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About Foil Insulations

If you live in a place that experiences extreme hot or extremely cold climates, one of the major expenses you are going to have is the heating or cooling bill. But you can significantly reduce this expense by using foil insulation.

Depending on what device you use for air conditioning, this might be a separate expense or will reflect in your electricity bill. For a lot of people, almost one-third of their utility expense is because of the air conditioning. But a considerable amount of this goes to waste because of the heat loss through the walls and the roof. Installing good insulation in the building can bring down this cost by around eleven per cent. As a good installation will last for a few decades, this savings will add up quickly and far exceed the cost of installing insulation. Read this article to find out more about building insulations.

Different types of foil insulations

There are a few different ways to insulate a building. You can either add an insulating layer on top of the walls and the roof or insert the insulating material inside them during the construction. Also, there are building materials, like special types of concrete blocks, that themselves have insulating properties. People sometimes use one of them or a combination of them to achieve insulation. Here is a list of the for most common types of building insulation materials. In this article, you will also find some amazing tips that you can follow while shopping for these insulations online.

Concrete blocks

Although concrete blocks are one of the basic construction materials, used like stones in some cases, they are also good insulators. However, there are concrete blocks that are specifically designed for insulation. Unlike regular concrete blocks, these will have trapped air, specialised cells, and foam beads to enhance the insulation of the concrete. In this case, Instead of installing the insulation layer after the construction, you have to think about the insulation even before you start construction of the house. Also, this will require a professional installer.

Concrete forms

Concrete forms are very different from insulating concrete blocks. While concrete blocks are large and look almost the same as regular concrete building blocks, concrete forms are thin inserts. You can insert the concrete forms inside the wall during the construction phase. The benefit of using concrete forms over concrete blocks is the reduction in building cost. Also, it is possible to create a snug insulating seal by inserting the forms into the wall. But you have to plan to use the concrete forms before you begin the construction. It is not possible to install concrete forms into existing walls.

Sprayed insulation

This type of insulation is becoming more and more popular these days because of their increase in effectiveness over the past years and the ease of installation. Basically, this is a special type of chemical compound that you can stay on to the wall or the roof. When the chemical comes in contact with the air, it becomes foam and solidifies on the wall. If there are slots on the walls and the surface, they will give the foam more surface area to cling on to. Because of its versatility and low cost, sprayed insulation is very common while renovating homes.

Reflective insulation systems

Unlike foam insulation systems, reflective insulation usually goes on the outside portion of the wall. The key part of this insulation is, obviously, the reflective layer on the material. This layer will reflect the heat from the outside and keeps the inside temperature at a comfortable level. However, reflective insulation only works if you pair it with any other types of structural insulation like concrete forms or insulating foam. As reflective insulation systems, including foil insulation, are pretty durable, you can expect it to last for a really long time before it needs replacing.

Tips on how to buy Foil Insulation Online

There are quite a lot of things to consider while selecting the insulation for a home or an office. Not only should you make sure that the insulation does what it promises to do, but you also have to find something that falls within your budget. For beginners, this can be tiring and overwhelming. However, it is easy if you know what criteria to consider in them. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you are shopping for reflective insulation materials online.

  • Size – Almost all kinds of foil insulation come as insulating sheets. As the insulation works better if you are able to reduce the number of joints in the insulation layer, look for the insulating sheet that is big enough to cover your roof or wall. If such a sheet is not available, look for the next best option that gives you the maximum coverage.
  • Thickness – Usually, if a sheet is thicker, the level of insulation that it provides is better. But the cost of the sheet per unit of the area will also go up depending on the thickness of the sheet. Therefore, you have to figure out the optimum thickness of the sheet that you need before buying. Just as a sheet that is too thin won’t provide enough insulation, a sheet that is too thick is simply a waste of money and material.
  • Material – Not oil foil insulation is the same. These days there are a variety of different combinations of materials used in foil insulation. Some of them provide better insulation for a given thickness. So, with a more insulating formula, you don’t have to reduce the thickness of the insulating layer and reduce the weight of the material on the roof or wall.
  • Warranty – Building insulation can cost you a considerable amount of money per unit of area. So, the cost will be high or low depending on the size of the area you want to insulate. Therefore, it is essential to look for insulation materials that come with a warranty. It is not atypical for building insulation materials to offer around ten years of warranty.

If you are a DIYer, you will need a few other things besides building insulation. These include various building materials, adhesives, screws and bolts, sealants, waterproofing materials, cement, protective equipment, and more. The good news is that you can find any of them easily using our shopping search engine . It will also let you compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best one among them. So, don’t forget to check out all the amazing products from the DIY category.

Question & Answer

How to install foil insulation on the roof?

Keep in mind that, typically, reflective insulations have to be installed before a home or an office is built. That being said, there is another process that you can use to install the reflective insulation after the building is complete. This process is called insulation retrofitting. But keep in mind that retrofitting is costlier than installing the insulation during the construction phase. To insulate a roof, you have to place the insulating sheet in the space that separates the roof from the ceiling. Also, depending on the material and the thickness of the insulation, the exact process of installing the insulation also varies.

How does reflective foil insulation work?

According to physics, much of the heat transfer between the outside atmosphere and the wall takes place in the form of infrared waves. So, by stopping these infrared waves from getting absorbed, it is possible to insulate a building. This is how reflective insulation works. The main component of the reflective insulation is the reflective layer. This layer is capable of reflecting the infrared radiation. This causes the heat inside the building from dissipating to the outside during winters and the outside heat from warming up the interior during summers.

Where to buy bubble foil insulation in the UAE?

Having proper insulation ensures comfortable interiors in a building. Therefore, it is important to buy any type of building insulation from a good seller. You also have to look at the specifications and the manufacturer of the insulation. This will help you make sure that you are getting a good quality product. Luckily, you can find plenty of insulation products online on It is also incredibly easy to find the right type of insulation product using the retail search engine. What is even better is that you can buy them for the best prices in the market.

There are more than 500 shops and brands offering insulation products online on These shops offer products from popular brands like YBS, Rockwool, Reflectix, Thermax, Foilboard, Astro Foil, and Enerflex.