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About Timber

Purchasing timber is a daunting task but doable. All you need is to educate yourself, indulge in some research, compare the products, set a budget, and make an informed decision. That’s a lot to do but thinking of a one-time investment of timber, the time spent is worthy enough.

A good quality timber can last for a hundred years, and that makes the usage of woods primary choice for many of you. Plus, the appearance of timber gives your home an elegant look. In current times, you will see many other alternatives of wood since humankind has raced towards the preservation of natural products. And depleting forest lands are a sign of depleting woods and its products. So, in order to contribute something from your end, always buy products from brands or manufacturers that not only believe in supplying the woods but participate in planting more. We strongly recommend keeping these facts in mind while shopping around.

Types of timber wood

Hardwood and softwood are two types of timber wood. In layman terms, softwood is the type that comes from conifer and remains evergreen. In contrast, hardwood comes from slow-growing trees. The basic difference between the two is that hardwood is more dense than its counterpart. Due to this difference, the applications differ, or some usage depends on personal preference too. For example, flooring of your home can be of hard and softwoods both, depending on your budget as softwood is budget-friendly as compared to hardwood. Another example is boat making, which can only be from hardwood as softwood can absorb moisture. Talking of budget, you can also check the cheapest place to buy timber online in UAE and explore the products.

Oak timber

Oak timber is one of the premium variants of hardwood type. From construction, finishing, to decoration, this type is versatile and inherits great strength. The appearance of this timber wood comes as gorgeous shining material after the application of oil or other finishing substance. You can choose the touch smooth or hard based on your choices. Also, the care of oak wood items is also specific because you can only hand-wash them remembering not to soak them in water. You can use food-safe mineral oil to oil them frequently to maintain their beauty and durability.

Decking timber

As the name says itself, timber for building decks and patios are decking timber. You can use hardwood and softwood both, based on your preference and budget. But no doubt hardwood would be more durable for outdoors. Other than being the cheapest decking timber, the preference of softwood is also due to the appearance of knots and other flaws, which many of you find appealing. If you choose one, make sure to treat them with finishing touches that prevent swelling due to humidity. Whatever type you choose is up to you now, but make sure to reduce the risk of collapsing, whether you take assistance from third-party or do-it-yourself.

Treated timber

Timber treatment is another term for wood preservation, and by that, you can assume the process to ensure a long life of the wood. Wood decay and insect attack are the main problems that we confront after installing wood structures. Thus, the treatment comes into practice that is of two types: non-pressure process and pressure process. And after these two processed, you can expect the product to prolong its life by maintaining the quality standards. You can explore many types from cheap treated timber to expensive ones at our shopping platform,

Tips on how to buy Timber online

You must have already decided whether you want to go for hardwood and softwood, depending on the purpose. Now, it is time to grab the best deal without compromising with the quality. You can only do that by keeping a keen eye on the product and knowing some of the top manufacturers and the quality standard they maintain. Once you start exploring different products, you should keep a few bullet points in mind to make an informed decision. The points may be fundamental but necessary to know.
  • Appearance is what matters – Some of you might be wanting a product with visual defects to make the floorboard or furniture look natural. For that, you need to check the grade stamp, and you will see the actual percentage of defects. For example, one knotless face with 10percent visual defects is what you will see written as the specifications. You can then use them in construction, finishing, or even decoration.
  • Quality is equally important – Apart from looks, you should check if the wood has passed the quality tests. However, if you want to buy unprocessed wood, you should get to know the age and fell of the timber, which is sufficient to predict the quality. If you are buying processed wood, the grade stamp again will help you in determining the quality.
  • Research a bit – If you see a very expensive floorboard online, there could be two reasons for setting up this price. First is, of course, quality, and second is the import because the faraway locations add to the price tag. If you research about the supply and manufacturers, you can then create a budget conveniently.
  • Shop around and compare – A product should fit your needs as well as your budget. If you are ready to spend some time scrutinising the products, budget shopping with quality is guaranteed. After the research, when you know what is best for you, then it is time to compare different products and choose the best-suited.
  • Inspect the product - Knots, size, number, position, and condition are some of the must-read specifications. Straightness along the length is another aspect of quality standard. After reading all the specifications, and once satisfied with the product, it is time to add the product into your cart.
Be sure to keep the tips in mind while shopping around. They will definitely help you to narrow down your purchase. As a matter of fact, you should know that quality timbers as floorboard can last up to a hundred years without fail. So, it is indeed a one-time investment, so you should not mind putting more efforts and investing more time than required.

Question & Answer

How is timber processed?

The processing of timber takes place in four steps. The first step is felling and cutting of trees. It could be seasonal natural felling or cut down by professionals. The second step is the seasoning of timber. The newly fell trees contain water content in the form of sap and moisture, which is dried, and the process of drying is known as seasoning. After that, the third step is the conversion of trees by means of cutting into a suitable section. Then, the fourth and last step is the conversation of timber to make them durable and increase their life.

How is timber graded?

Grading of timber is necessary to separate the available material into groups so that the selection becomes simplified. More of grading depends on the species, where and how it was grown, and the age at which tree fell. Once the wood undergoes a combination of simple and complex quality tests, professionals grade them in terms of appearance, structure, visual stress, machine stress, quality control, and many others. After that, every group of wood gets a grade stamp, including grade, producer, identification number, and condition.

Which timber flooring is best?

Hardwoods can be the most durable choice you make. For example, oak timber, maple, and cherry are some ideal options. Although hardwoods are expensive, their looks are impossible to deny. In contract, if you are on a budget, you can go for softwood like Baltic pine. The only downside of softwoods is that high-heeled shoes or dog paws can scratch and dent the floors, and they are also noisy. You have to use rugs and runners to absorb sound.

Where to buy timber online in UAE?

Be it a personal or professional need, you can totally rely on our product search engine to fulfil all your timber requirements. Whether you are indulging in a DIY project or outsourcing a home renovation, you should be involved in the project supplies to maintain the quality. Thus, an authentic platform is all we have here. Along with that, a list of reputed brand awaits you to explore them. A few brand names include Accoya Wood, Timber Living, and Shou Sugi Ban. You will find more upon your visit. Are you now ready to shop timber for your project supplies? If yes, then it is indeed the right time to start scrolling the products online. At our shopping search engine, you will not only find the quality wood material, but you can expect to see almost every small or big DIY item. But do not forget to follow the process: research, explore, compare, and shop.