adhesive, then do not worry about washing the fabric after the glue dries. However, you must read the instructions before using them. Different types may have different dry times and application procedures. Be cautious while using them, as fabrics are generally delicate and prone to damage.

Wood glue

It is a different type of adhesive that is used to bind wooden pieces together. Epoxy, hide, and polyurethane glue are some of the common ones. It is a must-have if you work on manufacturing or repairing furniture like beds, chairs, tables, etc. Different types of adhesives are ideal for different wood types and application purposes. However, all of them should have the basic properties of having high bonding strength, resistance to moisture, and gap-filling capabilities. You can go for cheap wood glue or special adhesives. These adhesives might take a long time to dry, though. So, during this time, it is suggested to keep the pieces pressed firmly.

Glitter glue

As the name sounds, it is a fancy type of adhesive. If you have been in search of an attractive and useful type of glue for your kid’s project, then you should try this one. It gives them a range of possibilities to explore their creativity. You can find them in a range of attractive and glittery colours. They generally come in slender plastic tubes so that the kids can easily handle them. A lot of them dry quickly and can even be removed by just peeling off. So, you do not have to worry even if you go wrong. So, make no delay and bring it fast for your kids to give them endless hours of fun.

Tips on how to buy Glues in Dubai

Glue is an essential tool for homes, offices, and manufacturing units. It may appear a straightforward item to you. However, the wide range of options you get in the market might confuse you. It does not only depend upon the surface but also on binding strength and other properties. Liquid glue, Araldite glue, PVA glue, and silicone glue are a few of the common varieties to choose from. If you are unable to choose the best adhesive, then here are some tips that will help you a lot.

  • Consider the surface – This should be your first and foremost consideration. Whether you want it for wood or plastic, or paper makes a lot of difference. Any random variable may not work anywhere. So, choose the one that suits the surface you want to use it on.
  • Understand the type of glues – There are many types of glues you can find, like Polyvinyl, pressure-sensitive, spray, and filler adhesive. However, to avail of most of its benefits, you need to choose the right variety. For example, filler adhesives are best for filling the gaps in the wood, plaster and other materials, whereas super glue is used for creating lasting bonds.
  • Consider colours – Glues come in transparent to milky and colourful options. Your choice of colour depends upon the type of project you work on. If it is something in which you need an aesthetic appeal, then go for the colourless options.
  • Consider drying times – It is another important consideration. Some glues dry out in seconds, whereas others may take hours. You should look for the one that dries quickly and create a lasting bond.
  • Choose reliable brands – Anything you purchase should perform well for the success of any project. The same goes with the adhesive! If you are not sure of how to select the brands, you can rely on brands like Deli, Nailene, Kiss, Elegant Touch, Salon Pro, Ghost Bond, and  Titebond for good results.

So, have you got enough confidence to purchase the best adhesive? If yes, you should embark on your search. Are you wondering where to find the quality options? Do not worry; you are in the correct place already. On our product search engine , i.e., find the best options offered by popular stores in the industry. Whether you are looking for the best eyelash glue, best nail glue, or best shoe glue, you can find many varieties here. Also, explore other products in the tool accessories category. So, look no further! Start your journey. Have an amazing browsing experience ahead.

Question & Answer

What glue to use on glass?

Joining glasses is one of the trickiest tasks for DIY enthusiasts. Many people use superglue for the work, but it does not usually give a smooth finish for this material. However, it is easier to apply when it comes to epoxy and gives a better finishing. The anaerobic adhesive is a popular solution as well for binding together glass pieces. It does not require light, air or heat to seal the glasses. Besides, glue comes in a wide array of options. Be it your Children’s craft project or your home improvement project, you will need one for the best and quick results.

What glue to use for cardboard?

It depends upon the kind of projects you are working on. PVA glue is one of the popular adhesives when it comes to joining paper or cardboard. It is a strong and inexpensive solution. However, if you are making something structural with the cardboard, you can go for E-6000 adhesive, an industrial-strength adhesive. You can use it for cardboard and also other materials like metal, wood etc. Spray adhesive is another option if you want to cover large areas quickly.

What glue works on metal?

Epoxy, cyanoacrylate, and polyurethane-based adhesives generally work well for glueing metal to metal. Out of these, epoxy should be the most versatile option for you, especially if you look for a weather-resistant and sturdy solution. You are also free to go for other options that claim to work on metal surfaces. You need to check it in the list of specifications or ask the seller. So, if you are looking for sturdy options, you should be going for epoxy.

What glue is best for plastic?

There is a huge amount of options present when it comes to selecting adhesive for plastic materials. You can go for epoxy, solvent cement, super glue, hot glue adhesive and more. However, it also depends upon the type of project you are working on. Different glues may work differently. So, go through its specification or check it with the seller before purchasing. It is better to check it first as not all the glues may work on plastic.

This guide will be there to help you select an appropriate product. If you are thinking of a place where you can start searching, you are already in the right place. You can get reach a range of adhesives on our website, ranging from wallpaper glue and Bostik glue to varieties meant for wood and fabrics. Here, you can find popular brands. Moreover, use filters, sorting, and direct search to quickly find the product you must be looking for. So, go ahead! Initiate your shopping journey.

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