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About Body Filler

If you are looking for a surfacing compound to fill shallow scratches, cracks or dents on your car, furniture, or other surfaces, then body filler is something you should know well. You can find it in many varieties based on many factors like its brands, price, and most importantly, the surface you want to use it on. Let us explore more to find an appropriate one.

A filler is a material that has high plasticity, just like dough or clay. It is typically for cases where you want to repair cracks, scratches, or dents. You can find it in many varieties based on factors like its brands, price, and the surface you want to use it on. Auto, polyester putty, and wood filler are some of the varieties you will find in the market. However, to avail of its amazing benefits, you should go for the right one. For example, to work on the dings and dents of a car, you should go for the best body filler for the car. But for woodworking projects, you might have to choose wood filler or putty. If you are confused looking at so many options, here is the guide that will help you differentiate between different types and choose the relevant one.

Things you need to know about fillers

All the fillers perform a common function of filling or surfacing cracks, gaps, dents, and other such faults. But not all of them are the same. The auto type come in a wide assortment of options. Some spread like butter on a toast, but others can be a bit hard to handle. Some are designed to work on metal, whereas others prove to be the best body filler for wood. The metal type is one of the most common varieties made to work on metal bodies like cars. It resists shrinking after drying and also offer a good level of water protection. Fibreglass is another variety that is apt for large scale repair. Similarly, different varieties may bear different properties. Let us explore in detail.

Types of car body fillers

You will find three types out there in the market: metal, fibreglass, and lightweight fillers. Metal is a common and popular choice for its non-shrinking and waterproof qualities. It gives you a smooth and durable finish. On the other hand, fibreglass body filler is apt for large scale repairs. It does not absorb water. Hence, it is also great to use it on rust-affected areas. However, it can be a bit hard to spread, and it requires heat application. The lightweight filler is another variety that comes in the lightweight formulation. It is good for covering light scratches but is not thick enough to cover large faults or holes.

Bondo body filler and wood filler

Bondo brand offers a wide range of fillers and accessories for household, automotive, and marine purposes. You can use these products to repair or restore wood, aluminium, concrete, metal, and more types of materials. Bondo automotive body filler is a well-known product that comes in the form of a two-part putty compound. It is used to repair the dings, dents, and rusted areas of a vehicle. On the other hand, Bondo wood filler restores old or damaged wood on furniture, doors, windows, fences, and shutters. Once it dries, it can be shaped, planed, sanded, and even drilled. At Bondo, you can also find products apt for fibreglass, galvanized metal, and watercraft applications.

Other popular fillers like Isopon & Glasurit body filler

Fillers come in many varieties. Some differ in properties, whereas others in the formulation, brands and even prices. However, some have been popular among DIY enthusiasts for their easy application and amazing performances. Isopon is one of those brands with solutions like multipurpose variety, body filler for holes and Isopon p38. The multipurpose one can repair most minor dents, dings, and auto body damage, whereas holes are apt for treating rust holes. Glasurit is another popular name for its wide range of products, including spray, multi-purpose, universal variety and other types of fillers. It offers high quality, lasting and reliable products for a wide range of sealing or surfacing requirements.

Tips on how to buy Body Fillers in Dubai

Body filler is one of the essential things for domestic or car repair works. It may appear to be a straightforward item to you. However, the wide range of options you get in the market might confuse you. It depends upon the surface you want to apply it to and the colour and properties of the product. Auto body filler putty, sanding body filler, and plastic body filler are common varieties. But the list does not end here. So, find some tips below that will help you buy body filler online in the UAE.

  • Understand its types– There are many types you can find in the market. However, when it comes to automotive varieties, metal, fibreglass, and lightweight fillers are common. The metal type has non-shrinking and waterproof qualities, whereas the fibreglass type is apt for large scale repairs. Lightweight is good for covering light scratches but is not thick enough to cover large faults or holes.
  • Check for material compatibility– It is an important consideration. You should consider the type of material on which you are going to use the filler. There are different varieties formulated for wood, metal, concrete and other surfaces.
  • Choose easy to use the product– Whichever type you choose should be easy to mix and spread. A hard to spread product can make the whole process time-consuming and maybe not that perfect.
  • Consider product size– It will help you determine how much amount of filler you will be needing. If your vehicle has many dents or rust affected areas, you should look for large-sized packs.

So, have you got enough confidence in purchasing the best filler? If yes, you should embark on your search. Are you wondering where to find the best options? Well, this is the right place. On our product search engine, i.e., you can access a wide range of options offered by reliable brands of the industry. Whether you are searching for the 3m body filler, polyester filler, polyester putty, all-metal body filler, or any other variety, you can find many options here. So, go ahead and initiate your journey!

Question & Answer

Where to buy Bondo body filler online in the UAE?

If you want to buy it online in the UAE, then do not look any further. You have reached the right place. On, you can access a wide array of options offered by trusted and reliable stores in the industry. Moreover, you can use filters and compare prices to find suitable products as per your needs. If you are in hurry and want to shop quickly, then you can also sort products based on their popularity, price, and more other factors. So, go ahead and explore a vast collection right here.

Is body filler waterproof?

It depends upon the type of filler you have purchased. Most of the filler comes with this property; however, you may also find that it does not offer much water protection. If you are looking for waterproof options, you should check them in the products’ list of properties or specifications. You can also ask the seller. If you are looking for the best waterproof options, then you can find them right here. We have only reliable brands here so you can rest assured of the quality.

Which body filler is best?

There are many choices you can find in the market. However, some perform just the best, like 3M, Glasurit, Dynalite, Langlow, Roberlo, and Jotun. The best body filler for you will be the one that best suits your requirements. For example, to repair heavy damage, you may have to go for fibreglass filler, whereas lightweight variety works the best for light scratches or dents. The selection also depends upon the surface you are working on.

We hope that this guide assists you in picking the quality options. Are you in confusion about where to start? Well, do not go anywhere else. On, you can find a wide array of options offered by the best brands in the industry. In addition to that, you can narrow down your choices with filters. You can set your budget, brands preferences and more to find the exact varieties you are looking for. Also, explore other products under the tool accessories category. So, go ahead and start exploring!